There are some things in this universe humans are not meant to understand

There are so many unsolved mysteries in the realms of science. In the field of astro-physics, the more we discover parts of the cosmos more and more unknown facts coupled with extreme confusing elements of doubts come upfront. Physics is to determine what is already there and nothing new. In the realms of astro-physics, there is nothing that sort of newer reform of ideas but the more we move closer to solve these mysteries, the more and more difficulties we come forward with a confusing phenomenon of ideas and thoughts comes time and again to minds. The frontal representation of gravity is to pull inwards but the normal phenomenon of the cosmos to expand outwardly.

This is completely difficult to grasp and understand and with it comes the most preferred form of the differential of time. There could exist another invisible element which performs exactly opposite to what the state of gravity does. It is named as the dark energy which is still not detectable by scientists but its presence is being felt everywhere as in each and every field we could find its presence in real terms.

Astrophysics felt there is the presence of invisible energy which pushes cosmos to act in completely opposite. They called these dark energy as the cosmological constant. It acts to create the state of stealthiness within planets,stars and cosmos. Space expands day by day and more and more space is originated with it and with it comes more space for dark energies. Where as planets and stars has gravitational energies which contract within and act just as opposite to it. It is estimated that dark energy and dark matter consist of 95 percentages of the universe but the saddest part is that it is not visible and still elusive to astrophysicists. There continues to be no chance of direct detection of dark matter and dark energies at any point of time.

It appears that so far it is the most mysterious matter and yet to be detected. Dark matters are called as chameleon particle and it is considered to be the real source of dark energies that is preoccupied in the entire world. So far we do not have complete evidence of how dark matters are interacting with an electron of the atom and if so how could be not detected so far. These preoccupied forces which are present overwhelmingly out in the cosmos but still their presence is not clearly visible and their detection is not possible which is the widest form of mysteries that have not been seen or detected.

From investigation from Hubble Space Telescope it is clear that the universe is expanding. For the last few years, it has been seen that it is expanding further and in faster rate. This is completely unexpected and contrary to the what the theory of gravitation proves to be. There could be some source of energy which is pushing the cosmos to expand and because it is not seen and not detected this is called dark energy.

So far we know energy cannot be created nor destroyed but it can pass from one medium to the other. This hard to find dark energy has no trace and no detection and the source of it could not find at any point of time too. Some scientists believe that it could have been hiding and that is why it is not detectable so far and if it is true then most of the mysteries of the cosmos should be here and should be the most difficult to find it. Another school of thought is that the so called dark particles or chameleon particles can change its size and can vary its mass in accordance with the encountered objects.

One thought comes to my mind that we as the user and the origin from visible energy could not see the presence of dark particles of dark energies, as both the presence of dark and visible energies works in not so similar manners. It seems dark matters have low mass and this means their influence could be far longer. Most of visible energy elements have a higher intensity of the masses this means their influence and the area of influence of energies is far lesser.

The mass of dark matters is so small that it is invisible to eyes and it is still not expected that at some point of time we could be able to see the presence of dark matter. Due to its small size in the presence of energy influence are far longer and it focuses on smartest ideas to see and how such presence of dark matters could possibly there everywhere but we could not able to detect and see it. Are there some things in the cosmos which is not meant for human understandings?

So far we have not been able to detect how such the presence of dark matters and energies have which type of shapes and how they interact with other elements and what are their masses. Are they still interact with visible energies are many signs of matters of complete investigation? Some feel interaction of dark matters with visible energies are very feeble and for this supersensitive detective elements needs to be configured and introduced. In earlier articles, I wrote extensively about the presence of a larger number of dimensions. Which restricts humans to see and understand the presence of matters residing in more than three or four dimensional elements.

If there could be some sort of hardwares that could see the presence of multi dimensions and there could be the detection of forces, matters and forces of mysterious energies. It could be one way to perceive and catch the presence of dark matters. It is one of most outstanding point of action and interaction that all these move we go in the form of imaginary and still, we could not find the presence of strange interaction of movement of energies and expansion of cosmos which the acceleration and displacement of cosmos never ever meant to be understood in real terms.

Still, there is no hard and fast rule to solve the mysteries surrounding the notion of many such unsolved questions but still there is room to understand it better. Another explanation of dark energy could have been that it is the property of space and it is their inherently and it could be not meant for human understandings. There is no such thing as empty space inside the cosmos. The space of the cosmos where there is no solar system and galaxies can be called as empty space. These empty spaces of the universe could have its own energies. Dark energies could reside in those empty spaces and it is perceived that the mass of these energies could be lesser in size and could possibly provide more room for expansions for these empty spaces.

Another school of thought think that these presence of dark energies are the form of virtual or temporary matters and they have varying sizes and they does not depend upon acceleration but depends mostly upon displacement and this creates exactly the most pronounced part of understanding and complete achievement of continuos existence of dark particles. They feel it as the most dynamic forms of creations of matters and to understand their properties is even more difficult as they from time to time change their properties. Another form of explanation could be that the theory of gravity could be entirely wrong and the theory dealing with dark matters or further research on it could be the real theory which depends both on the presence of theory of contraction which is gravitational theory and the theory of expansions of empty spaces of dark matters and dark energies.

Still-to-date we have not any iota of informations about the properties of space, the so called dynamic fluid that could contain the presence of dark energies and we need more data more systematic informations dealing with the form of matters and the super existential elements that could provide more and more light towards these forms of experiments. There are far more invisible matters in the universe. Dark matters are not from the theoretical and imaginative concepts of dark clouds or dark environments.

It might be established from the particle called as baryons which is well capable of absorbing radiations which is normally not possible with energies. Dark matters are not antimatters as they have no signs of presence of gamma rays and elements constitutes from these matters are still not clear. Dark matters are not black holes as well. Black holes can reflect lights to longer distances but the space where supposedly dark matters reside still not able to suggest these forms of reflection and this makes the entire possibilities and environments associated with dark matters most unusual part.

After study from clusters of galaxies it has been revealed that characteristics of dark matters and its corresponding energies do not change even after a million and billion of years. From here one school of thought comes out is there any chances that energies that we are dealing with can change from one medium to the other, but size of these energy remains constant always, where as the mysterious energy the dark energy perhaps could not change from one dimension to the other and its state of energy remains undiluted and unchanged even in billion of years. So far we are unable to define and find the solution of how to know, the existence of such dark matters resides in and around those areas for longer years without the slightest change of its characters.

So far the filed of dark energies are unknown fields and we have not been able to detect the more varying forms of it and the most renowned answer could have been is that due to varying sizes and characters in accordances with these situations we could find more and more stimulative instances of ideas where we could not find such detection in perfect manners. So far the characteristics observed or believed to be observed on obscure matters are that they neither absorb or emit light and that is why they are invisible to human eyes. So far it is imaginary but whether there is the presence of dark matter or any other matter but there is the presence of over 90 percentages of area of cosmos where there is no normal trends happenings and there is the space as well as peculiar forms of experiences where there is unexpected expansion of cosmos even though it seems the presence of gravitational force out there.

General tendency of gravitational force is to contract and keep attracting towards the inner ground but the presence of gravitational force in and around dark matters tend to expand further and that is why cosmos is expanding and the general human observation from earth slowly becoming difficult to imagine the exact perimeter of cosmos in real terms. About 90 percentages of area of the universe are supposedly to be preoccupied with dark matters and dark energies. It is invisible and the most significant part of it is that it’s atoms does not collide with each other. Due to non-collision of its atoms the visibility and the change of its characters does not appear at all.

It is one of the most difficult to understand and controversial state of an element where every logic comes opposite and that creates enough confusion in the minds of humans to reach into an absolute conclusion. What is surprising is that though its atoms do not collide with each other and does not have interactions with each other but still the presence of gravitational force is out there. Another surprising aspect of it is that the nature of the force of gravitation is completely opposite as it tends to expand instead of compression.

Where as we experience the state of compression inside earth while seeing the nature of gravitational forces, which tend to contract towards the center of land where as in the case od dark matters which are predominantly the main composition of universe we could find the presence of such forces overwhelmingly which act as the force of expansion and that creates and enlarge the sizes of dark energies further. Here, the energies which are difficult to understand are assumed as the force of dark energies. Though it is an imaginary term to understand but still we have to deal with it as so far we have so little knowledge of ours to understand about it.

During last decades, astro-physicians have observed comparatively larger growth of the universe but the most of these growth sizes comes in the regions of dark energies and dark matters. Due to its peculiar nature of gravitational forces the sizes within it tend to expand further and make it the most enormous. Due to this most of reachable areas of universal also expands and slowly it becomes difficult to reach at those places. With years count on the sizes of these dark energies are increasing further and this goes on to show and educate us time and again to examine and understand the world in the perspective of the universe.

It is high time we look and observe the universe in terms of perspective of characteristics of dark energies and dark matters so that we could know better and more of the predominant space of the universe. Here, every logic and conclusions of ours tend to be well negated and for this we have to see entire perspectives and every theory in some other ways so that studying the universe could become extremely easier and understandable for us.

We have to understand and devise the whole lot of mathematics, physics, chemistry and other important and related theories from perspective of universe to understand it in perfect ways as we have to broaden ours mind set as we could understand by not knowing about presence and its existence and characteristics of 90 percentages of universe which means we are missing something here as we could only understand the tiniest part with these theories and calculations.

It should be true to see the mathematics, physics in the perspective of the universe as there must be some sort of theory which we are now touching upon and that is why we fail to understand the major portion of the universe. It is high time to think out of the box and think the way the universe operates and find out every answer for each and every imaginative ways to understand universal better and more wider and acceptable ways.

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