Role of media and networking in our life

While dealing with various aspects of understandings of the way the logic matters and the most vitality of discussions comes to the forefront in the form of dynamic assertions of understandings the way we perceive the matter. Once a while I have been watching an interview with an eminent personality in the field of journalisms and he described how the current journalists and journalisms are losing their way out. Currently the television media is overpowered and over crowded with seven to eight prominent journalists and they try their hand to provide justifications the way news meant to be understood. Journalistic ideas are to find the most proficient and prominent form of understanding the way we learn and see the trails of events happens one by one in sequential forms.

The way news and quotes have been modified in one form or the other and produces in some other forms just to demonstrate and justify the way some of news channels have been operating into. In one discussion with the defense minister said that he commented on surgical strike in Konkani languages but some channels translate into English and then modify it and produce it only to create controversies. In realties those spoken are in Konkani and then translate it but how could one translate the sense emanating from Konkani languages and from the sense comes the feeling not the exact words. These are the sort of journalistic excellences that are missing here.

It is true as the study of linguistics and phonetics, mere studying of one language does not guarantee you have the feeling of that language in the true senses. Speaking the languages as it as well as demonstrating the truest form of understanding in the sense of what mother tongue people that languages think about it and continue to find the real answer to it provides awesome ways to manage and understand in perfect senses. The general purpose of creating news should be gather in the way it happens into as well as the way it does provide the amplifications of ideas generating into various forms of understandings but to misquote and provide wrong information means something somewhat the journalistic ideas moving into the forms of yellow journalisms.

One need to understand the senses of quotes when some one speaks not the way or exact words that has been spoken about and for this it is of utmost important to consider some other innovative ways of creating news rather than moving in and around quotations of leaders. The senior journalist who is also worried about such trends has said that so far we have no other agencies in fact Indian agencies to gather news from outside. We have to depend upon external agencies for gathering news and that should have the partisan point of view. Even from inside we have seen most of news gathered by numerous television channels are from one or two sources only and so far even inside India, we have seen most of news channels have not their own source of recording news.

We have seen various print medias such as regional newspapers of long standing histories, have their journalists in and around every nuke corner of the state and they gather news from there. On the other hand, I have seen even with famous news channels have only one or two reporters and they usually appear on news time and again and for this it important for news channels to have more and more on ground reporters so that real and unbiased and unique reports can comes filtering in without too much dependence upon new reporting wings. Then, all news channels should provide real news reporting as now most of these news is now same in all channels and they try harder to show the form of differentiations, in terms of modifying news in so many different ways.

As we know while maintaining a blog from time to time we should find, many spam comments which are mostly, not important in nature and only to propagate some form of other and all these are part of stopping spam bots. Similarly, while dealing with all these news and other efforts to generate and provide effortless news but comes to the standstill of reaching towards the most proficient underestimation of views which can be biased towards any direction. So far there are some news channels such as DD News, Loksabha and Rajya Sabha TVs which do provide various news in clarity and in precise manners.

It is true, now-a-days in the name of cut throat competition among different news channels where more and more visibilities of news channels with number of channels increasing day by day continue to provide, more competition in the name of breaking news, which provides efforts to create news instead of reaching towards news and these are the most difficult passive ways to underestimate such propositions and for this an inner looking into the way these performs and provides news should be looked upon in clear cut manners. It provides senses to understand and find out that most of these news channels should see the news as it is and should provide realistic views that should add more and more positive inclusion towards decision making.

It should be easier to understand that the way the increase of social medium has been there and the way faster internet for users at very affordable prices and mobiles at very reachable prices we could find more and more forms of ideas that need to be gathered and motion into one bundle where every wrong move from the perspective of news channels are carefully discussed and even bullied in social networking systems. Every news and views are now carefully observed and then categorically looked into detail so as to understand what matters the most and what is the most important part and which are the false or making of news instead of collecting news are carefully observed into.

The power of social medium could slowly over power the power of electronic news as we have seen with the introduction of true fourth generation of internet the caching of video content is no longer difficult and it does provide huge form of ease of action for seeing video and views online. It is of utmost important to understand the way news are being distributed it needs a thorough and proper check and balances so that in the future people should be sticking to these or they can shift to a more convenient platform of the Internet instead. It is the imminent danger as more and more people are using smart phones and they continue to provide more and more advent of information so that every time they come and confront with such news they can immediately find the truth behind these in order to have perfect demonstration of ideas that comes into it and continue with it unabashedly.

When electronic news channels comes into fore front it has been said that in the future there should be doom?s day for printed news papers but in realties that has not been the case and slowly, printed news paper continues to be more regional and provide more and more realistic views and true news so as to get back confidence of readers. Similar is the situation where various electronic news channels are confronting with the situations of lack of trust and continue to find difficult to stand. The only point of success is to provide truth of information so that ultimately when users listen and watch those news they could get back correct and the most vibrant aspect of understanding of what could be the best possible truth of knowledge and they should soon find it easier without a doubt. Due to flow of information understanding and teaching of knowledge through push technologies comes handy and it does not provide any signs of difficulties to make it think about it and find it harder to understand and make it the most viable available option to choose it from.Smile

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