Life of humans are vital above anything else

The earth is the most important and significant planet within the cosmos. We know that almost 90 percentages of areas of the universe are preoccupied with unknown matters which are renowned as dark matter and the dark energies that are found within it expands those areas further. That is why there has been unbelievable expansions of dark matters but in the case of presence of planets and galaxies those areas continue to be as it is due to the peculiar nature of traditional forces which contracts and that is the soil needed for a stable atmosphere. Entire universe is filled with strange elements, most of these cannot be explained and the more space is preoccupied with strange bits of unknown energies, matters and other elements which create large gaps among different galaxies.

Earth is so far the most unique planet which we experience and find out the most intriguing patterns of the presence of the atmosphere to keep the entire air and environment insulated from any external aggression from different areas of the cosmos. This is the most significant patterns for developing one of the most outstanding form of attachment where we could find the presence of insulated atmosphere for the betterment and prerequisite for the development of life. We know the earth is unique and so far we have not been able to detect and find out life on some other planets in the universe.

There has been the presence of numerous planets inside the entire cosmos and still finding life from different chemical as well as physical reactions occurs as there needs a proper and systematic investigation. Each and every natural constructions as well as the presence of large number of green environments meant for the proper and systematic utilisation of humans for stay healthier as well as to create one of more suitable environment for people to stay there always. In the last few days, some of the news that has been providing difficult to grasp is the main source of writing this article.

We have been witnessing large scale of burning of schools in Jammu and Kashmir and that obstructs the more challenging proposition of lack of education. Where education lacks we could find that development of human brains should be the most difficult part as we know humans have the most prized possession of a wonderful brains which do not require any power to stop the influence of cruel animals. It is that the source of understanding and finding of really amazing reasoning power that separates humans from the rest of living beings inside the earth.

All these scales up to realise us that the Earth is the most brilliant and most beautiful planet ever as it is mostly due to the presence of humans and their brilliant reasoning excellences that scales up to realise umpteenth presence of such wonderful happenings. For the last four to five days there has been two incidents of dog attacking small children and killed one of them, and destroys one eye of the other child. This is such a difficult situations for students to realise that here is the catch 22 situations of saving animals or protecting the rights of humans.

There has been many sites of too many occurrences of stray dogs who have been meandering here and there and sometimes attacking people and even attacking innocent children and that becomes the most difficult part of understanding the way we indulge in making the most of times to understand the process of understanding that the first and foremost the important part is to secure the life of humans and then thinking about others on it. Here we cannot go on and on about protecting the rights of animals but first and foremost it is the most vital to protect and preserve rights of individuals. As life of humans are vital above anything else.

With the advent of demonetization, the higher denomination older notes slowly becoming irrelevant and with it comes the opening of people who have been storing large sum of money into their homes and hoarded those money in order to protect their interests. Now the rates of vegetables are slowly becoming cheaper and availability of vegetables and cost of vegetables have become cheaper. Even vegetables vendors are saying that during past years due to rise of prices of potatoes fresh vegetable prices increased as people opt for vegetables instead of buying out potatoes.

Now, with reduction of prices of potatoes the price of other vegetables are on lower side and that makes entire series of prices of vegetables on lower side and it is boon for people and honest people who have white money and does not wish to spend it abruptly. With the wiping out of black money the prices are slowly going towards reasonable lower side and that makes entire processes of understanding that ultimately it is people who are mostly benefitted with these moves. In the past few years, there has been an unbelievable increase of prices of vegetables and other commodities which are mostly driven by prices of potatoes.

Due demonetization there has been a huge reduction of black money from black money hoarders as their money has been reduced to nothing. As honorable Prime Minister of India emphasized in one of his speeches that now the rich persons are begging towards the poorer people to help them out in making black money white. Now, the importance of poorer people increases many folds. Similarly, there are people who do not respect their parents, but now those sons and daughters are cueing up to their parents and request them to fill money on their bank accounts to make their black money into white. The positive sides of this decision have been far reaching and the out stretch and the support of people have been overwhelming.

The kind of interests among the masses to stand quietly in front of branches and ATMs in order to change their older currencies has been phenomenal and the people have listened and agreed to honorable Prime Minister of India?s request to stay with him for some days and they have accepted it and continue to find the rich benefits. Slowly, we are moving to the age of digital currency, where we could see everything can be seen in the perspective of cashless and paperless transactions, all over and that creates entire level of perfect and positive environments where in the future we could see end of all waiting periods as probably there could be availabilities of all essential commodities all over to create one of most sensible state of happenings all over.

With the availability of all commodities all over we could find that price of these commodities should be at lower prices to enable the perfection of people?s ambition to buy each and every commodities at their own wishes and that should create the most memorable aspect of suitable living standards with very little prices. This should be the most vital part and with the proper understanding of keeping a close guard on human rights above all other rights and providing them a safer place to live and enjoy their life should enable them to understand what should be the better place to live. As we know entire world is predominated with more and more suitable happenings and so far we have not been able to detect similar planets like the planet earth for this one must ensure and find out the real meanings and attachments to survive the life and with such huge and positive measures we could find more and more suitable and wonderful opportunities to survive at ours best with some of the most expandable state of living standards where we could see and enjoy the freedom to live forever with complete happiness. Surprised smile

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