Why website speed matters?

A faster loading website is a much delight for users with legibility matters where the performance of website shows faster rendering as well as deeper integration within different search engine optimisation techniques. More and more visitors are landing to your website through various other devices such as smart phones and tablets and for them faster loading of websites matters the most. Due to this many web browsers have been making modifications of how your website is going to land as well as these do provide manageable and awesome ways to advice and showcase the marvelous performances of rendering of websites through various performance optimisation techniques. WordPress powered website are generally fast but it needs urgent attention from time to time to fix the speed of website as with due course of time the loading factors of website does take toll and from time to time with the inclusions of various such techniques to speed up website does matters the most.

A faster website does provide huge implications on the psychological aspects of people who are reading into it as well as it does cost less to people who use internet to read it on as well as it does not impact too much price in terms of cost factors to users to say the least. It has been seen that the single largest contribution to abandonment of website is the slow loading of it and users even if they have great interest in website readings but still abandon it as the result of great time in taking off loading times of it. People expect your website to load within two seconds other wise they should be shifting it from another website.

From 2010 onwards Google has announced that they should be prioritizing the speed of website, and that is the single most important factors in improving search engine rankings as well as it is the part of initiative to male the web faster so that it should be affordable and manageable for slower internet users as well as faster internet users and developers. Yahoo has been advocating vigorously for a faster web and there has been many resources and articles involved with it and that provides much wiser and intellectual bearings for web masters. Mozilla of Firefox also believed that when the reading of website reaches nearer to two seconds the downloads of such website increased by 16 percentages.

Personally, I do believe in creating of wordpress website without any plugin. Even, the default anti spam plugin of wordpress should be uninstalled to give way to the proper utilisation of inbuilt settings of WordPress to stop excessive spams. No plugins involved most of the works which plugins generally does could be done easily with php editing through cPanel hosting of website. If you use various resource intensive plugins, then, there could be very much increase chances of yours hosting could cross server limit. One should always be knowing that one can be edit and configure just the way the plugins work and for this it is important to create some research on these matters to have a better grasp of knowledge and that should be equally good for you in the long term.

Shared hosting from the reputed hosting does provide huge implications of development of website as these are fully optimised for wordpress site and does provide huge implications of understanding of how your website runs and it might work better for that low cost hosting services. Choice of theme of wordpress is important. In the initial years, you could choose for a free theme and later you could shift for a premium theme. I have seen some of wordpress theme performs wonderfully than premium theme. For a better looking website, the advent of CSS, javascript and web fonts provides the better looking and polished website but it does take good amount of time in website loading and it provides lesser page speed and that can be bad for search engine optimisation techniques.

If you have been dealing with spam, then it is wiser to shut the comments or disable comments, so that your site should not be encountering with any signs of spam comments. Delete all comments from the WordPress database and then optimise wordpress database so as to speed up the site and run it faster. It is wiser to repair broken links from Google Webmaster tools to fix website errors. Regularly check it to manage website for a better performance. If your server side caching available then use it for minification of the processes involving with HTML, CSS and Javascript as well as remove any white space within it in order to make website faster. Generally, I prefer not to use too much images in website and if you use it then minify it and there are many online and offline combination of image compressions are available and use it and then upload to server so that it should have minimum implication on performance of website.

Caching of website does make a huge impact on performance of website in the case of high traffic times. Caching of website means creating the html version of website and serving to different visitors at the same time. It also helps visitors to access your website in the case of high traffic times, it is always wiser to use server side caching plugins so that, website caches from the server side and loads pages with efficient performance and speed. Avoid caching plugins from WordPress administration so that it should not reduce performance of website further. Content delivery network for sites which have a reasonable amount of visits and that should be the proper performance optimisations for your website. Content delivery networks stores yours website at various places of generations and then deliver those pages where the request for loading of website comes from.

Always do update of wordpress regularly. It has been updated from time to time and makes it updated so that your website should always be equipped with the latest, server standards and WordPress optimisation tricks. Always move towards proper server check ups so that abusing of website should not come all at once. Server side caching solutions such as varnish can speed up your website by upto three to five times by caching static and dynamic content. Static and dynamic content of website includes, images, css, plain html etc and by compressing these, website becomes fast and the same sort of customisation appears. It works nicely with http website. It works better than caching plugins as it works straight from the server.

Most wordpress optimisation parameters work through apache handling of web requests. It does work. Optimisation of website comes with tweaking of performance of website through compression of contents. Generally, contents of WordPress website include text, html, plain text and xml files. Measure website performances through online website performance tools such as Google Page speed, new relic, pingdom etc, and then look at their suggestions to know more about optimisations metrics of website. All these performance testing online tools should indicate and provide wider attentive intentions to understand how your website performs and presents it performance output.

Use a minimalists theme design and most preferably the free themes which WordPress provides each year should do the job for you. Compress images, assimilate different theme files into one theme file so that performance of website should be faster. If you have css customisation files at different places, then assimilate into a single place and then use css compressor to see if all these css files can be compressed to show case and perform better and inclusive action to understand the presentable performance for website. For every website, there should be one database so that for every time website loads it does not have to check all these databases and then check integrity of website to load the website. Remove all unused databases from cPanel and then databases and then MySQL databases. Keep only the database that is linked to WordPress and removed all the other databases from server.

There are many plugins available that can optimise wordpress database easily. You can get it manually without installing third party database optimisation plugins. Go to Cpanel hosting and then database and then open databases and then phpMyAdmin. Select the database table from the left hand side of phpMyAdmin. Then please click on the database name on the middle of phpMyAdmin. More down to the last of the database table and from there click on check all and from the corresponding side of it select optimise table and wait for few seconds for the database to be optimized. In this way you optimise wordpress database manually and does not need any third party plugins to be installed there on.

There are many sites which are mostly contemplating upon deleting and disabling comments or user generated comments on sites entirely so as to create the site spam free and there should not have been any difficulties in dealing with site and approval and disapproval of comments further. Disabling commenting system might have a good idea as it can speed up website further and you can have hassle free experience of using website. You can either completely disable comment system or can add Google+ comment system which has very good spam protection from Google as well as from user all over around the world to understand the real spams and in this ways yours website can have very good speed in detecting spams. It is advisable not to run a mail server on wordpress hosting. You can either use any contact form for this in order to expedite website. Many servers also blocking mail servers and many are giving it and it is important not to run mail servers on wordpress hostings.

In the above segment I have talked extensively about how to optimise database and here another way to reduce the load on the database is to reduce the number of revisions of posts on the server. You can use cPanel PHP editing or else,plugins to reduce the number of revisions for posts. Another form of security of website is hot link protection. Most of the popular WordPress hosting sites use this and provide users with this service. It prevents website for direct linking of your files and in this way it reduces the load on the server to a considerable extent and this makes possible for servers to stay alive even during heavy traffic network times. It stops other sites from stealing precious bandwidth of your website. It can be turned on through cPanel. By stopping the wordpress directory to be seen in public, web master can speed up website to a considerable extent and also it is good for security of website.

Use leech protection of cPanel so that the desired wordpress directory can be restricted from public viewing. Optimise the home page or landing page to load quickly. Do not use any advertisements on the home page instead use it inside detailed post pages so as to present the user with superlative landing page experiences. Reduce the number of posts to be seen in landing page and use read more format in every post so that the precise form of the post should be visible in the landing page. Remove inactive plugins and other html or javascripts from the front page. I have written above how to disable hot linking and leeching of word press content. It speeds up website to a greater extent. Turn off pingbacks and trackbacks from comment section or discussion section of the settings menu from WordPress administration. Create a mobile optimise wordpress website so that when loading on mobile devices it loads faster and this should provide impact on more and more visitors to your website.

Blogging is great fun. It is a great tool to reach many audiences worldwide. The internet is a great world and here there are plenty of relevant informations there in these subject and a proper and detailed study can provide you a great deal of help to deal with it. With due course of time with considerable of learning and research every webmaster could become a potential self styled and proclaimed web masters to eradicate all sorts of problems as well as to introduce many such generic senses involving ideas where even from experiences writing of blogs could be possible in its total entirety. It is entirely upto webmasters to decide upon this and there are every instances of plugins available with WordPress where the user can easily use these plugins as well as customisations to speed up website with faster speed. Always remember to back up website and move beyond with it so as to produce a better and well managed website for users as they should be equally happy and enthusiastic about it to access such site with super decker speed and faster rendering times. It is upto webmasters to think or use about any of plugins or other related methods as ultimately it is the fast website that matters the most and if one can use all these precautions with complete of processes ultimately, ours website becomes fast with all these recommendations.

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