Why android privilege escalation attacks are so very uncommon

Android is there everywhere. We find it in every second person’s hand. Due to its innovative customized features and the ease of doing operations it has been popular and its popularity is increasing day by day. Android is a customized version of Linux. Its operating system and its way and the flow of apps work in completely different ways. The Linux system is meant for a particular flow of ideas and it does not cover the series of ideas that android takes with. It is completely change of foundation of ideas that are solely based upon android optimizations. The concept of android is such that every other android devices we do find sufficient change of customizations and that is the beauty of android we are associated with.

Android kernel loads just after the boot loader’s loading. It is responsible for every other action that comes after boot loading of devices. It is the dashboard and management arena of such devices where we do find plenty of applications environment in relationships with local drive and the amount of random memory access for android.

Core android functions in relationship with kernel of android works and it is in charge of all such core functions android performs. These services are in charge of handling of memory, communication processes and launching of processes or applications. Generally, there are two android core functions we do find and these services manage these core android functions so that all such applications and other important settings of android could work in parallel and coherent manners.

These can be called as kernel services which are very much important for running these as these could provide stability of applications to run within android software environment. Kernel services work in inclusive coherent combinations of system services which are generally better known as application processing interface (api) to start a particular set of services when touch commands are provided by the sender.

Every android devices are different. Its hardware requirements in relations with proprietary device drivers are important for complete work around for smoother functioning of hardwares. Due to good form of hardware these devices work in a completely coherent and brilliant manner and produce one of the super application environment. In this manner the software operating system could work easily and smoothly with hardware and that creates the seamless movement of the point of action from user’s command to software operating system via the device drivers which are from hardware part of operating system.

In such circumstances, the primary point of action should be when application developers create applications they can create one application interface but due to the advent of several customised android version we could find that there could have been chances of severe applications incompatibility problems.

That is why the need for a specialised virtual application environment a kind of sandboxing system an operating system within operating system comes to the forefront. That is why every application works in any of customised mod of android owing to presence of Dalvik or next generation virtual machines which speeds up devices as well as remove all such of application incompatibility issues.

These virtual machines isolate and visualise the application processing interfaces so that applications becomes independent of android mods on various android devices. Android is open source and the set up rough bit of applications comes from it and mostly these user interface or system applications comes as the result of this.

These are very small set up of applications which can be seen in every other android devices. From android kit kat and later operating systems Google has compelled the original equipment manufacturers (oems) to go attach their logo at the boot loader screen. Google changed its terms and conditions to handle this.

Now, we have complete set up of large number of Google applications to cater to every demand of the operating system. Most of specific functions such as image viewing, audited, camera, pdf, storage, word and every other task which needs to be done can be done easily with Google applications. Google has Google play store the application environment with plenty of applications updated regularly and secured by Google.

Google installs these applications on secure sandboxing environment so that whenever there are chances of the advent of any malwares. Only a restart of the phone could remove this easily. This is so easier to do and can be done within minutes and Google continues to measure performances of applications and their security standards so that whenever there could be signs of any chances of malwares within applications then these can be removed with ease without any delay.

The most noticeable part of android system from Google apps is the Google Chrome. Before its advent to android we have been very much acquainted with its functionalities with desktop or laptop systems but we do find some of the most noticeable changes as well as performance optimisations with Google Chrome for android.

Chrome works with its own data compression technology which can speed up web browsing while doing it within android ecosystem. Though there are some issues of its impact on android and the delay in loading while in various older version of android where we have seen a lesser amount of RAM is used there.

Google is continuing its endeavor to find more and more development for its chrome version so as to reach nearer to hopes and aspirations of people in dealing with these applications. Android is open source and it empowers original equipment manufacturers to go for their own customised version such as skinning and other add on of security features attached to it.

The look and the attached feeling while using a beautiful skin of android could provide us with some differential feelings that should provide more and more vivid display and even some perceive as the separate operating system that the stock android version offers.

Device vendor does provide different ways of these applications which should provide one of the most outstanding form of attractions of devices as that should enable the most proficient form of newer ways to see and enjoy android devices. Original equipment manufacturers like Samsung do include more and more other functions such as inclusion of opera turbo functions which could speed up web browsing with superlative speeds.

It also includes in built clean functions such that. Clean master to speed up mobile and smart phone devices. Most of original equipment manufacturers such as Samsung does provide similar applications which provide duplicate function and that could provide difficulties for dual applications on its perusal.

Android kernel is built on Linux systems which from time to time updated and upgraded to its next level for security patches as well as other performance enhancements. With the updating of android operating systems, we could find more and more reductions in operating system codes in order to make it light on system resources.

From time to time, we could find various architectural changes to operating systems where the performance optimization as well as other newer and smoother functions we could find it about. Most of these operating system codes run with evolving less user privilege account so that ultimately we could find that there are a lesser number of attach on kernel and android boot loaders.

Android operating system is being prepared for considering to be used from the most generic platforms to a most high degree of hardware compatibility platforms. Its proprietary drivers must have hardware abstraction layer (HAL) to be included with it so that it could map the hardware digital signature for its application processing interfaces easily without any such difficulties. These proprietary code which are installed on the operating system are being slowly retrieved with hardware abstraction layer to evolve in a dynamic manner to act in security standards.

Most of these proprietary standards of android hardware has been done from factory hardware images in order to make it absolute standard for perfect execution of security and its most differentiated standards of understanding the processes comes from the most intensive applications of processing standards where the mapping functions of hardware is the most common factor to secure operating system.

The only caveat is the continuous operating system update that makes and powers android system a stable one. Even for such situations when operating system updated to three times a stable hardware which could cater to the third generation of operating system updating could possibly show difficulties for android system compatibility.

What android lacks is the non-presence of continuous updating of security patches and updates like Microsoft operating system and that could sometimes create the stage for complete incompatibility insecure operating system as Google has to solely depend upon different hardware manufacturers for complete updating of its distribution of patches and for this it is important to understand that due to its open source nature of operating system user’s knowledge of knowing its settings parameters are single most important factor of it and one should have deep knowledge about it to make yours operating system completely secure.

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