Sea side jogging track in Puri

Due to the advent of the month of November, we could find the complete change of climate and the power of the ray of sun diminishing slowly and we move towards the stage of absolute coolness. During these times, the weather has been pleasant where there are signs of incoming of the winter season and slows down in the hot summer. There are for two to three days of rain compelled the winter to come in advance. It has been one of the most absorbing cool times where we do see the presence of incessant rain which provides enough assistance for the advent of winter. Winter is pleasant and it comes with innumerable deeper point of proving stages of deeper celebration and festival times ahead. During winter availability of plenty of foods and vegetables, also pave the way for healthy life styles as well as owing to cooler times moving during noon times does not hurt so much.

While jogging at my favorite ground, in these frosty morning times, happens to see plenty of crows and parrots all over out there. It has been a strange set up of circumstances where I could see and find plenty of migratory birds meandering here and there and they stay at those trees which are beside the jogging tracks. It has been wonderful to see them stays at the branches of trees and engaging with each other and while we jog they tend not to be disturbed and that is one of ominous signs we see and perceive out there.

At first while running I feel I should jog slowly as that could disturb them and they could search for another three but they continue to stay there and from there I could find many of different and new birds which are not seen throughout the year. I spotted some rare birds and stops there for some time to decide to shoot it but then I think why I should disturb them and it is of paramount importance to understand the way we respect environment and continue to hold it in terms of similar dignity and attachments to excel with it in collaboration with it so that ultimately we do live in these townships and circumstances.

I hear the chattering sounds which feels same as the update notifications from whats app, Facebook or twitter and that proves that we also live in similar virtual natural environment with outs smart phone but still the presence and feel of cooler air in these circumstances justify and provide one of most awesome ways to stay with such enormous circumstances so much so that ultimately ours zeal to stay with nature always stay prime time. It is the presence of nature at its natural circumstances that matter the most to all of us. In the mean time, I saw brilliant gesture from senior citizen out there.

One person while jogging. Stops time and again and move to side ways where there are many flower trees with full blossomed flowers. That person times and again stops nearer to trees and pluck flowers out there. In some distance from me one senior citizen who is regular in this jogger’s park told that person not to pluck flowers but that person in reply to him said if full blossomed flower stays with trees then that should hurt the trees and it is one of most tremendous flip flop argument ever which I have heard about it. Sometimes people do not listen to good words and continue to provide some awful explanation for their work which is tremendous not to believe but I continue mu jogging while watching birds and flowers.

Some part of tracks in jogger’s park has been broken as some tiles broke from there. It is always difficult to move into these routes and for this the running becomes slower and this creates one of most difficult part of jogging but still jogging while moving within these routes and with competitive spirits from fellow joggers just make it more vibrant and satisfying to complete daily routines out there. One need to be careful while jogging as due to incessant rain and longer rainy time, makes the growing of grasses and trees in the soil area of jogger’s park and that makes walking into these is most difficult to walk on. Due to a larger area and nearer to sea, there could be chances of hiding of snakes and other harmful animals and it could be there while walking into these roads in the morning time.

Regular joggers have assimilated and send an application to the government to clean these not so wanted trees out there so that the entire environment could be clearer and visible and there could be very possibilities of hiding of such animals into these bushes. Despite repeated sending of applications to them there is no clear cut action taken by the local body. Then, such regular joggers have decided upon to make progress towards doing this on their own. They contacted regular joggers and ask for them some voluntary givings so that by accumulating the said money the cutting and cleaning of such unwanted grasses and bushes inside of jogger’s park can be done and that has become a movement and slowly all these unwanted grasses and bushes cut off from these area.

By receiving money, they appointed two persons and slowly all these unwanted grasses and other bushes have been wiped out from these jogger’s park. Now, walking and jogging into these areas become sweet and moving into these areas without the fear of snake or such related reptiles out there and that has made entire movement easier time. Now, the sunshine as well as the spreading of lights can be seen everywhere and the entire place is equally well lighted and pleasing to walk and jog in these tracks. In between one could see some persons with biscuits and rotis comes here and used to feed cows and dogs. It is believed that when persons with bad luck used to feed cows and dogs than their bad luck seems to be going to them and the good luck comes to them.

That is why in between sub-tracks there could be people standing out there and feeding them with such foods and entire area is filled with mass number of cows and some dogs and that visibility aspect from the distance has been excellent and one of the rarest of rare view one could possibly see and perceive about. Some people used with walk with their head phones on and used to walk with stiff neck speed and used to walk in the middle of the track and that clearly shows the passion and the zeal of their to continue waking into these tracks which is of a great spectacle to see.

The enormous amount of enthusiasm as well as the perceived attendances to work out with faster speed makes entire people who reach out for daily jogging works some of the most outstanding form of attendances where during every other times their movement and reaching to the destination of finishing jogging time comes in faster and most speedier formats. There comes the mild competitive environment among each other who walks there and that make the entire walking experience the single most prized possessive attendances to pursue.

On another day when I returned from jogging stage, to reach out to someone person called me front. I stopped te vehicle and looked at him and he said, he tried hard but not able to cross me while I do jog and I smiled back at him. He asked to me as do I applied for sub inspector post, as from this question I was amazed but said no, I am already at the job, he then smiled back and said he applied for it and within some specified of time he need to cross some distance as they told us to practice to do. I said, the entire distance of the park in one single run is half a kilometer and you have to think in that way and create the movement and in addition with it just install Google Fit applications to track your journey so that totally yours movement and the time of journey can be measured correctly as well as can be synchronized into Google account so that when you install operating system again all these data should be there for you always.

With the addition of Google Fit your entire work out time is clearly recorded with. That reminds you of uniformity of working out as well as does provide you with huge degree of assistance of what are work standards you perceive with and how to deal with these environment to work in such circumstances as well as it is all about clear records and keeping of records so much so that ultimately the enormous form of understanding of keeping good health is of paramount importance for all of us. Keeping good health has always been the greatest asset which we do find time and again comes from the continuous instant decisions for regular exercise within your body permits.

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