Safety tips for using a public computer

Avid travelers and business executives do stay in hotels or use a public terminal like airport wireless hotspots to access Internet. These are public terminals and here there is greater chances of breaching of privacy and stealing of important informations is possible. It is a risky business to use the hotel computer, internet café. Generally these public terminals are intended for general internet browsing and even one have to be extra careful while checking electronic mail or other personal informations. All of these public terminals are part of greater networking and in these networking server computers do have authority over all the extra clint ones. That is why if at using such client computing system, one need to be extra careful about securing privacy so that these should not be used for impersonification of yours by others.

Experts believe that one should with some extra precaution could check emails but browsing your bank account and internet banking on line purchases should be straight forwardly not recommended practice while you are a public terminal.

Life is not as straight line as it suggests being. There is no such thing as perfection in this world. There could be some sort of emergency situations which you have to deal with it time to time and there could be chances to use a public computer for banking transactions. Most of these peculiar banking transactions are confidential in nature. This article is intended to inform you about how to use public computers for financial transactions. One need to remember that all these informations are not full proof as there are no one hundred percentages sure of complete security on public terminals. Here we can minimise the risk of security breaches while you are with public computers. One needs to remember the old adage that it is better to have security than nothing.

If you are using a public terminal as open wi-fi then there could be chances that someone remotely could be using session logger to look at your browsing habits and the sites you visit more often. If you are using a public computer at internet café, then there could be a key logger installed on that computer to record exact set up of motion of browsing habits of yours from the beginning to the end of it. Keylogger is very dangerous as there are many sophisticated one’s and those should be hiding behind computer with limited user privileges so that even user has no idea that his or her entire session of browsing habits is being recorded with.

Key loggers are most dangerous. They can screen record sessions. Mouse clicks, screens shots and screen sessions. These can reveal exact details of website visits and in some cases the passwords used and if hackers steal your password and change it then there could be greater chances of impersonification of all of your informations.

Session logging can record yours internet traffics and can provide informations about the sites you visit and could expose your browsing habits. While browsing internet in public terminal one should always be clear that your internet service provider and the clerk who are seating at the front desk of internet café could see what you are currently surfing at. If you are surfing website with https or secure address then, the data flow or stream from your computer to server is secure with end to end encryption and it is shown as some sort of null at different other hackers or internet service providers or the front office desk clerk of any internet café while browsing in public terminals.
If you use in order to check email such as Gmail or Yahoo Mail on public terminals, then you can do as both use secure server and with encrypted of send and receive messages. Do remember to log out completely and utilize private browsing so that any trace of browsing habits eliminate completely. When browsing any website just look at theURL of website in the side bar of web browser to find it out whether it begin with http or https and if it begins it with https then it means the streams of packets that has been used by the website is completely encrypted and it goes with secure server. This also prove that you can even read and browse your Gmail on a secure server and when you read the contents of mail no one should be reading and this means your website is completely on a secure server.

Most of financial transactions for website and other related personal website do use secure https website, and this means that, all these could be easily connected and checked in public terminal. Any third party with effective tools, can hack into such sites and they can see the flow and stream of data, but still, cannot decrypt these in order to read those emails. As user one can read these and should use secure anonymously networks such as Tor systems in order to completely anonymously networks so that even hackers should not be able to detect and recognise the trace route of entire possible flow of streams of internet which you have been using for these.

Using secure Tor server, even normal website with http can be converted into https secure connectivity, rom client computer to server computer and this means even surfing website with Tor the security of sending and receiving of packets, from yours computer can not be seen and looked into third party prying eyes.

Key loggers are very difficult to detect, and it is true there is no one hundred percentages safe, while using a computer at internet public terminals. It is important and think a million times before putting passwords into public terminals such as internet café or other public wireless hotspots. While putting passwords on shared computers, one should feel that it is not difficult to detect it and for this it is important to keep account secure by using anonymous surfing habits as well as other forms of secure browsing habits.

Use strong passwords so that is difficult to memorise by hackers. Make at random and uses every form of letter, number and specialised characters. Try not to follow any such set up of rules and regulations for use of randomly picked passwords. Use on text display keyboard and most of financial organisation website does have it as most of key loggers used to detect and find out the string of characters while you type from the keyboard. Do copy and paste some characters of passwords so that it should be hidden from prying eyes of key loggers installed into the system?

These take the form called password obfuscation which makes recognising of passwords difficult. Most of modern and latest key loggers do tend to go for articular name of press of keyboards and that makes recognising of pressing of keyboards easier. While using password obfuscation technologies such as copy paste of some part of the password can stop hackers from finding entire passwords easily.

Drag and drop characters and use on site text keyboard where characters can be selected with the help of a computer mouse in order to avoid being detected by key loggers. First put the last half or quarter of the password and then the middle and the first quarter of passwords to make it confusing for installed key loggers so that the detection of passwords could not be possible at the very instances. Then put some dummy password characters after putting exact passwords and then delete dummy characters with the mouse.

Select the characters with control and then select with the mouse and delete dummy characters to make it the most secure and probably not detected with public computers. You can select dummy characters with mouse by clicking left mouse button and moving the mouse from the start and end of dummy characters and do not use key board during that time and then right click mouse on it and select delete from its right click context menu to delete dummy characters. While deleting do not use the keyboard as it can be recorded and the key loggers can see that these are dummy characters. It is important to use the mouse in deleting those characters to keep your passwords completely secure.

With these combinations of tricks, key loggers can be confused and it should find it difficult to find your password in the correct way. This works and this one need to be extra cautious and extra vigilant in order to have to secure passwords. Key loggers records all those that has been used to write with keyboard and then hacker used to analyse these sort of trends and the passwords and dummy ones that has been put with computer mouse cannot be detected and that creates the confusions and chaos in the mind of hackers and it does provide difficulties in detecting the way computer works at those times.

You can even add another layer of security while you are at a public computer by using screen keyboard while putting the user name and passwords to website. Some financial institutions do include on screen keyboard on their site and provide an option to use to use it while logging into the system. Other wise windows and other operating systems does provide in built on-screen keyboard to provide faster user access and secure passwords completely. You can search for an onscreen keyboard on Windows search bar on charm menu or alternatively you can use the windows logo key plus U to reach to ease access center and then click on the onscreen keyboard to put passwords into websites.

There is another difficulty while using screen keyboard. Many sophisticated key loggers do come with screen capture utilities and they can clearly capture the way you put passwords from it. It does turn out to provide the information that there is no full proof security while you use public computers. Still as users you can put reverse engineering practices to confuse hackers.

First put some part of passwords with onscreen keyboard and then with the keyboard and then put half of dummy password with on screen keyboard and then the other half with the keyboard and then delete dummy passwords using computer mouse only methods. In this way with the advent of simple obfuscation methods you can secure password from the prying eyes of hackers. Of course, you should see that whether someone is shoulder surfing your activities or not. Beware of it and continue to provide real security to your data in order to keep your account secure. Protecting your password is with your hands.

One needs to be well educated with these matters so as to protect accounts with complete security. Modern websites those are dealing with financial transactions matters do offer to make password look at dots after entering in order to create the kind of complete system obscuring to create an invisible pattern. Even copying from password managers, are not allowed but still one need to be extra careful and should use own private networks as long as there is emergency to use public computers.

Security is a wide term and it has infinite meanings attached with it. It is comparative and cannot be comprehensive while you are in public computing systems. It is important to understand the various risks attached with while you are dealing with your important passwords and sensitive financial informations. It is significant to understand these implications and should move way forward to understand various levels of outstanding performance outputs as well as move ahead for moving into the single most performance utility of security yours sensitive personal informations from prying eyes of hackers.

One need to be alerted and well compiled with management of informations so as to find out the most vital aspect of moving ahead of what are different ways the hackers ca target yours informations and with these sort of reverse engineering attitudes one could easily move ahead and find out the better opportunities to stop hackers to seamlessly intrude into yours system. Use password obscuration technologies, beware of shoulder surfing, remove all traces of history from the web browser you are using.

Use anonymously services such as Tor or use Opera in private mode and then activate its free virtual private network to activate trace free web surfing but still while doing all these possibilities one need to well understood and reminded of the fact that, with these sort of adequate precautionary measures we could easily stop the hackers from stealing personal and sensitive informations. The term security deals with the wider aspect of the state of being free from any danger but due to the openness of internet world and that too dealing with while at public terminals one need to be extra cautious and prepare for better and wider form security to improve upon the sense of security of own data and informations.

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