Nano seconds to measure rate of displacements of planetary distances to negate negativity arising out of varying velocity derivatives

For last ten days, I have been thinking about some of the innovative ways to see the world that should not be seen in the same way by others. Still thinking in detail about to perceive the believes to cross the threshold of the universe. There has been so many brilliant theories related to the origin of the universe but still to date the clear cut mention and movement of ideas dealing with the passing phases of the universe, are not been completely deciphered. The primary reason behind this is the right time and again encountering of phase of limitations. It is the limit of dealing with everything beginning with the life span, hardware, the huge financial superfluous planning as well as other demanding situations which only compels film makers to create movies instead.

Everywhere we try to innovate there comes the massive differentiation in terms of limited functionalism. The foremost factor of invention of newer forms of discoveries comes in the form of reaching to the conclusion of eternity. So far what we have not meant able to solve comes before us in the form of eternity. It seems we have not solved the phenomenon dealing with the form and factors of time without end a real world scenario dealing with forms and factors of eternity. We have devised time in relation with the movement of the earth in relation to the sun. This contributes to making sure to see the complete and correct synchronization of time in relation to earth’s orbit.

That is why we could find ourselves in term of complete presentable while dealing with earthly matters but sadly this should not be true in the case of the universe. When we deal with moving to the space of the first and foremost and the seemingly real parametric is to conquer over the time. It is time differentiation that makes the entire planetary movement difficult to understand at times. We are acquainted with time formats and movement in relation with planetary situation of the earth. That can be supercharged to calculate the similar movement ideas so as to find the real distance movement we should be rapidly understood the how fast is the movement of displacement.

Here we talk about planetary movement of stars and other universe planets and cosmos and that should be the main focal points to ponder it about. It is the movement and the change of displacement deals with the constant point of acceleration that has to be figured out in complete detail. First the movement of acceleration of deceleration of the planet to which we intend to move for space voyages needs to be carefully thought about. It is the invariable form of displacement that matters most.

If the concerned planet moves faster than the earth than other foreign fictional entities such as the outer environment and presence of toxic elements and other extra terrestrial entities needs to be carefully figured out to understand and observe planetary movements in complete detail. Here we not only deal with the direction of movements but also additional magnitude to reach towards a complete and current form of understandings of planetary movements so that our journey should conquer the time formats that could be the most difficult phases while dealing with space voyages.

When we consider straight movement then detection of such constant state of displacement becomes extremely easier. Where as when we go towards the movement that deals with planetary observations powered with orbital movement than dealing with those detection of constant displacement becomes extremely difficult. What planetary movements confused us about is the detection of positive and negative velocity. Positive velocity is moving towards right and the negative velocity is moving towards left. Should we consider the movement of faraway planets from the distant site of earth movement? Should the progressive velocity what it looks from or observed from here be the same sort of positivist or negativity which we all have to carefully consider it about.
What should be the constant point that needs to be carefully observed and attended? Observation from the earth cannot be at any point of time be considered as the constant point of observation. If such constant state which should present the null system to earth and the observed planets light years away from us should compel us to understand the motive and the common factor of limits to surpass. Then we could clearly find the real change in displacement and change in time of perpetual displacement and that should refocus on real time which should amplify and enable us to understand the movement of time in real senses.

In meta-physical elements, the amount of constant changes that occur so rapidly that from time to time we have to inculcate the values of delta to such changes of elements so as to track these amounts of changes in real times. It should be seen as the substitution for differences in time zones. Even in this world there are various time zones and just imagine we are comparing the time zones of two different planets situated and attached with two different solar zones and that should indicate the proposition of amount of considering the well deserved change agents that should be there at the first place.

All these processes of considerate numerical differential stays upon considerate field of attached derivatives that comes upon the authentic anticipation of creating the varying derivatives of all calculations. In the case of constant accelerated movements we could possibly find the real presence of straight delta swing where the diagonal of triangle calculation come in handy for the first instance but on repetitive instances the movement of ideas that deals with creating such and such orbital movements which are mostly not repetitive and the detection of positive and negative acceleration agents provides the real difficulties of detection in these sectors.

In the straight movement of displacement the first and foremost considerate varying derivatives are velocity over time and it can be done easily at the point of constant acceleration can be felt easily without doubt. On the other hand in the case of orbital movements the varying derivatives comes to a really difficult situation as there is difficult to detect constant acceleration due to real world in seconds changes of positive and negative velocity as well as the entire process is calculated upon the principle of detection of displacement upon time.

While travelling in a straight line or in the arena of the same field then the average velocity is calculated upon the time duration of zero to two seconds and that tends to stand corrected without a doubt. In the case of orbital movement the average velocity calculations does not stand corrected and that is why the prime important factor while dealing with space voyages is to solve this phenomenon of detecting the right amount time of displacement and find out the qualitative measures to quantify the quantum of varying derivatives of detecting the right amount of displacement over time. While detecting velocity of a particular time and then taking the average of it for the rest of time thinking about the presence of constant acceleration ahead while on a space voyage does not come good at any point in time. While moving on space there does not have constant acceleration. Analytical derivatives do provide some such of out and out for precision but that should not be treated as complete conclusive instances.

So far we have been using seconds as the measure to calculate average acceleration agents while dealing with time and calculations of average instances to reach from one place to the other. We have to find out nano to time limits and that should provide enough leverage and room to calculate the rate of displacement in real time and that should enable us to find out the real durations from one place to the other. Here the limit of delta to be taken way beyond the amount of seconds and it should be such a time that even the orbital movement in space voyages should not bother us to thin beyond around of it and that should provide complete and conclusive amount of displacement and that should provide the real world evidences to conquer light years and convert them to mere some kilometers of space voyages.

Instead of deriving the time and distance in relation with acceleration in terms of constant acceleration the idea is to find the real calculative agents of displacement so as to find the utmost parameters to reach out exact amount of time taken for displacement from one planet to the other. The amount of approximation is always better than measurements. Here the amount of approximation should be at the lower side so as to present one of the most undeniable presence of complete and correct detection of harmonic motion detects the state of change of distance even most curvy and unexpected paths. While minimizing the approximation limits one could find out the amount of time to be taken to reach particular zones.

This theory comes to the practical solutions to drive out the acceleration constant calculations coming out from the state of acceleration in relation to time. In reality, the entire space is not the straight agents. Orbital paths create the forms of natural logs and all these exceptions need to be carefully considered to find out the visible real time of displacement from one place to the other. It is up to mathematicians and physicians to calculate and drive out more and more stringent and rigorous calculations by detecting the smallest amount of time of displacement so that the calculative miscalculations should not be able to provide so much of wrong calculation time as we have with it acceleration instances. While calculation of time we have taken additional as the smallest measure to find the displacement distance in light years and just imagine the amount of possible wrongs with it. It is up to physicians and mathematicians to find out the nano measure of time and then calculate the rate of displacement to find out the real space distances.

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