Black smokes

It is already the winter that comes to the doorsteps with its turbulent intensive work order where the movement of thought processes associated with it comes to the mind in rapid manner and does provide huge amplification of movement of ideas where within every possessive units we do find plenty of ideas as well as relative action to move beyond. Life becomes so much beautiful and wonderful and it produces so much of newer forms of ideas where everywhere one sees and find all new kind of wonderful presentations of movement of formulations where the movement and the relative synchronizations of thoughts and its actions comes into real time. In this Sunday morning this time there is no leisure time and the processes of thinking of doing something as wonderful as the rest does not come as true as it is.

Here is the call to join the office immediately, as due to some vital works needs to be done and my idea to move over for a longer journey and the distances and enjoy the winter evening comes to the real halt but due to call of work I have to reach to office and for this all of my prior thinking of making this as the wonderful Sunday comes to the grinding halt. I reached the office at the earliest and this time the work needs to be done on the site and that is almost ten kilometers from the administrative office building. The road there to the site is not as good as it is utilized to be. Here now even the state roads are nice but this route to the site is not so good and this the driving part is difficult as it continues to provide too much of the traffic within the smallest possible road width.

One need to see upfront always as in no time you should estimate of incoming vehicle from any side of the road and for this the movement seems to be very difficult for the first five kilometers and then comes the next five kilometers leading to the site and which is the private road and it is one of the most beautiful road ahead. Both sides of the road are covered with plenty of tall trees out there and the majority of these roads have not traffic congestion or any sort of disturbances out there and that makes the entire journey possibly the single most enticing event to drive to reach out to work. Due to the winter season there have been get-together of so many birds out there. It seems they have a nice get-together out there.

I was also planning to see and enjoy the test cricket match on this Sunday so as to see and hope Virat Kohli’s stupendous batting and it has been one of the most outstanding the dominance of cricket with its complete superiority at its best. In between the beautiful river flowing with its calm and the slight dose of cool wind vibrates its entire water wave and create one of similar vision of stupendous forehead lines and ask if it is still being worried about the presence of such mild wind movements. It is pleasing to see the full thought process of nature and calmly looking at those with wonderful but stressful mood.

After reaching on the site it has been seen that there is no pending work on the part of mine but it is the understanding of the site manager that makes entire thinking of it but I prefer not to show my negative emotions of not leaning into it. In fact all the preparations and the related technical work has been completed by me but sadly due to one of most weird form of understanding of situations it has been seen and widely perceived as and also the understanding at the ground situations by the staffs create the confusion of not completing the most technical job which is not that so. Perhaps some staffs out there does not wish to be involved with it and wish to have rest and they have certainly said that the most technical aspect has not been finished which is not that so and they are not at the site and that makes entire understanding of the problem clear.

I called those two staffs who surprisingly not to the site and I wait for one more hour and then showed them the entire technical processing and the probable understanding of how to run entire process smoothly without any delay and that exposes them and now I told them finish the work. I have not been ordered for any such inquiry into this as I do not wish to be entangled into them with these sorts of situations. I do not want to expose them as it should be treated to them as one of the first form of unofficial caution so that further they should not be dealing as such and that should be the single most point of pure assertion to understand the way we treat the work as it should be treated as the most sacrosanct part of ours understandings.

Most of times dealing with life as such as well as dealing with such rogue staffs one need to be at the hand of carot as well as stick in order to have the greater control over how to complete the work as such it should also provide the most significant part of understanding the processes of how the movement of work needs to be done and in these circumstances the importance of persons does not compound so much of here as such. It has been more searching as well as the single most amazing aspect for me to understand such the state of happenings out here where I do not fine any such immediate takers to such and such difficult parameters of enjoying the life other than work but still one need to be compassionate with this as with the long run there is no such thing as living the life as it is.

It is true that even due to this sort of these staffs my entire form of enjoying the weekend has been converted into the sort of zero but I reaffirmed and confirmed it to the finest possible understanding of widening the scope of movement of ideas where I do find plenty of stipulated understanding of how the movement of life comes to the forefront and the passages attending to it has become and slowly emerging into some sort of widest form of understanding to make it the most wonderful part of significant understanding of making it the most vibrant and the bejewelled work order of making it the most widely accepting ideas of turning it into the state of extreme greatness. It is true to say that even for their work on this Sunday, they should be getting holiday one working day but still the zeal to deal with life in terms of friends on the Sunday has made them to think in such way.

It is the slightest possible of understanding when we comes to make the headway for the most vital part of life whenever we tend to forget everything and move ahead towards the ultimate part of most wonderful takeaways of life where we could find the distinguishable aspect of movement of ideas where every possible make of break away from the real time and truth of life could possible have to suffer in large and vital numbers where every ideas diminished from its cell to move yourself into the most difficult part of understandings. In between we do find plenty of attachment and other parts but the duties to perform and reach to absolute essential should be single most prime importance factor and that should be the real motion and action that need to be recognised as the first instance and that should also provide the most proficient understanding the way we treat life to its absolute essential are the most imminent and the single most measurable factor that needs to be recognised.

In mean time after assigning the jobs to staffs, I decided to return from the site and slowly I move towards the main road but in between the private five kilometers road to the site has been full with many birds twittering and making noises as if there has been many sort of not so able to understand disturbances out there and they are enjoying their life as well as if they are at the middle of some sort of wonderful get-together in this Sunday time. It was the real representations of the presence of nature that makes the entire surroundings absorbing with deeper thoughts and full expression of mind at its complete and wonderful best to understand how the life should move on and ahead with the times without worrying about anything. It is in this manner as always the performance of understanding the situations through transactional analysis could be equally well understood.

I reached at the main highway, but it is only the name as the road is broken at som many places as well as there is no one person who is always been dealing with the sort of roads to adhere into traffic laws and regulations. In the mean time at the distance, I could see the upcoming and the generations of a large number of black smokes on the air and what that could have been as there is no idea what so ever but let us try to find it out. Slowly, moving towards that smoke on air and surprisingly in this not so traffic obliged route I could find that this time everyone is observing it and what should have been happened here must and this is the most difficult part of understanding but let us try to find it out. It is one of the most difficult parts is the entire process of normalcy in this route has been the not obliging to traffics but surprisingly that is not happening here.

From the distance, as I reached out there I could see the burning of one bus entirely and from the outer distance one full bus of police personnel dealing with law and order has reached and it is evident from the state of situation out there is that, there must have been accident by the bus as the state of presence of people in that locality is nearer to the state highway and it is of utmost important to run vehicle with due care in order to avoid any such accident out there. Perhaps on the down slope side the passenger bus must have uninterrupted drive into the nose and some locals might have been in front of it and that is the most saddest part of it but it is true.
Angry mob burnt the bus out there and when I reached some distance from it I found that the entire area is cordoned up with large mob and police so I better decided to left to the work as to reach quarter from there the only road is that and it is supposed that it should take more than two hours to clear the route obstruction out there. It is destined to work on Sunday this time as no one could erase it and for this I also returning to the site as there is no slightest form of weariness about it as I reached into nicer environment the prospect of moving into the stage of nature comes into extreme liveliest presence. This time I prefer to forget that it is Sundy and continue to finish the work at the site with a free mind and without worrying anything about impending holiday time ahead here.

The making up the mind comes to the beauty of thoughts when the entire sequence of events completely erased from out here and ultimately the presence of ideas that deals with life come forward and move ahead with stipulated understanding of the way we deal with life. Ultimately the truth dealing with life comes upfront that the destiny comes alive with each and every time we deal within sumptuous understanding to move ahead with some of most outstanding work standards of what should be the role of life ahead with it. It is the destiny that comes ahead and forward with it and that lies in future and stores with us which is not known to us from wildest form of imagination and it is us we should move with it as the work standard and the front of achievement that comes forward always stays with us as it is whether we like it or not but it continues to move ahead in this manner.

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