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When we talk about managing a consistent android device with latest installations of updates we tend to see various aspects of its improvements that relates with its consistence and continuous updates in terms of its operating systems as well as visibility aspects dealing with distributions of updates of its applications. Due to the specific nature and the marketing format of android we do find that continuous security updates and patches are nearly impossible due to the presence of large number of different original equipment manufacturers who have free hand in deciding the way they should customise android devices.

That creates more trouble for Google to release security patches and continuous android updates to hard wares manufacturers in uniform and singular manner. Due to open ended form of android customisations an android central server from updates from Google cannot be possible at all. Most of original equipment manufacturers tend to modify android system files to suit to their own differentiation properties to have a better and well managed android devices so that there could be much desired and most possibly the single most important factor of adding more and more features of android so that ultimately the efficient performance appraisal should always comes out clean and brighter side of android improvements could be easily seen by customers.

From all these aspects of understanding the movement and ideas and the marketing phenomena and fundamentals dealing with all sorts of android improvements and customisations we could sense the presence of wider array of fundamental attitudinal improvements where we could find that this is one of the most significant and widely accepted and popular ideas for improvements to see and manage the most vivid and most clear cut marketing ideas at its own best. It is one of the most widely accepted, marketing phenomenon to understand that most of these times we could find the single most attractive element where there is the presence of large number of such accumulative ideas in its most wonderful and considerate ways.

The differential factors that attracted customers to go for the same mobile operating systems to different original equipment manufacturers are the different looks as well as the advent of different add on features of different original equipment manufacturers. Now, from the competition of different mobile operating systems to reach the stage of competitions within a single operating system. Now, different hardware manufacturers are providing android improvements and with it comes much needed and desired android distributions. One should not ever forget about the strengths and weaknesses as with due course of time even from single original equipment manufacturers we could find presence of large number of different models comes with different versions of android operating systems and that too create the much desired competitive elements within operating system.

What android does make is to create a complete competition among every other different versions of operating systems and provide more and more comparative suggestive ideas to generate and create more and more important improvements in terms of visual aspects, security and other support. Generally we have seen some indigenous ventures in different countries have reduced the price of android devices and generate huge income but ultimately in the longer run it has been seen that due to use of lesser priced cheaper hard wares, and during its peak days people used to compare those phones with that of higher priced phones.

In the long run people able to understand the importance of good hardware and durability and stronger mobile usability and that creates the single most line of straight comparison between different android operating systems in terms of price factors. Android creates own competitions among different devices as well as produce one of the most outstanding aspects of straight competitions among each other to find the most well defined and refined permissibly competitive environments. This creates inner competitive environments and that makes android to grow and that reduces market share of other, mobile operating systems to completely at minuscule levels. Still there are many such difficulties for android as the core components can be updated with the proper mediation from original equipment manufacturers not from Google.

That is why even if Google wish to still there are so many hurdles for it to implement the present critical and security patches into android operating system. Google has been trying hard but still due to complete and continuous security updates it does provide a huge form of amplification of security essentials does implicate and provide greater security amplifications for different standards. Google on its own nexus devices provided more and more form of updates and regular updates to significantly improve performance of android devices. On the other hand, we have seen how other original equipment manufacturers could only provide and allow two or some more updates and that also create, another competitive environment within same android operating system.

What android does be to create more and more competitive spirits among its different versions of operating system? These forms of competitive spirits do create more and more stupendous competitive environment among each other. This not only creates ample competitions and stupendous performance improvements in later versions. In this manner we could find that with its own inner competitive environments, where we could find that more and more performance improvements as well as the free hand in devising at different operating systems does provide more and more stupendous ideas from different unique applications such as day dream, greenify does provide huge form of additional features which does include more and more additional updates to operating systems.

Due to vast umber of repository of applications inside Google Play Store we could find presence of large number of beautiful applications which introduces wonderful applications, which does provide additional features, such as wonderful battery saving application such as Greenify which can automatically, stops these applications from loading and removed the consumption of RAM and creates additional memory foot print for speeding up loading time of applications. Later on Android 6.0 Google incorporates this feature. Android works on the principle of complete internet and that creates more and more specimen ideas to develop the ideas were the enable of background data services all such applications which time and again contact with internet for checking of updates or exact locations.

Google Play Store does not work while back ground data services are enabled as well as in android 4 or later this can be enabled from background data services, and in android 5.00 and more this can be enabled when battery saver option is enabled then back ground data services, automatically enabled. So, with more and more updates we could find, inclusions of such and such popular features into android devices to enable it more and more performance oriented as well as to provide ease of doing performance improvements on android devices. Google continuously updates its several applications as well as it introduces many applications in order to ease of doing the day to day work standards for users. In this manner, we could find a high degree of improvement of android devices as well as we could find more and more performance improvements in terms of advent different standards into mobile operating systems.

Samsung in its Galaxy devices does provide association with Dropbox to provide real time cloud system even in offline times. In its Gallery application photos uploaded with Dropbox could be seen as well as photos uploaded to face book can be seen and downloaded within the Gallery application. In this manner, all these on line cloud applications can be seen in offline modes,and thus reduce the distance between online and offline cloud computing and in this manner every form of online files can be seen in offline files. Google replicates this, and introduces new avatar of Google Photos which can be moved to the SD card as well and it offers unlimited uploading of images and then reappears those files inside Google Photos. In this way from all these customisations comes out from original equipment manufacturers Google learns the trick and then introduces into android updates with newer and additional features so as to present one of the most outstanding and perfect operating system for users;

This is the beauty of android as we could see that Google constantly include major operating system improvements, such as inclusion of reducing distance of online and offline computing system as well as inclusion of day dream, inclusion of background data restriction into battery saving option and more and more option for complete improvements of operating system to enhance user’s experience. Being open source in its nature it provides freedom to users as well as provides freedom to original equipment manufacturer as well as it provides freedom to Google to incorporate such and such latest feature into operating system for improvement in customer experience so as to develop one of most outstanding use of mobile operating system.

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