Monthly Archives: November 2016

Nano seconds to measure rate of displacements of planetary distances to negate negativity arising out of varying velocity derivatives

For last ten days, I have been thinking about some of the innovative ways to see the world that should not be seen in the same way by others. Still thinking in detail about to perceive the believes to cross the threshold of the universe. There has been so many brilliant theories related to the […]

Beyond Android mobile operating system

When we talk about managing a consistent android device with latest installations of updates we tend to see various aspects of its improvements that relates with its consistence and continuous updates in terms of its operating systems as well as visibility aspects dealing with distributions of updates of its applications. Due to the specific nature […]

Black smokes

It is already the winter that comes to the doorsteps with its turbulent intensive work order where the movement of thought processes associated with it comes to the mind in rapid manner and does provide huge amplification of movement of ideas where within every possessive units we do find plenty of ideas as well as […]

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