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In the initial years of blogging, I supposedly continue for the sake of writing informations related to the fast development in the arena of websites and internet. In these times of slow internet, where the construction of sites is such so that even dial-up connectivity one could eventually open the website and gather informations around it. During those time unlike present times waiting for website loading times did not feel boring. When thinking about dial-up days verses the days of faster fourth generation of internet of volte I could feel that even in proportion to the present times as that of dial-up internet times the waiting period of downloading websites does not tale as much of time as the proportional thinking make us to enjoy the beauty of internet during those times.

During those days, just after completing management, the beauty of the internet even in those times it could be the one of slowest one still the experience of searching and using Google has been tremendous to say the least. At first the first impression with the world wide web is that the entire world of the internet is a wild arena where it is almost difficult to find the real information unless and until you known the name of the domain. In this sense, the importance attached to success of Google as a search engine has paramount importance for indexing out such sites to its absolute best.

It provides absolutely array of informations about specific search topics and a list of websites with bread crumbs navigations to users so as to provide them absolute choices of website to use so that important website should never ever be left out in this processes. In this way, many websites apart from that of those of renowned websites get the face lift and adequate representations and visibility and thus from the sense of visibilities comes forward the prime factor of the advertisement and for gathering informations from distributed contents networks. Here, we find the sense of monetisation of contents networks.

It is apparent that due to Google, visitors clicks on sites and many sites which have for so many long years does not have so much of visitors but suddenly due to indexing in Google for those sites slowly acquire many visitors. Then, Google introduced adsense its own monetisation options for bloggers and webmasters and slowly the importance of monetizing contents slowly takes the adequate center-pieces. Due to advanced indexing mechanisms and constantly being updated from time to time, Google able to provide top notch website I the front pages of specific search terms and that makes the most vital and important websites to go for complete visibilities and that means augmentations of revenues for website owners.

The proportional relationships of website visibilities in relations with visibilities of Google search engines goes on to show, that with due course of time we have witnesses that it is the same set up of rotational implementations of drawing out crowds to reach to yours sites and incur revenues from it. In this approach, slowly webmasters adhere to the set up of basic standards that has been declared by Google from time to time in order to stay in the course of white hat search engine optimisation techniques.

Slowly, we come about to learn about the new term known as search engine optimisation techniques which mainly related to prepare your website best for search engines. It begins with meta name, tagging, headline optimisation techniques, social networking sharing, sharing of pages of shared networks such as Google+, Facebook and so on.

Then, slowly integrating website to such pages and create the authorship of website which makes your website an ultimate brand in these circuits. This makes a huge impact as one retweet of links of your website goes on to reach so many of the people, and visibility aspects in such scenarios go on to show case how deeply your website moves and performs in this internet world. In the first instance it seems so much of complications but in actual all these informations slowly creates the face of your website to showcase the master class of your website in these domains.

With due course of time, we have seen the increase of speed of the internet from dial-up era towards the era of second, third and fourth generation of internet speed and that makes website owners to move towards the state of creating beautiful looking websites. Then, comes the notion of page speed of website and slowly all search engine giants love websites that have a lesser number of scripts and loads in faster speeds. Then, website owners implement Gzip compression which can compress an entire website and sends to the browser in shorter formats so as to present the users with faster website downloading at their disposal. In addition to this there are options for delivering contents through content delivery network which is the process of ending contents through the process of reverse engineering by caching content, and implementing all modern standards of reducing the server loading times comprehensively to produce one of smarter processing of server.

Most of search engines prefer websites that have been well optimised so that it should reduce downloading times of website to browser of visitors. Content delivery networks host much heavier files on their server and loads those files from different networks and most preferably from the networks that are nearer to visitor’s server. Servers of content delivery networks situated all over the world in precise locations. This means your site with content delivery networks is now spread all over the world. Its cached version is now everywhere. Due to spread of networks and continuos cached version of website everywhere around the world, when ever visitor reached on site, it sends files from the nearest locations of visitor so as to speed up website to maximum levels.

There are heavier chances that when some one nearer to the current visitor visits yours sites, then there could be high degree of probabilities that those files of website could be preached in that locality and it is the content delivery network that sends the same preached version of website with faster speed to current visitor.

Due to the presence of large number of distributed data centers with high-capacity infrastructures of content delivery networks the spreading of website to for outreach of the world becomes a reality. Most of these content delivery networks have built-in latest form of delivery mechanisms for css and javascript libraries and this makes running of these scripts within perimeters of website faster and creates a superior user’s experience. In this way, all these content delivery networks save essential and precious bandwidth and save money for users if they have dedicated or cloud server computing in their hosting part. It provides contents faster that your own hosting servers as their servers are distributed all over the world.

It is one of the best solutions for search engine optimisation as it provides web pages faster and smoother manners. There are many ways one could secure one’s website and save it from complete blacklisting from Google. Most of these checking are done to protect user’s computer from being infected. It is high time that webmaster should resort to such and such prescribed security in order to provide a safer internet world wide. For this another good instance is to user renowned third party server firewall like that of site lock, norton and so on. These third party server firewall checks all instances of traffic by rerouting entire website traffics and then recognise the real ones and the bots. Due to the advent of so many of internet bots most times these artificial bots tend to take over the bandwidth of website to a greater length. This has been great significance of running of website in faster speed and availability of website always and even during the times of high demand from visitors.

Apart from this, these third party server firewalls also offer a large degree of content delivery networks and scan website from time to time in order to see website from all such of internet worms as well as from sql injections. In order to have the most carefree web-administrator, then you should be moving into the stages of a complete installation of third party server firewalls as it scans website always and make it well protected. These third party server firewalls provide cloud based complete and continuous security for entire websites so that website always stays well protected from external hacker’s aggressions. Due to cloud connectivity solutions to websites everything is done through in real time to reduce the dangers emanating from the internet world without slight delay.

Due to stoppages of attacks from the server sides, your website stays always protected and its precious bandwidth remains as always well protected for real visitors. It considers website as web applications and continue to scan websites for real times for XSS exploits and SQL injections. SQL injections are dangerous from the perspective of website, s it empowers hackers to have prime possessions on a database of website basically the customer’s database which should provide dangers for leaking of privacy related informations of customers.

Sitelock verifies, business e-mail, your phone number and addresses so that customers can find the authenticity of informations while dealing and transacting from your website. Sitelock provides verification seal to visitors of website which can be considered as verifiable trust seal for visitors so that they should find the real and authenticity of verifiable informations out there. Both site lock and website back up solutions codeguard checks website file change monitoring continuosly and inform administrators about it whenever there is change of files that should be done without your notices. It has been seen that here has been many plugins in wordpress directories which can boost up security of wordpress. Most of these plugins do create the sense of security and precautions by stopping important open gateways of wordpress. These plugins do not prevent SQL injections and other XSS vulnerabilities as these plugins do not scan the effects of advanced vulnerabilities and internet bots. That is why it is important to keep data of yours website safe and secure so that ultimately, it should have been a safer place for visitors, Google and others to enable the most important part of understanding that when a visitor visits yours website, they should be presented with plenty of secure option for a nice website visit.

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