What are the symptoms of a haunted house?

The word haunted is closely associated with deeper unexplained phenomenon, where every logic fails to appear and every revelation is not backed by a perfect and clear cut premises related to the series of happenings of the turn of events. Still, despite not being proved so far we have not been able to forget these phenomena are wilder possible imagination. The word haunted deals with maximum possible implications that cannot be proved or justifies in wilder possible imagination where the self-explanatory anticipation of something true or false should not lead to any such wider and possible the real time impact on the most possible outbreak of thought processes.

The most difficult part of a haunted place is that the event is associated with the term and conditions related to invisibilities. It is perceived that most of the evils are invisible entities and come only appearances to persons who have said to have seen them in term of single appearances where no one other able to witness this event. All these prove to be the sense of great individualistic attainments were spotting of such haunted place restricted to the single person and that makes the entire series of events completely difficult to understand.

From the series of personal experiences of people, there are some set up trends that have been associated with each and every haunted experiences of people. First, I should be able to describe one such incident where I able to face it upfront and ultimately when I told colleagues about it, it has been clear that all of them have also seen this but no one has ever able to told to others. This is the sort of mixture of fear in addition with not ability to prove the existence of haunting experience that makes entire drive towards understanding the phenomenon of reaching to the point of no return and that ultimately provides the most difficult part of not able to explain the unexplained.

The moment our experiences such and such phenomenon we slowly find these difficult propositions and that creates the most undermine approach of not able to understand and experience the unexplained. Here is one such incident where, we do find more and more difficult part of understanding haunted experiences, where we do find that there is the trend in these sort of circumstances, where we do find that most of these forms of attractions towards knowing the unknown, reaching towards the point of no return of explaining the unknown.

During post graduation days, studying at one of most reputed university of my land, where, I able to find that the form of educational standards are really high and that makes me to believe me in myself and slowly able to understand the most passive form of acceptances of life is to find about the most outstanding achievement of garnering and accumulating more and more interesting form of knowledge gather where we do find completely attachments towards forming and partnering excellence in making entire gamut of decision making at easy.

That does not create the sense of utmost competence when the ghost encounter leads to nowhere to explain only to the present circumstance of not explaining anything far beyond and that should be the most inexcusable and unexplained phenomenon. It was a new posting to the far away place from where I was first posted to and that makes entire journey, very difficult and tiring at the first place and due to location at the far away place it has been the single most difficult part as most of comfortable part of journey that comes with either train or with flight does not have connectivity to that place.

The single most connectivity issues are related to the phenomena that deals with the roads and the entire journey took almost 16 hours due to the recovery time of the journey becomes almost double. The first half of the road is smoother and there has been many shops and small hamlets in between and the entire journey in the cool winter December time does not feel at all difficult. On the other hand, when we reach to the jungle and mountain arena during all these journey times, I have found due to presence of narrow road structures as well as difficult terrains of serpentine road movement ahead the speed of bus becomes slower and the journey in these spaces has become one of the most difficult part of movement due to no presence of human civilisations in long always routes out there.

Anywhere you look at would find the presence of trees, jungles and mountains and the only human civilisation in those places are that of we the people who are inside of that bus and the lights that has been there but due to night time it has been dimmed and the entire bus movement is slow as rabbit and it makes the feel that never ending journey towards my new joining places. After long 18 hours of journey, finally, we have been able to reach the new place. It is one of the good places and full of green environment and it is a small town which is far away from the dim and bustle of city civilisations.

I find this place extremely pleasing and pleasant as here the temperature is far below that what my native place has been as well as I do find plenty of in mind here. I reached the bus stand and the administrative office is just walking distance from there and the site should be 10 to 15 kilometers away from it. First for some days, I have to take the charge in administrative office so that afterwards the work at the sites should continue afterwards. I reached at the office and it was almost eight am in the morning and I knew there was the rest house at the third floor and it is intended for such executives who happen to reach here and then took time for finding the rented house there afterwards.

I showed my identity card as well as transfer order and then I reached at the rest house the top floor. It was Saturday and that Saturday happens to be the holiday time out there and followed by Sunday and this should provide me enough time to relax and take charge on Monday. I went into the rest suit which has been constructed entirely of the administrative block structure out there and it has big rooms and bigger bathrooms and one dining room and the entire area is fully air conditioned. I was almost totally exhausted, but I have to take some food and then I should sleep.

First I went into the bathroom which is spacious and nice cool water. Due to cool climate as that place was almost like a hill station for this throughout the year entire place is cooler and nicer. I took a bath and refreshed and then reach to living room and look at the outside, from their entire town has the clear cut and nicer look. The water drops from the bathroom taps slowly drops and that creates some peculiar sound out there. I noticed that the lights from bathroom fused. Whenever I begin the journey parents always advised me to take a pair of bulbs with me so that when ever the need arises I could replace those and this is just the perfect case for me now.

I replaced that bulb and then I went downstairs to market to purchase some foods as due to tiring state of journey I was feeling very tired, and wish to have some decent my way food as I am not sure after reaching here of about more than 18 hours of long journey I could find that possibly the taste of food could be different but I have to take it nevertheless so as to have decimate my hunger.

I reached there, and found the entire market structure to be smaller, but it is very compact out there. One breakfast shop looks good out here, there has been many people who are standing there and buying foods out there. This provides me the clue to reach out there as the natives are taking foods there and that should be the good place and I moved there and take food and reached at the rest house to take rest. I ate there as I took the food in packaging format and then I reached at the top floor which is a rest house and took the food and then went to the bathroom as the hand basin was located there.

I washed my hands and deliberately keep the bathroom light on so that even in the night I do not have to fear about it as most of the times in these places the most fear factor psychologically comes out from both rooms. I reached at the bed and decided to take the rest out there, and I sleep within a few seconds just to make me realise that I was almost tired and the entire journey of the bus makes me feel superlative tired out there. I slept for over eight hours and it is almost two am in the morning as I woke up and I searched for mobile phone to see the time out there. It was almost two am in the morning. I woke up and then open laptop to see what are the jobs that need to be done on Monday.

In the mean time I looked at the bathroom and to my utter surprise the light of the bathroom was fused again and that provides me deeper psychological apprehension for the first time out there. How come within shortest possible of time the lights inside of bathroom fused and the bulb that I used for the second time were of LED bulbs which do not fuse and that creates enough suspicion of something invisible out there. Slowly, I could feel cooler than what the air condition is making out there as well as the fear factor comes tripping to my mind.

I looked at the floor of the living room which is completely water a sort of sleep which has been surprising to me. The floor is water a kind of scary feeling emanating from it. So, far there is no signs of the haunted place but still something out there which is continuously keeping me the feeling of something and some where the presence of the invisible. In the mean time, there has been some tapping sound and most probably coming out from the loop top or might be nearer steps but it si confusing and for some seconds the sounds comes and go.

That feels terrible but it might be due to some other reason but the psychological parts make me think differently. On the other hand, it could have been the some other reason such as, there could have been powerful outrage inside area of bathroom so that every other bulb gets fused within specifies the period Similarly, it might have been the presence of extreme water in the climate that evaporates from the floor as the water could not surpass from the present state of enclosed environment where the air condition temperature is close to 16 and the outside climate is close to 12 and that should be impacting heavily and create the form of disproportionate proportions out here.

The tapping sound emanating from the steps side could have been from the cat or other small animals which normally moves during night time. For every such incidents there has been two sides of the story out here, but even I think so I so far education fails to provide me assured answer to these incidents.

It is still confusing as there is no answer to this and probably at some point of time we have seen that how science is confused with it. The point where the analytical point of action of science fails to provide any concrete answer we reach towards, the point of infinity where the answer to any such actions is not there at all. Where there are no explanations from science or where the science so far was failing to answer we do find the real confusing situations like these situations where the analytical minds of ours fail to reach any such conclusions or evidences. This goes on to show we should move beyond science to understand what it really does mean and find out the rationalities and the reasons behind this.

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