Theoretical Particle Physics

Let me assume that prior to the creation of the universe. There is hardly presence of energy to enable construction of the universe. Then, how come universe comes into existence. There should have been many chances of existence of some form of energy to the other within realms of the universe. In order, to begin the creation of the universe there needs the presence of three massive forms of absolute elements which should be identical in its elementary forms but still there is being differentiated through their consistent distinctive behavior. This goes on to show that even in times of extreme identical propositions there has been many changes in the creation of absolute presence of differentiation which clearly goes on to show that this form of behavioral presence of the universe is there to see and understand.

Here, we are considering these aspects of understanding the creation of universe in terms of reasoned consideration of physics and here we take this as that sort of assumption to understand and educate ourselves by considering different approach of creations of universe to reach out to different standard differentiation of reaching out to ultimate truth. Here, we consider that though at the initial stages the amount of integrations of elementary physics comes into the form of the statement that every matter is different and though how different their characteristics prove to be.

Due to presence of identical matter with different characteristics the force of attraction or affinity come upfront to create the form of attraction and repelling energy charges between two distinct particles. Perhaps due to such reasoned consideration of bond for and against between two presentable particles we could find the real dynamics of the existence of force of gravity which is there for ever. If we believe that such the state of reasoned consideration is there for all of us to view and enjoy. From these elements come upon two different forces of affinity and repelling charges. We can call them both the initialization of energy particles and from these existences of similar forces comes upon.

Due to fundamental laws of physics when one unit of affinity combines with another unit of repelling forces it comes about one single compounded units of affinity units which are generally called as force of gravitations. In my previous article I reactivated my constant negativity of finding and seeing the presence of such nature of force and how could we find that in the initial years of the creation of the universe there has been present in three identical particles. With the creation of the force of affinity, for now there are three forces combined into single units and all these forces stays in the form of equivalence.

It can be proved so if such state happens then it can be seen as the complete sustainable equilibrium of particles combining with each other to produce one of the most vital aspects of existential presence of all time. These charges of the particle can be well known if the force is applied to these particles and the real combining effects could be well known. All three particles are one with positive affinity energy and the other one with negative repelling energy and the third one with neutral energy combines to form the basis of absolute particles which construct each and every living beings.

Is their life of the universe and why cannot be the earth has its own life instead becoming the career of millions of life. It might be there are some definite and negativity aspects to it but subsequently it all reaches to the stages of absolute eternity where we should have been finding these sorts of informations management all at ours own perceived thinkings. In the previous article I have stressed upon the need to solve various levels mysteries surrounding with earth and when we slowly find the solutions about it than we could find many such incidents with plenty of constructivenesses to solve the mysteries of the universe.

If the universe is being constructed from the three elements or some say about big bang theories then how comes these do not have life. Can universal walk and talk like humans do so as can earth and other planets or our own sun walk and talk. Then, why should we know that there are signs of life into these celestial bodies. It could have been the presence of some other forms which might have some sort of similarity of life but with completely differential aspects and could it be the more fundamental and sophisticated approach to understand it in great detail. Now, we should be slightly more from this and discussion about all these aspects of three fundamentals form of particles which tend to stay at the stage of equilibrium.

The quantum of force is created to generate the state of eternity and when this stage is being attended by three differently powered but similar particles then the form of absolute equilibrium comes upon. The power of force is important here and when the stage of infinity or eternity is being touched upon slowly we could find that when such the state of force diminishes, it neither return to its original particles but instead move into inversely proportional to the distance of source it has been generated. When such state of quantum mechanics is in motion all three elementary particles comes into the complete stage of absolute constant and that creates the state of complete equilibrium. In the universe, there are countless forms of such elementary particles which are combined into one and that makes the entire universe.

When we think of moving across entire universe, which supposedly constructed upon large number of such trinity particles and for this it is important to understand how to cross these distance and how to cross the eternity barriers of distance which we called as light years should be crossed within seconds by overcoming the power in inversely proportional ways to achieve this. That is why we have to create such space shuttle which should have its own set up of equilibrium and should have similar to that the stage of trinity particles which are being created by the formation of the entire universe. Only then, such humorous distance can be defeated. So far we have not been able to create such element of a space shuttle that is being made upon positivity, negativity and neutrality elements at the same place. As far as we know this is almost similar to the impossibility of creating one vehicle which should run with petrol and then should not run with it and then should not use any such petroleum products at all.

We have seen such presence of such contrasting elements in the form and factors of nanotubes and its related elements. We have to construct such elements instead of going out of thinking of creating the form and existential presence of such space shuttle in understanding what constitutes the quantum mechanics of physics in reaching towards self controllable and manageable elements.

Can it be possible, so far it has been seen that scientists feel that even for creation of one unit of cell of nanoparticles does take huge time and resources? For the creation of space shuttle millions numbers of nanoparticles are the need of the hour. In order to conquer universal, we have to move beyond materialistic thought processes and march forward towards prime ambitions of understanding what makes the entire process to think in such way and what makes the universe and that should solve the question in the right spirit.

These three particles have shown the tendencies of perfection of equilibrium which amounts to the perfection of correlation among each other to generate and find out elementary particles to form neutrons and protons. It forms the core of an atomic nucleus. The force of attraction between neutrons and protons lead to affinity forces which is popularly called as gravitational force which comes upon the tendencies of affinity and similar particles which have different characteristics and the bond is created to the form of complete eternity where the packets of energies supplied and maintained are in the form of quantum level of energy created.

These forces of attractions between elements lead to the creation of photons, which are a particle as well as antiparticle and have all the powers to mediate and create the forms of equilibrium between particles in general. Due to this very unusual behavior of photons which attract both elementary particles to stay in the stage of complete equilibrium. Due to absolute and peculiar behaviour of protons we tend to find the creations of magnetic forces which first constrict to bind the elements and create the forms of eternity in such stages of absolute equilibrium. Both attraction and affinity components to combine and create photons to generate the absolute power to illumination, vision and heat.

The existence of such repelling components, which attract the affinity forces and produce the much desired bondings to create the physical entities. Due to presence of repelling components the momentary presence of such physical entities comes into existence as the result of opposing force in existence. All these are fundamental concepts to understand and find out more informative elements so as to look at universal in different angles. Still, the force to see and find something other than what we generally think and perceive could force our way to see and find more and more situational advantages to understand what could lead us to understand the mysteries surrounding in nature in greater detail.

We have not still some concrete formative ideas of how and in which manners the entire formations of earth are created and there are many such levels of estimation of processes we tend to think in such manner which could have been mostly the different and out of world thought processes to begin. We have to think in terms of negativity to understand the most positive aspects by removing all such doubtful forms which could move our way in wrong ways of collecting and thinking in terms of physical proposition. There is another way to look at this world. We are living inside of earth as mostly we could find that it is constructed upon, rocks, waters etc. ad we should think most of these spaces of universe should have similar antecedents as well as the general perception and thinking parameters could have been when we ride on a bus or drive the car should we think that from which elements all these are constructed upon and how such tend to run.

For the first instance of thinking can ours earth be the soul of universal and can it be the single momentary process where we could see and understand by completely extrapolating ourselves towards the universe. Find out each and every concrete elements of thoughts and move towards different directions. In such circumstances, we should think that every form of theories and school of thoughts are correct and of their complete process towards absolute truths should be taken out in real terms. We have to find the real truths behind all this. We have to consider and find out that the gravitational force is not an illusion.

We have been seeing this for time immemorial the falling objects. We know about it and for solving each and every mysteries we do not get to start from the beginning. We could have found the real meanings and its attached implications and should be well understandable for all of us to understand and find out the most vital aspects of learning and that should present us the most vibrant way of understanding the world in real time.

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