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The road towards the nearby townships seems to be at the stretch of never ending route. The entire route is filled with solitary driver as no other vehicle not passing or behind it. It was afternoon of spring. Surprisingly entire sky is filled with plenty of clouds moving here and there in random manners. Most of these clouds are black and it does seem to convey that somewhere nearer this time there could have been the greater possibilities of rain out there. So for rain is not there but the winds are now cooler. He stops air condition and opens the windows in order to have cooler air inside. The cooling wind coupled with the mega boosters sound that has been coming out from the wind has been the sense of terrific fear out there.

The movement of the car seems to be slowing down due to the visibility factor and the speed of wind out there. It seems from the distance as if clouds are touching grounds out there and the processes of movement of air have been tremendous out there. Entire road is running in a straight line manner and there is no trace of any such civilisation for more thirty kilometers and the movement of vehicles seems to be running in the vertical line as the stretch of road is straighter out from there. He is enjoying the driving as the advent of cool winds and brilliant climate is slowly making the entire journey one of the most beautiful one.

Still 50 kilometers to go from there. As the stretchable roads are running in a symmetrical manner and there has been no signs of that road which ultimately reach the hill town. He wishes to stay there for five days to go back to better health. In the mean time, at one side of road, probably at the right hand side it seems one beautiful river running parallel to road and that makes entire journey one of the most enjoyable one and slowly at some point of time he stops the car to go nearer to river to see it closely and take some screen shot of the river and in thinking exactly this way, he stops the car and then park just under the tree nearby and then slowly moves towards the river.

It is one of the most beautiful visionary presence while seeing the river flow and due to hilly areas, its water is cool. He stays there for some time and then slowly moves towards his car and after taking some nice images of the river and then move back and drive again. He decides to switch on the media player as it seems to be feeling of staying all by himself in this lonely land out there. Slowly, he feels nice and good and then drive at the constant speed out there. Slowly, after some time there are traces of slow rain and then it seems that within some time the speed of precipitations could be on a higher note but still the speed of rain is okay so far for him to drive the vehicle.

He wished to reach towards some sort of stopover, so that he could retrieve from this umpteenth form of expected rain which could come at any point in time. In the mean time, while driving and looking constantly towards straighter line he could see the trace of something from a very long distance. Light has been fading to a considerable extent, and slowly the extent of visibility seems to be clearer from that distance as some person should be standing out there but still it is not confirmed but the car moves into that direction to know exactly about it.

In this land of extreme loneliness where for over 40 kilometers there has been no signs of people and animal. Where only the living entities are that of trees and river and from where the person is visible, it makes him equally confusing to think at the first site. One should always feel relaxed on seeing humans at this solitary place but the sudden appearance of a person and without any reasoning makes entire appearance doubtful. He moves in normal speed but keep the vigil on that living being which he is slowly approaching and the exact manner and the real reasoning behind this seems to be showing some sort of extreme confusion but as humans one need to move out from all of these to understand what is the sole basis of this.

At last he reached his destination. It was a lady or probably girl who was standing just under the tree nearby to the tree. During that time the pace of rain also on the rise and he becomes confused whether to stop out there and help her which seems that the lady is requesting to or he should move out of there. Another form of questions whether she is the cheater and might be some other attackers hiding nearby to attack him and loot the car or is the lady is not the human and there are many questions overriding to his thoughts and continue to provide different answers to this but still not reaching to exact conclusion. In the process of confusing and so many such large number of questions he just not able to reach towards exact conclusions.

At some point of time entire processes within his mind just not seem to work at any point of time and he continues to be in the state of nothing where the probable decision making seems to be not moving towards exact ideas. Then, the car moves closer towards that lady who is stopping at the side of the road and now it is almost clearer the lady wants help. Suddenly, after all such permutations and combinations so far which is not working now, after seeing her and then, an suddenly all of a sudden he stops the car and then wait for few moments but in the meant time it seems that his mind does not participate in this decision making process of stopping the car all of a sudden.

Slowly, the lady walks out and asks for help to reach her to the nearby town. He acceded but still then he minds not working but he continues to do exactly the opposite of it. He now opened the front door of car and she sat beside her and smilingly told him thanks for this. He drives the car and in between the question of sudden appearances just coming into his mind to ask her as how come she reaches to this solitary place all of a sudden? He could not generate the extreme courages that should have been the need of hour for him at this juncture but still he wishes to ask that question to her again so that ultimately he could find the real meanings behind this and that should make the entire thought of understanding entire processes in clear cut manner.

After sometime, that lady talks to him and calls to him by his name and that make sudden sense of astonishment coupled with a greater sense of confusion where even there is stronger gap of reasoning from the exact course of events. How she know his name and before he asked after recovering from these jolts after jolts, the lady said I know yours name and I am waiting for you as I know you should be reaching here and that is why even such terrain land and even at this presence of so much solitary environment I know you should be reaching here and that is I was waiting for you there for you. He was surprised at getting this answer and then he asked her but he doe not know about her and how could she know about him?

She smiles back at this question. It is almost difficult to understand what she is intended to say as well as difficult to summarise all of these as the way she speaks and the way the realities are there has been so much of gaps in understanding the reasoning processes which is almost difficult to gasp for him but he continues to drive and trying to remember her whether at any point of time he met with her or not. She smiles again and behaving to him as if she knows him for many years and within time intervals she used to told him about him and all of the incidents she told about him only knowns to him and his better half and all these seems to provide enough form of surprise to him and still this point not able to get the exact point from here but still the process of entire communications and its form and factors of understanding it still moves into the stages of complete insurance for him.

She then continued with her talk that for over several years she has been waiting for him so that they should start their journey for the final destination. After hearing the name of the world final destination he just jumps upon his driving seat what is that, as he said he could understand what she intended to speak about it. Finally, he stops the car and asked her it is true that what she is telling still now about him all that are correct but how could she has been waiting for him for many years and how could he does not know anything about him so far and all these seems to be providing more and more generic and difficult questions which are almost difficult to answer. She smiles back and asked him the question does you know why so far driving for so many distances still there is no signs of civilisation?

He surprisingly looked at her and she told him that it is the road to final destination that has been forging ahead and for this the straight road is there and it is the another destination which I come first and waiting for you for almost four years. He again becomes confused and she continues with a smile that, why there is not another vehicle and why you have been moving into this road without any traffic? Remember while moving into an office at the ghat road and at the sudden deep yours vehicles stops control of yours and fall into a dungeon at the side of that road and then you come to this route where the final destination starts. Surprisingly, your better half as you know just left you few years back due to illness and still waiting for you in this solitary place and as you reach now the second journey begins.

I have been waiting for you for numerous years in this solitary land so that you should not be feeling alone when you reach here and ultimately the processes of understanding and the movement of loneliness should hurt you and that is why even in this solitary place, I was waiting for you so that you should not feel alone, and now it is time we move to another world. He begins to remember how his car slips and falls deep into dungeons and it is the matter of time he understands about his state of liveliness. That is the source of strength of you and as I never ever left you alone but I was deeply sad when the deadly disease separate me from you but still I was waiting for you in this final destination for you so that we should be together in this new world. Slowly, he able to remember what had happened and now the pain of mortal combat slowly recedes to see his better half in the solitary journey towards the final destination. She holds her hands and then they both moved towards the outer world probably to the destination no one knows in living. Now, he moved to the stage where the writing and sharing of experiences could not be done in a completely separate destination.

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