Summer bliss at Kasauli

Everywhere you look at the presence of magical and beautiful hill station Kasauli comes forward with the point where seemingly it present the perception precept of divulging of unplugging of nature all at its mightiest best to present the mammoth beauty of nature within realms of impressive place where all forms of magical representation of nature comes to the halt within the glimpses of eyes where the visitors does seemingly confounded with the presence of paradise everywhere the eyes meets. The fragmented landscapes at different levels presents the myths of excellence within realms of ambit of nature where everywhere you go present with bejeweled green pine forests and flower bedecked paths waiting for you as if to present you with one of most anticipated and brilliant welcomes of people out there.

Bejeweled green pine forests coupled with bedecked flower path welcomes you:

The name of this beautiful place is Kasauli, situated at Himachal Pradesh, the northern state of India. It is situated amidst Shivaliks at 6,400 feet above sea-level. It is 77 kilometers by road from the capital city of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla. While moving by road on the different sides of it you could sense the presence of the bungalows of a bygone era where you feel as if you are some of the far western countries. While moving into roads from Ambala through Dharamput via Panchkula and Pinjore and finally road to Kasauli one could find the presence of large number of chestnut trees on both sides of roads presence with extreme beauty as if everywhere is silent and nature only speaks during the journey.

Most of these chestnut trees are added chestnut trees and appearing to be there for ages and the silence within the journey makes your mind and brain to work in coherent and peaceful manners while moving to Kasauli. Only the sweet chattering of birds from these chestnut trees could be heard and apart from this not a single sound here and there and the process of peaceful and divine comes into the mind all at once while nearing to Kasauli. The air of this place has something dealing with the medicines of providing the best in you and rediscover your own strengths and exercise your mind for perfection. You should not run iota of distractions while staying this place.

The signs of peace and tranquility are there everywhere at Kasauli and you should find the presence of such wherever you come to this place. Just reach this place and take a rest and take advantage of the beauty of nature and its surroundings and move here and there to find the perfection of definition of peace and enjoy immediate surroundings out there. Move into the surrounding hills and other places out there and take advantage of the cool breeze and a wonderful presentation of nature so as to find yourself better in those places. Relaxing walk in and out those places to provide you with some of the most outstanding form of exercise and in between you could see the beautiful faces of nature and enjoy this place for extreme tranquility out there.

Sparkled views of Sutlej River in the serpentine movement within forested hills:

While moving here and there do search for ‘views’ places where at different points you could find those and could enjoy those places without a doubt of the complete views of Himalayan ranges and stays there for some moments and then move into yours form of brisk walks out there. You should see the Himalayan peaks from the distance and could enjoy its surroundings and find the peacefulness from there. Monkey point is a nice place to enjoy the views of Himalaya and if you are young and could ride into stiff small mountain then you should move into, temple which is a four kilometers ride and the road into it is difficult but after reaching that small valley you should enjoy that place where the views of Himalayas are more beautiful that the stationed ‘views’ places.

When you move deep into this vantage point within the realms of forested hills and deep ravines of this place you should reach at a place called Dagshai. It is a sleepy town and you should enjoy this place and preferably move that place in a sunny day to see the dazzling views of the Sutlej River in the remote distance. From the distance in a sunny day you could be a perception of the silver lines within deep ravines of forested hills. The distance from this place the perfection views of the Dhauladhar Range and Chur Chandini Peak cladding nicely with snow cap to have the most gorgeous look out there. From there, you should see the large presence of virgin woodlands where the presence of greenery all over creates the most stupendous presentations of wonderful serenity with peaceful medication.

You could see huge number of hummingbirds, flycatchers, minuets and magpies. It is a tremendous place for the bird watcher and the people who have an interest in study and observations of life of birds. If you look down into these virgin woodlands within these undergrowth areas, there could have come to presence of some deer dancing into the these extreme green environments. Always go with some degree of protection as the locals and townsfolk can warn you the presence of leopards at some point of places so always take adequate safeguards, while roaming into these fantastic environments.

In to the sleepy town of Dagshai with picturesque environments:

Dagshai situated 16 kilometers from Kasauli. It is a serene place. Due to lack of roads and move to this place through deep ravines and forested hills only few of travelers able to reach that place. Peaceful rivers into this place as the result of the advent of fewer travelers out there. Plenty of oak trees you should meet while moving into the ravines on the way to Dagshai from Kasauli. At some places while moving into these arenas you should meet flocks of animals moving in groups and they suddenly stops at some points of Sutlej river to drink water and then move again, provides one of most awesome and wonderful place to see and enjoy the nature at its best.

Bun-samosas of Kasauli is one of the most innovative food products I found here. For vegetarian lovers in between at different places of Kasauli one could find a database which provides tandoor rotis and dal with butter. Barely two kilometers after Kasauli, one could reach into this downtown of Dharampur were plenty of such database with the same kind of vegetarian foods are expected to be available. On the approach of national highway 22, the famous Giani’s Dhaba for fantastic non-vegetarian foods. It is a famous dhaba and travelers of this national highways as well as those who reach Kasauli. Daily needs store in the main bazaar of Kasauli provides you all these essential ingredients. That should be here with you when you travel across these forested ravines and woodlands.

It is important to keep essential foods, waters and dry fruits while walking in these environments. Owing to the lesser amount of oxygen presence out there, one need to take good food without any spices as well as plenty of water in order to manage lesser forms of oxygens.

Kasauli is a wonderful hill station. Nearest airport is Chandigarh which is 67 kilometers from here. Kalka is the nearest rail point which is 42 kilometers from here and it should perform one hour train journey. By road one start from Delhi to Ambala and then reach to Kasauli via Zirakpur, Panchkula, Pinjore, Parwanoo, Zirakpur, Panchkula, Pinjore, Parwanoo and Dharampur bypassing Chandigarh. Here, turn left and then the hill road towards Kasauli starts out from there. The road is narrow road end and you should move carefully while driving in these hill roads.

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