Artificial intelligence and the problem of programming creativity

Brain of a human mind is a set up of complex structure where the passages of thoughts, spoken words and different senses come into light due to several simultaneous states of structures built into it. The human brain is the compositor of a multiple number of knowledges and reasonings which comes into light into different parameters where storages of each and every processes are well guarded and renewed from time to time. It is important for scientists to learn about these super flow of thoughts that appeared from here and provide awesome ways to manage and create the entire processes dealing with the creation of artificial intelligence or artificial brain.

With the observation of processes that constitutes the entire mammoth movement of brain with respect to different simultaneous and dynamic situations creates the sense of advent of understandings what are the inclusive points and attached phenomenon in making and creating the entire processes of thinkings that can be replicated within perimeters of artificial creation of entire brain so that they could create similar thinking parameters within their thought processes.

Human brain has both intelligence and the attached creativity that separate it from the whole of other living beings those who stay in our wonderful planet. So far it has been so much difficulty to include the processes of thinking with creativity. Humans are created with creativity. When a new born child comes to this world, slowly watching closely development processes we could find the inherent senses and the pertinent understandings of development of creativity from time to time. Creativity is the constant and dynamic processes of the ability to think about something that has not been there and creates the spurt of suprises within these thinkings parameters. This is why we could find the complete separation of mind of humans from animals.

Due to these processes of constant creativity, we could find several instances of presentations amazing forms of creativity where with due course of times we could separate the viewing specimens of similar instances which we could think of it as that from animals. Think about one situation when we see one event and our own thinkings and processes are not the same as that of the thinking parameters of animals. This is inborn quality and in order to recreate such qualities within artificial entities for the creation of artificial intelligence we still need plenty of such observations and knowing out of entire process of how ours brain works and how these performs so as to find out the exact form of creation of artificial intelligence.

Understanding different characters of brains in dealing with different attached environment and processes makes scientists to understand better how the brain works and in which ways these can be replicated in creation of artificial intelligence within the realms of artificial creation of brains that should be installed within robots. If we could reconsider how the brain works than we could understand that our brain is more powerful that a super computer. It works even when we sleep and so does it continue to provide the highest bit of balancing informations when we move into the direction of understandings its functionalisms and its attributes to make it a better place. It is true the word creativity is a difficult term to understand and it has different connotations within different people and it continues to provide confusion and argument within humans to learn about it.

If we could reconsider the aspect of what constitutes art then we could understand more clearly that some consider it as the form of creativity and some not and this is what the processes of human understandings moves into and makes entire movement of ideas to reconsider and processes the entire path of ideas to create the most vital and most prudent understandings of what makes entire form of creativity. While dealing with such the state of complete arguments and limits to it that is why how such the state of artificial intelligence entities could understand and find out what makes it a better place to understand the continuos environments of constant change and the process of making it the most vital aspect of creativity that enables the understanding in such the state of faster existences.

Some say creativity is the inner ideas and functions to understand and create the space of absolute creativeness so that ultimately the entire process of thought movements and its attached environments should surprise and create the added values to society. Even electric iron is in the form of creativity. There must be ideas attached to it while creations to crease the clothes and makes it perfect for outings. When we look around we could find the plenty of instances of creativity that is serving us and adding values to us and provide us constant source of suprises and attentions to us to enable us to understand the movements of world in a better and well organised way.

Poems are a form of creativity. Middle Age famous Odia poet, Upendra Bhanja wrote many poems of high reputation. Even a single verse could provide many meanings and this is the form of creativity where every other scholar from these verse could define in a different way. He used the semantics and words in his poems with complete effort so as to provide multiple levels of meanings from a single source of verses. In simpler terms, creativity in simple manner provides different meanings to different persons. That is why the term creativity has always been difficult to understand as it can provide different levels of meanings to different persons and there comes out the multiple level of arguments and different proportions of meaning to understand it and to analyse it.

This is where scientists have faced so much level of confusions and difficulties to understand how such the process of arguments even is no such instances could be created within artificial brains of humans and it slowly making difficult for them to analyse how could from one single instances of understanding and event we could analyses different and dynamic meanings from it and that is why creations of artificial intelligence has always been the most difficult part of creation for them as how could robot with such configurations think of it and how could understand entire process dealings with chalking out of dynamic meanings to single instances of creativities.

Due to the advent and addition of the power of creativity within the minds of humans that creates the differences from the human brain to that of animals. When, we consider such aspect of thinkings we could understand and find out that all these forms of processes of thinkings makes us to understand that due to this form of differentiation in the form of creativity we could find that the origin of processes of power of brain of humans has been huge to be considered in the first sense. From all these instances of reading so far we could understand that creativity is such a large and complex issue that simply observing it from the distance and knowing it from that manner could not make us understand in a clear cut manner. It is the processes of processes and suddenly entire thinking parameters come to a halt and go into different and opposite thought processes make us to think in different manners. It creates the utter sense of confusions among us while dealing with understanding and the entire processes of movement of ideas makes us to think in indifferent ways and then how could we carry such the level of understandings and preparedness to recreate it in the manner of form and factor of artificial intelligence is the most difficult part to understand and recreate it from the beginning.

Steve Jobs from Apple Inc, redefines investing option on the famous use of electrical instruments and creates and recreates different objects which do provide a greater degree of acceptances from the masses due to the new form of additions of creativity. The touch phone which has now been seen everywhere no doubt created and the dream of his and it makes the use of phone nearer to that of computer where the form and factors of entire processes of ubiquitous computing has always been challenged but here the creation of absolute creativity accepted by people justifies the deepened and the most perfection presentations of ideas of creativity all at its absolute current existences.

Creativity is the ability to find out the different form of use by creating the presentable and usable products for the masses in general so as to enable them to understand how such tendencies of processes dealing with creativity makes them to move towards the absolute performance phenomenon towards achieving and enabling better guarded performance improvement for the people in general. Whenever we think and see of some modern artificial intelligence entities sans the ability to understand the processes of creativity does not provide any such absolute form of understandings that without the ability for creation of creativity one could not recreate the entire form of creativity instances without any difficulties.

This is where we do find plenty of difficulties in configuring and observing the processes of programming creativity where the ability to understand language makes us difficult to manage as so far we have not been able to understand it in clear cut manner and entire processes of finding the way for the complete creation of programming creativity so far move us to the stage of absolute null instances but the search for creation of such creativity still continues unabated and without any disturbances. So far we have accepted the notion that creativity is the inner ability of brain to recreate into the already established path of understandings, in completely different manners then how can we incorporate all these attributes related with the forms and constituents of creativity into the machines in the forms of artificial intelligence.

So far we do know that the entire processes of programming are the processes attached with creating the set up coding infrastructure and artificial entities with the help of such coding circuit comes ahead with the same set up understanding of programming principles and the commands from it. When a set up instructions laid down by humans and most probably due to the different ways of thinkings into same set up instances and that does not guarantee to go in the similar way as that of already established coding infrastructure of artificial intelligence of artificial entities?

How could find the maximum levels of and maximum variants of set up coding standards where we should not able to understand the entire processes attached with the form and factors of movement of ideas and how could such level of processes of artificial intelligence could gather and find all these informations about. How could such level of programming that even machines with artificial intelligence systems could think in another manner where even the territory of humans has never ever reached there before.

Most of these programmings are task-oriented and there has been the set up tasks assigned into these programs before and they continue to understand and agree to different set up standards of understandings of the entire processes of human understandings to make then go in the manner they are intended with. How could we program the machines to think out of the box and think in such manner that has not been inside of the machine itself and how could such programming parameters do make us understand and provide the realms of movement of ideas to categorise and formulate attached determination of processes of understandings that has enable us to provide the more attached form of understandings that has enabled us to make us reconsider the processes of understandings in complete senses.

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