Monthly Archives: October 2016

Creating sentient machines with ‘deep learning’ artificial intelligence technology

Oh, what a coincidence, you must be asking what is happening to the entire process of artificial intelligence. Is not it going into the weird way of thought processes were even thinking of matters seems to be going towards the phases of antibodies? It might be the creation of an artificial intelligence system that should […]

Pine log homes

Perks surroundings impacted heavily on immediate atmosphere to a greater extent. The tranquility all over has been of tremendous impact where we do find tremendous possibilities of thinking positivity all over out here. The stupendous sky is clear as crystal and the surrounding mountains has been the best ever beauties that has been confronted to […]

Portrait of soul

When we do we think of existential presence of haunted places of haunted significance the single most aspect that comes into our mind is that of the fear psychosis associated with these places in enormous manners. We tend to talk about these as well as tend to think about it and discuss it in great […]

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