Politics of strategic decision making in high-velocity environments

Many feel and claim that the process of administration has always been a difficult subject. There is no hard and fast rule to this and also it is unique and it appears differently under different circumstances. This means that no one could easily think of applying some sort of easier access as well as formulae to attend and find out the real meanings attached with it. In the management lessons, there are many related subjects which elaborates and corroborates different managerial decision making but in realities and true circumstances we could not find the real attachments with it. This is the real test for executives at managerial positions where they tend to face unpredictable situations where the advent of unexpected situations surely make the entire thought processes moving into completely different directions.

Every decision making within the highest echelons of management is completely different and it does provide different aspects to understand and manage how the mind and brain works in such situations. No bookish knowledge and in various situations prior experiences count as much as we think of it. It is that sort of processes which ultimately the top manager needs to think of it and utilize in their highest capacity. This sort of tough situations makes the strongest leader under these testing circumstances. Sometimes when there is the situation like a curfew in the city where the main business of companies is functioning we tend to think that in these circumstances the main worries of the top leadership are to think about how many losses they are currently experiencing.

Some other top managers think completely differently. Then perceive that it is the safety of their staffs is paramount in nature and that is why they declared holidays till the situations become absolutely normal.In this way, even after suffering losses due to disturbing situations in cities but the manager gets good support from staffs. Due to high risk of internal satisfaction index of staffs, the productivity levels of staffs go on high and thus provide huge amplifications of benefits in the middle term. In these trying circumstances, the concerned manager will have to take decisions whether to compel staffs to come to office even during the time of distress in the city or whether to provide them holidays so that whenever they return back to office the constant rise of productivity that levels the losses in the long run.

When, central government announced that there will be digital India and the primary focus should be on creating broad band connectivity which should provide super fast internet to users. On the contrary, we do find that during this announcement many oppose this and many perceive that this could not be achieved in the long run. Now, it is reality that fourth generations of internet offerings are lesser cost than the second generation of internet offerings. It happens due to favorable pricing factors as well as well supported by valuable and appreciable policies of central government. It is the form and factor of well defined policies that create the sense of safety of making business in India. It is the removal of corruption that makes the entire business set up to work in a coherent and dynamic manner so that the ultimate gain to be with the hands of common people.

Due to end of all sorts of corrupt practices, advent of complete transparency comes about. In this manner, entire forms and factors of all sorts of ideas from generation come with stipulated admission of understandings, that extra sort of pressures are now not there as the entire corrupt practices go away with it. Due to complete removal of corrupt practices, so as the related redtapism slowly removing from the entire system. Slowly, business does not have to wait forever for their completion as well as similarly. Customer also gets their favorite products at good prices. All these are measurement of good governances where not only the policy making creates differential proportions but also similarly the presence of right perception helps business to grow to multiple level of identities. All these decisions especially on policy matters does take by the central government and with it comes the flow of ideas to attend the strongest point of reaching towards a wider array of business environments.

Many a times many top political leaders always move towards the form of aggression while taking decisions. This is not to be. When you are dealing with masses as well as stands in the front of many persons. It is the form factors of showing extreme coolness that can have plenty of definite impressions on the masses. In order to have a lasting impression we need to have stronger as well as mightier forms of charismatic personality, which can be self-made and can represent the formal presentations of ideas that can be looked upon while watching the traits of personalities. May mangers does think of it and there are various classes of thought managers who definitely know their positive restrictive brain so that ultimately they comes out in the open with wider form of understanding of how to deal with differential varying circumstances without any forms of calculative identities.

In every form of decision making we do need some form or the other of the leadership qualities that should provide enough assistance to understand how the entire perspective to life slowly moving towards the right connotations of taking decisions at the right perspective. Decisions should be such that it should have enough, positive perceptions as well as refinement to understand the way one finds the majority of definitive resolutions and decisions should also nearly answer all sorts of queries initiated by people out there. If one decision slowly solves all sorts of responses to the question then it goes to provide the notion of complete and perfection impressment of towards reaching in the right direction. All such decision making processes makes entire life and its concerned thought processes in the right manner so that ultimately when we reach for it and find that everything is perfect then the entire source of knowledge and its corresponding processes takes the upper hand.

Managerial decision making processes are a complex subject. There is no hard and fast rule about this. Every situation is different and every person as managerial capacity is also different. The staffs in every organization are different as well as the customers who should be affected in terms of positively as well as negatively are different while taking decisions. It is like playing the game of chess or like a batsman at the crease in cricket and being encircled by nine fielders and the entire stadium is full of home audiences with plenty of expectations. Here, we could say that batsman is the decision maker and with the strongest possible decisions he can make or break the match and similar comparisons. High end managers are the sole savior of organisations and their strongest decisions could save or break the organisations. It not only affects you but also yours staffs as well as entire loyal customers, that is why decision makers need to be super smart and should have all sorts of available current knowledge and trends so that ultimately the process of decision making should also provide enough forms of assistances to them from all these corresponding circumstances.

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