Niche Marketing Strategies

Talking about expanding from the current source of related sources where the presence of contemporary market exists, there comes the additional forms of exclusive actions to search for some niche findings where we could move towards achieving the more performances and outputs through the initiation of niche marketing that has never ever been there in the initial stages of marketing. Sometimes, it is easier said than done that we have to find as such but the real marketing geniuses lies in inhibiting and incorporating such actions and turning them into some real processes where the performances and its corresponding results or outputs should always point to the stage of absolute certain where for every action there should  be the most possible forms of explanatory elements to find out the real zinc performances in the long term of marketing existences.

Niche marketing is a matter of creating such channels in the current marketing segmentations where the performance wise the performances out put should always provide the real time discoveries of mass amalgamation of output standards in its most perfected manner. In the recent times, the rise of reliance Jio internet has been tremendous as we have found the performance wise as well as the user base has been on the rise with the days to come. Now, its welcome offer is upto last date of this year and this means people who are using this Jio can use 4 GB of faster internet everyday without any limitations and this means this has been the most tremendous sought out methods which we have seen in the war of spectrums and smart phone markets.

In this cutthroat competitive environments where with increase of internet speed we have seen augmentation of price ranges and this creates the more apathies for customers but with the advent of Jio internet we have seen the speed of internet is on the rise and on the same time the price of high speed internet of fourth generation of speed at the volte speed where streaming of videos, video conferencing, video calls are slowly becoming a realities. That is why the advent of Jio seems to be one of path-breaking steps towards creating every aspects of use of internet and completely move towards extremely digitalisation of entire concepts and this make one of most sought after and performance boost where the real time of every digital data seems to be at the stage of extreme realities.

It is the price matters the most. We have seen the emergence of Vodafone with the advent of second generation of internet and its speed was good but with the advent of third generation of internet the speed of 2G internet seems to be on slower side and that must have disappointed existing customers in full lengths. Airtel 3G is good at speed but on the price front it has on its higher side and that must have disappointed most customers in its fullest capacity. With the advent of Jio we have seen the faster internet as well as it is estimated to be on the price front the prices should be on the lower side and that is the most perfected niche marketing ever we could be reading and experiencing about.

Niche marketing is all about providing essential commodities to customers with the provisions of looking at their financial comfortableness. This could have probably created the sense of sensibilities in its correction mechanisms to find out what are the essential needs that customers wishes to have but seems not to be enjoying due to higher pricing factors. That is where the probabilities of expanding interest far and wide does not reflect upon in clear-cut manners. Now with the advent of internet the volte internet is fast becoming normal as possibly due to two factors. First is for sure on the price front and the second is on the front of taking entire life of yours towards a seamless digital life ever. It is for sure due to absolute no cost of calling people now could easily use video calling features a new way to see the movement of recipients and this should create the more and more fascination of people towards movement of making more and more video calling and this could set the tone of next level of smart phone market.

In another instance, the presence of niche marketing in terms of essential communication does move towards higher directions from the price fronts and move towards complete integration of people not wishing or moving towards price fonts at all at their fullest capacities. Odisha is an eastern state of India. Before the introduction of DTC government busses the road routes have been overshadowed and well exploited by private bus owners and that makes entire processes of road travel very difficult and tiresome. Cost of DTC busses is on the higher side, and its air condition buses are on the higher side but still people are preferring these because of the primary motion and important consideration of reaching the destination faster with non-stop routes.

With the advent of DTC busses now we have seen complete proliferation of people again depending on government busses which are now working professionally with stipulated provision of reaching destinations on time as well as seeing the comfort level of people in great detail. In that bus especially the air condition but we have seen that though on price front its cost is 100 rupees for master canteen of Bhubaneswar to Puri.

People are fond of such niche marketing gestures from marketing enterprises. With due course of time we have seen emergence and advent of such tremendous gestures of from marketing companies as well as government companies which have time and again shows such excellent promises, which greatly cater to the demands and need of customers to fulfil such promises and most of time it has been seen and perceived that on price fronts these does not have so much of tendencies to match to marketing of products but the most important factors of such tremendous marketing gimmicks is the presence of such niche demands which has been there for ever which has been taking the shape of need but most of marketing companies sadly could not perceive and identify such needs and ultimately this goes on to show how such and such marketing functionalities could provide such awesome level of achievements if all these functionalities have been tapped well by marketing companies in right spirits.

In this article we have seen so far two instances as such of how on one side the price factor is important possibly due to existing markets and all its players have higher cost prices over spectrum use and there when people find the speed of internet coupled with faster performances then it is for sure one could find that this is certainly the right kind of niche marketing which every one should think about on spectrum segment. On the contrary when we have seen in the presence of movements in terms of road transport people do prefer to pay more for comfort and for non-stop journey from one segment to the other without any difficulties. This is to signify that when introducing any form of niche marketing products that should not have been able in any way, connected with price fronts. The first and foremost factor to be well considered is to find out what is the better option and what should have been the way forward so that every customer should always not think twice before accepting the products.

It is for sure the important fact is to understand that it is the need of customer that matters the most. Marketers need to identify this and march ahead providing real value to products so that at any point of time customers should not be at all feel left out from this. It is important to  understand what are the real basic needs for customers and it is wiser to find this out and provide the product offering in some real ethical way so that at any point of time customers should not be feeling cheated in what so ever manner and consequently the wide scope of such product offerings should also provide the real need and provide awesome wishes and the basic consumer demands should be fulfilled in perfection ways.


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