Law of gravity is the law of investigation

Defining how and when the universe constructed or being in existence due to the advent of many different simultaneous processes has always been difficult to understand. It is the most complex form of generations which we staying in such tiny place as comparison to the world failed to define and find out the real meanings behind this. Just think of something about the universe from different times and when you have leisure time and move, towards the place where the sky should be visible in a clear cut manner. Then, look at the sky. If that was the clear day then you should find many stars and other celestial bodies all over the sky still your vision is clearly visible out from there. Just look in deep intension to each and every other celestial bodies out from there and you could find as if they are not in three dimension but more there.

Let us analyse that front first and then slowly move towards other aspects of understanding how these stars are there and how these are visible to us in what so ever manner whether any sort of iota of informations regarding how universal move could be known from there. Just look at the star which should be visible in clear forms and should have some sort of legibility in terms of understanding what should be happening out there. First and foremost part is that how that star is there in the blank space and how could that not be falling from there. We know this has been due to the force of gravitation that we are inside earth and that is the same with earth towards the sun and so on.

We could find as if there is some sort of straighter distances if you look at the lights and the corresponding environments where the process of entire lighting seems to be moving towards some backward straight line manners. There would be the same sort of line from behind that celestial body. What could be that or whether some other external environmental variables working out there it is the matter of scientific communities to understand and find out? We tend to find and know from our education is that there is the atmosphere up and above earth that is protecting us from external entities. It is true but should we think out of the box and try hard to find out whether such the forms of understanding should be taken in completely newer form to understand what constitutes the basic premises of construction of a planet such as Earth.

We should be looking at the patterns of the universe in terms of some unconventional thinkings so as to think out of the box. Why not there could be some other forms of the atmosphere in other planets which still to date we do not have any such iota o ideas and who could understand such trends and factors of insulating one particular environment is of great importance. We could like to think first that life is not the form which we see in the earth as of now within different genres of living beings. There could have been life in some other forms in some other planets where most of these should not too much dependent upon the oxygen and other parameters which we tend to think of life as it is.

Simple as that is why we should think always that life should be there only in the form of as of us have seen in the earth. Even in earth we have seen how some animals especially those who stay in desert could live for long without water for so much of days and this could possibly the indication of the fact that with due course of time we could find evidences of more and more such unconventional form of living being even inside of earth those have chances of living more even during such non-conventional environments. This is strange but true. So why not in other planets there could have been living species of those stay without the need for oxygens and some other essential ingredients for living.

We always look towards the universe as if in the same set of understandings which we are living will now.It is important in order to reconsider and understand how the universe runs. Like different species living inside of the earth even inside of the universe all planets are different. So as comes from the tendencies of understandings that even five fingers of humans are not the same. This all comes to the forefront to understand that with due course of time we could find that in order for life sustain in different forms the same set of homogenous processes should not be present there at all. What could be conditions of life inside of the earth as e know from our own understanding of environmental standards could not be the same set up elements and ingredients for life on the other planets.

It is simply that. We could find existences of the same set up species of animals at different climatic conditions of the earth and this has been due to a change of extreme weather than how this could not be normal when we tend to find life or intelligence species around the universe. If we think and move ahead in such manner then we could find the forms of hints where we could move forward in our never ending goal of finding the life all over the universe. When we ask ourselves that are alone in this universe we tend to think the entire part of the universe with the same set up of homogenic environments which might not be true for the first instances. When we think that there is the presence of atmosphere all over us then similarly, we could think that the same set up atmosphere or some other form of atmosphere should be there and it is high time to think in such way so that ultimately we could find the more and more clear cut visibility from this.

When we see that most of planets are not the same but still from time to time we could find more and more evidences of some similarities as that of earth but those are so many light years away from us that it is ultimately difficult to know more about it. This goes on to show that we tend to be super blocked by our living age to understand universal and if this set up trend continues then we could ever be able to stop these comments at any point in time. This is important to understand that there should have been some other forms of movements towards reaching to this planet need to be explored so as to reach these light years away planets within shortest possible of time. It is possible. When we look at the sky, there are stars there which looks smaller but still they are perceptible to us.

Even at such large distance of revolving around the sun earth doe set up its kinetic motion in such manner that it tend to stay afloat and move in the same set up speed as always and this is the most prime forms of understanding that we should learn from it. We do not have to move far beyond to understand the terrestrial motion of Earth. We have to find what makes the earth to float on the universe without falling down. Legacy theories related to the process of the earth revolving around the sun should be looked into completely newer manner so as to find the bit of exact forms of informations. We have heard about the gravitational force and its constructive attractive elements when the apple falls but where is the signs and completely visibility of that.

We should not be indulged inside these sorts of permutations and combinations to find out what makes the earth revolves but instead we should be able to find out what are the main visible factors without involving too much of mathematical and scientific calculations. We think that gravitational force is invisible only the visible part is there. How comes such state of thing is happening when we do find the trace and performance formats of every form of actions and reactions in terms of visibilities then there should be some other visible patterns inside of process of earth to understand about it so that every thing needs to be equally understandable without any iota of doubts.

We need to find out exact visible aspects of understanding what makes earth to stay afloat within a universe without any difficulties. Then, we could find the hint of such processes and could be implemented in space voyages. We should always tend to find out the exact visibilities aspect and try hard to understand what makes entire celestial environment working for best and that should be the real understandable and practical aspect of movement for understanding for us and we should always find more and more tremendous form of momentary aspects with it when we completely understand the real and practical meanings of understandings and we should not have to move away from understanding some other distributive or ideas coming out from permutations and combinations but we should always tend to see and understand what makes entire understanding and the processes of movement of such as well as staying within the perimeter of universe as it is must have been tremendous form of secrets which needs to be unravelled and sooner it is done it is better.

Every secret of the universe for all of us begins with the earth and ends with earth. We have to understand every secret in a practical way within the realms of earth so as to understand each and every processes within considerable understandings. All these mysteries related with huge distances such light years away and covering these distances could be do away with within shortest possible of time when we tend to find out the real reason of celestial movement of earth and when such mysteries should be looked in terms of realistic point of view we tend to find out the real meanings attached with it and ours own space voyages could be easily constructed without any such doubts. We need to understand the processes in which entire form of earth manages itself all around the universe. Despite its high mass it continues to stay well without any disturbances within the solar system. We need to find out more informations about these mysteries and should not be staying within the realms of presence of some set up processes which tend to be there invisibly.

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