How Samsung is regaining smart phone share in India?

In the era of business management everyone thinks about perfection of transparency and its related embodiment of attachment of ethics so as to present consumer with mass adherences of stringent ethics that should bind each and every person with the strongest bonds ever possible. That creates the perceived attendances of getting closer towards the idea of dealing with mass performances of grand buildings which ultimately put forward wide array of thought processes of making and adhering the brand loyalties in longer terms.

That create wide array of stupendous possibilities for brands to create more and more exercises within perimeters of organisations to put forward and march ahead in their strongest possibilities to find out the most important aspects of learning about what matters the most in life and whether such brands have ay such space for their wishes and demands about consumer participation is the matter of great discussion.

It is true that many a times brands does make some part of mistakes of not owning their mistakes or makes silly mistakes which ultimately put forward the end of all such possibilities of reviving brands in the case of time of extreme distress if at all brand faces at any point of time. Take the case of sad and complete demise of Nokia as a brand phones where we have seen how a market leader in this segment goes into complete distress and now completely outside of market competition due to certain aspects of not understandings how consumer wants and how consumer wishes to deal with these brands irrespective of time changes and generation changes.

It is true to say that brands should always look forward to how they think the performances of brands should happen in such scenarios. In such cases brands do fail to recognise the imminent trends that has been occurring all across and consequently move towards finding out the perfection of understanding of all aspects of movements of ideas where most of time we tend to find that ours beloved and most consistent brands just not meeting ours wishes in complete and full utmost manner and that creates the hesitation within ranks of brand followers and slowly reduces the aspects of brand loyalties.

Nokia was the world leader when there is no chance of the advent of touch enabled smart phones. It not is able to reach and produce good touch enabled phone in its research and development departments. It continues to provide one of the most amazing normal phones but its Symbian operating system of the smart phone is just not suitable for touch enabled phone as its C6 and other costly models of that time prove it so far. During that time, after seeing such opportunities, Google enters into market. During that time Apple phones do perform exceedingly with touch enabled functions but still the price ranges of these phones are on higher side which is simply not be affordable for normal users.

That is where the majority of such spaces were there it seems to be the presence of void all over appears about. Slowly, smart phone manufacturers such as then Nokia and other market prominent leaders should have recreate the space and recapture theses market segment but sadly their futuristic vision to see and understand what future lies and stored for them as well as other aspects of understandings the process of vision that deals with recapturing and understanding perspectives of consumers that should matters the most for them. It is important to capture such futuristic visions in its complete totality as ultimately we could find that such the level of attachment of understanding of processes could possibly move towards providing brands lesser number of time and space for them to recreate and reformat ideas of stronger brand presence.

It is important for brands to understand that such and such research and development could not be completed within single day and for this brands should always feel for what the users are thinking about and what they wishes to be more into these brands and for this it is important to create a stronger and mighties research and development team so as to present and provide users with multiple options of devices to choose it from so that ultimately users should not be at all worried about what devices to choose it from. Similarly we can refer the matter of falling of market shares of Micromax and increase of market share of Samsung and Lenovo. Why this is happening. In the case of Nokia, it is related to software or operating system of smart phones but in the case of Micromax it is the hardware and in the long run the process and the powers of hardwares that matters the most.

We have seen complete growth of Micromax in the middle as well as lower segment of stylish phones. During the rising of Samsung in android market as original equipment manufacturers we have seen that though android devices are great but still most of these devices are on higher side of price bracket and though cheaper than Apple phones but still these phones are not so affordable what users think of it at the first site. That is why most people opt for other brands and this is space which has been left open by Samsung to be captured with both hands by Micromax and others. Micromax sees this as the imminent opportunities and began to roll out many such devices which can be well affordable by middle segment buyers. This continues and ultimately in the Indian market it becomes leader by toppling Samsung.

Samsung was the market leader in android and smart phone devices for longer time and it was a bolt from the blue to its credibility and Samsung reaches to its research and development department to recreate and minimise the cost of production of its devices. Ultimately, after one or two years of complete market dominance it has been seen that how most of Micromax hardware especially its audio as well as processing part is providing difficulties to most of these devices which ultimately consumers have to time and again reach to its repairing shops to pay more and ultimately in the longer run they have to pay more and in aggregate cost these products are on higher side of what Samsung smart phone costs are that of. Those customers are especially the middle income group soon realise these mistakes but they could not afford to buy costlier Samsung and super costlier Apple phones.

This means now it is imminent that there is a complete market video in these segments and then soon Lenovo will try to push its phone with similar price brackets within these segments to recapture the middle income groups. Lenovo has been famous for its wonderful and durable hardwares as well as it does provide dolby range of differential musics hardwares to its devices to enable and recapture the middle segment. In the mean time, Samsung continues to be in the state of silent and continues to provide and release such smart phone in higher ranges but it silently put its research and development team to perform and present the low cost smart phones. Ultimately, Samsung reemerges and provide low cost smart phones and that too with similar price brackets that Micromax was offering as well as Lenovo offers and that enable samsung to recapture its lost market share and coupled with it does provide high level of hardware efficiencies as well as stronger niche programming such as speedier android system, ultra data saver and super brightness and so on.

All these does indicate that as the market leader in the segment companies need to see the change of moods of consumers which can be altered from time to time due to advanced technological up gradation, pricing and other hardware related components which changes from time to time without any chance of alternations. Companies need to see and realise these trends to changes in consumer mind at its earliest. In other product segments services and quality of foods are important but in the case of smart phone market, the hardware is important and all knowns how in one day research and development team could not reproduce hardware or upgradations and for this it is utmost important to understand the flow of ideas as well as constant participative prospective to move deeper into understandings that within a day or two one cannot reproduce such complete hardware changes.

The answer should be recapture the imagination of customers as well as be futuristic to all aspects so as to find yours way into devising and finding out real term answers to all these even before people think of it and this can be possible if and when, companies especially those are market leaders and toppers should closely connected with consumers and understand their wishes and wants in order to reach out to them more efficiently in terms of creating more and more vibrant product ranges that makes its presence felt and continue to flow and prosper as it continue to fulfill what the people in general wishes to have it on their devices. In this way, market leaders can shut down all doors to challengers to recapture market segment from them.

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