Cyclone Fani is advancing

This post was most recently updated on May 2nd, 2019

Cyclone Fani is advancing. According to news reports, it might hit the coastal area of Puri, Odisha or might hit vizag. it is still 450 kilometers away inside sea and it is forming the cyclone point and the fear and preparation of it is going on simultaneously. According to news report cyclone might hit Satapada sea range of Puri.

It is hardly few kilometers away from Puri town. Already there are orders for evacuation of tourists from this ancient city. The dead line set is second of May. Most of hotel owners are disappointed with this. This is holiday season and advent of cyclone and the order of district administration for evacuation and aftermath of cyclone there must be no tourist for certain period of time.

The climate change is now visible at Puri. Already large amount of rain is occuring. Climate is cooler. After so much of heat wave and not so tolerable of it finally now we are reaching for a good amount of rain time which is better for water repository as well as for cooling of climate. The rain continues and so far the wind speed is above normal but it might slowly goes to faster limit as per news reports within the May 5 the speed of wind will rise to the dramatically limit.

The light is fast decreasing and we do not know how fatal cyclone fani would be as we are the pets of nature and when wraths of nature come with extreme might and if it happens then no one would going to save as it is the state of absolute eternity as we do not know how come and what speed the speed of wind might have been.

Already the milk packets are sold out and even at the regular milk booths as well as Reliance Fresh there is no milk. The price of potato increases and the number of people trying hard to take it becomes difficult for some to buy it. So these are some of the side effects of the advent of any cyclone and that too this time it is same with the advent of Cyclone Fani.

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