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The prevalence of device present in everywhere either due to strong possibilities of or due to superb and continuous adaptation of android provides users with faster access to the latest developments. It is a truth that slowly we are moving towards an arena where now we have found complete development and supercharged android enabled devices slowly engulfing its competitors on the way. We have seen completely outward movement of Symbian and showy Mobile also losing its charm and Mobile operating system is continuously getting challenges from android and apparently some of android customisations are closely nearer to Mobile operating systems. Some of android customisations as well as with the advent of high speed super internet which is called as volte more and more digitalisations aspects are going upfront to surface the most stiffened and difficult challenges to Mobile operating systems.

These forms and factors of battle of mobile operating system such that ultimately it is the people’s conveniences that matters the most and with due course of time we have seen how accumulations of all sorts of knowledges and its data conglomerated into single entities does provide awesome power to understand and manage what should be the better management of ideas that should be included inside the small compact devices. If we look closely we could find plenty of enormous wishes for improvement of android but sadly we could find only when we update the operating system.

Operating system of android too is not with our hand as we have time and again wait for original equipment manufacturers to respond to us to update the devices. Only with additions of devices we could find that some part of improvements and add one inside of devices and that too not dependant on Google but it is completely dependant upon original equipment manufacturers which ultimately show case and prove the point that it is important to understand how the processes of android updated.

Out of all android justifications, the customisations of Samsung look awesome. If we see closely some of performance improvement of older android devices such as Android jelly bean of Samsung we could find more and more futuristic form of customisations for aspects which are slowly been on show on later android updates. The most prominent of it is the versatile ‘gallery’ of Samsung devices. It not only presents us with smarter and more vivid visibilities of all images stored at different accounts such as Google, DropBox, Facebook and so on.

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It uses its own application techniques to create such web services into applications inside Samsung devices and then these applications throw one of offline access technologies and then connect with it and then all these files inside such folders are easily viewable inside ‘gallery’ app. Google perhaps learns from this and create ‘Photos’ applications which have unlimited photos uploads and those can then be showed as offline access and this goes on to show the learning parameters of Google as well as the futuristic visions of Samsung devices if I am presuming and supposing right.

Samsung gallery applications which are their inbuilt applications in Samsung phones do show case more versatile options than Google Photos application. Google Photos only work with google or picassa but the most important part is that if you opt for optimised image upload then it provides unlimited photos for free of cost! This is one of most important parts of decision making as with the introduction of the android and its corresponding links of cameras and use of it as a camera app. People do tend to take plenty of images while they are on the go. Storing these photos does take huge time and it is important to consider that due to unlimited photo storage options we could find plenty of time to upload these photos.

On the contrary, photos that are uploaded in Facebook, DropBox could not be seen with Google Photos applications. The answer is if you have Samsung devices then you should use its ‘gallery’ application for updates. Through its internal applications control as well as it can create the web services as applications to work just like offline and online manners so as to present users with much desired description of most widen aspect of understanding the processes of closing closely with internal as well as external aspects of cloud computing.

Samsung’s gallery applications provide access to camera photos, off line photos, photos stored inside memory cards, picassa, DropBox and Facebook. It connects these web services as applications and then retrieves those images into devices and showed them in offline mode. It is one of the most versatile applications and does take huge RAM resources but the single most important factor is that all of your multimedia still files are being kept in one single place. On the other hand, Google Photos can be installed on SD card where as Samsung Gallery could not and this can make the offline cache of files to be stored inside SD card to make it more viable options to open for more space inside system drive of android. Another nice applications of Samsung which is prevalently on lesser use but it does provide a wide array of collaboration in cloud services are the advent of Sasmung link. It is one of the most awesome applications which combine all of your Samsung devices into one.

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It provides one access control of images which might be inside of Samsing laptop. Then, connect laptop to Samsung link and then connect the whole mobile devices while connecting to internet. Samsung Link does provide access to various famous online storage option and within these folders do remember to keep images inside Samsing Link shared folder so that every devices connected with it does provide the same images all over the similar devices and the images of every devices can be updated and shared to each and every device, of the images are stored inside shared folder of either, Dropbox, sky drive or Google drive.

It is the complete accumulation of files that are stored inside different devices and online cloud devices and then all these files could be listed and can be accessed with each and every authenticated Samsung devices without any difficulties. It is just an awesome concept but it needs further improvements. The manner to sort images as well as perfect and lucid display of images could have been shown better but still all of yours images are now at right place and you do not have to waste yours device memory as well as SD card so as to provide more and more anticipated understanding of what could have been the real time show case of removing the difference between offline and online computing.

With due course of time we have seen that there is slight disinterest among developers of Sasmung perhaps due to high memory usages but still those who have been using this applications we could find its most awesome use as well as the probabilities of using these functionalities and mostly this applications seems to be future proof. It is apparent that, now we are at times of faster internet with cheaper prices and it proves that, the vitality of backing up images with faster internet, could prove that, ow with faster uploading and downloading times, we could find that more should be using and we could find these ultimate process of understanding that all these applications should be encouraged as well as Google also could possibly thinking about it as with the flow of ideas as well as the process of estimation of completely accountability of concentration of offline and online computing to make it the most widely and visibily accepted processes of understanding the entire gamut of data management all at its best of practices.

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With due course of time, we have seen that, with the advent of wireless networking the internet connection as well as file sharing within boundaries of home has becoming a realities and with due course of time we do expect we have seen that most of these offline and online files, with Samsung Link we could find that most of times, we do find that these sort of complete assimilation of all devices with faster internet connectivities we do slowly moving towards the stages of complete digital India where everything we should find at ours fingertips without wasting a single second.

On the prime the most important focus should be on to create one of spectacular form of understanding the processes of computing and making user comfortable and conveniences to use computing devices so as to provide the most important understanding the process of operating system where everything should be there at the use of instances to provide one of most awesome ways to precipitation the most estimated use of computing to provide the most satisfaction of aspect of cloud computing all at its simple best.

All these simultaneous form of cloud computing does provide the most awesomely managed ways to understand that entire processes of managing data and its corresponds form of receiving and minimising the distances between offline and online computing does provide most conveniences forms of movement of ideas where we do find complete control of data now with hands of users and the most satisfaction form of thinkings is that entire data processes can be equally updated and real time updating of data bases all acrosses entire devices to produce the most memorable form of understanding to watch it out and this should be the future of mobile computing which android developers should always think of it and should continue to provide one of most awesome aspects of movement of ideas to show case it in most important ways that users can use and develop and create it most satisfiable ways.

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