Best practices for smart phone security

Android as mobile operating system slowly evolving towards a complete operating system which has so much ease of task to do just like using a desktop operating system. It has been seen with due course of time the way smart phones are operating in terms of hardware specifications it has clearly seen and showcase the use of a higher amount of hardware and speedier operating system. Though there always was a comparative complimentary between a higher degree of processors in relation with smart phone heating. Recently, we have seen how Samsung is recalling its entire range of one segment of tablets because of its heating issues. There are numerous angles of prevention of smart phone security and this article should help users to educate about this.

There are two aspects related to security of android phones. One relates with how these phones works in terms of external situations and for this it is important to know how to keep these phones in safer distances. Mostly, we have seen during the processes of doing marketing of vegetables there has been many changes in smart phones falling without knowing and this should be greatly understood in order to stop these situations from occurring. It does not want to receive phone calls during heavy precipitations. During heavy precipitations, there has been many chances of catching the lightning as it can work as the form and factor of receiving some sort of antenna and this could prove to be fatal for users.

There are many people, who tend to keep their mobile phones on the dash board while buying apparels and other dresses and this is important to understand that while doing this, people tend to place the mobile phone on the dash board and then they continue to choose the apparels and then during some time they tend to forget the phones. This is important to consider these security options as most of time, while the phone lost for many does not have that so much impact financially but on the contrary these should provide them with huge form of data losses, and that create more and more miserable aspects of losing the whole set up of contacts and other related informations and data that has been embedded within that smart phone and ultimately all these does provide huge problems of rearranging entire data into smart phones.

It is also essential to keep phone secure while you are on the journey inside reserved slippers of trains. Generally, during the day time, more and more people used to flock into that compartment and mostly stand nearer to reserved compartments and for this important for people to understand to watch out for those people or be extra cautious while moving into these trains while the journey was on. Do not place yours mobile on the front pocket of shirt as while moving it can fall into ground without yours knowledge and for this it is important to keep smart phones in safer place so as without yours knowledge it should not be ever falling down to the ground.

During Nokia age, there has been provisions for hooks to be attached with phones so as the neck band can be attached with it. Surprisingly, with the advent of each and every android enabled smart phones they have no provisions for attaching neck and into smart phones for added level of extra security. Now the age of adding neck and is virtually over and this one has to be extra security while keeping smart phone and moving outside with it. One can buy some sort of purse level cover so that entire smart phone can be included with it and then it should provide one of the heavier aspects packages that should be included inside your pocket. With these forms of smart phone inside pockets, the size and weight of smart phones become slightly heavier so that you should always have your concern about it and be aware of its presence out there.

On the contrary, you could find it slightly on the heavier side also and that should also provide difficult for you to carry a smart phone in this manner if you happen to find that you are wearing slim pants with shirt pockets. One need to find that sort of apparels that could provide a safe place for keeping smart phone safe. While one of my tours to Chennai, for the purpose of regular medical check up at Apollo Hospital Chennai, nearer the entrance of the hospital there has been many standing vendors who used to sell different apparels on cheaper prices. Mostly apparels and hardware products are cheaper in Chennai than the rest of India. There most of these cheaper shirts has an inner front pocket which is very much safer for placing mobile or smart phones inside.

Do remember to buy for these shirts so as to have more and safer options for your smart phone. Still, now we have been learning more and more about the way we should be keeping smart phones in safer ways while we are outside but still we have many such other options where there could be security deficit of smart phones in different ways and those different ways of security vulnerabilities needs to well patched upon so as to provide more and more security for yours data. No one wishes to share one’s private details and other informations. Due to the advent of wireless broadband we have seen constant connectivity of smart phones. Due to presence of push messages people wish to have their informations in real time and that should provide huge degree of positivity aspect while keeping your data secure.

There has been a huge discussion among different layers of people as well as geeks about the use of antivirus inside smart phone environment. Should we or should not we this is the most precious and valuable aspect of understanding how these smart phones run and perform. Google in their blog time and again stresses the need for not installing any of third party antiviruses as Google with its services is constantly keeping your phones secure. Another factor which is worth considering is not to install applications from other application environment other than Google Play store. Android considers smart phone security seriously. Even if due to different standards of enterprises and organisations and different hardware and software standards but still Google tries hard to secure android devices effectively.

Encrypt the device so that even if your phone is lost or stolen still the thief or hacker could not enter into the dashboard of android which is best and in what so ever manner without the help of an original equipment manufacturer one could not reopen the phone. Do remember to encrypt your phone with a password and write down the same password in some other place possibly inside keepass of laptop or upload to your Gmail and start it so that it should be there within important mails. There are some original equipment manufacturers do provide options for encryption of external SD card and do it so that even if hacker or thief open the SD card from battery and then by the help of SD card reader it inserts into computer then all these data should be seen in terms of encrypted parameters and it should ask for password to them other wise it should remain in the form of non read format.

Before Google providing the option for device administrator, most of Samsung high end and middle range android phone have ‘Go to find my mobile’ and if you have Samsung phones, then you should enable both the above mentioned security options so that whenever yours stolen phone is activated again, you should be detecting its exact locations and locking the phone remotely and erasing all data remotely so that hacker or thief could not use your phone and steal your data from it. Disable the option installation of application from unknown sources from security settings so as that you should not be of mistakes at any point of time installation apk files which are generally offline installations of android which is similar to exe files of windows operating systems.

Of late Google services have introduced the form of verifying the application which can be accessed from security settings of android and enable it so that android can verify and warn you before installation applications that may cause harm. Even if you are installing applications from third party applications environments still then android can warn you about this as it continues to scan such applications for conveniences of users. Apart from this it is not wiser idea to divert and deletes credential storages which provide certificate recognitions which are installed on android installations and many renowned smart phone original equipment manufacturers do tend to install such certificates of better known applications, so that when you install those application from the different sites it tend to see and examine those applications where the certificates which are included inside of the same applications are carefully checked and if any fraudulent measures seen then users are warned about it.

Before installation of android on a new device or a newly formatted device, it should ask you to register to Google services with a Gmain account. Provide Gmail account and then after reaching to the desktop of android Mobile operating system, you should find that there is one applications icon known as ‘Google Settings’. It does not work in offline mode. First connect with internet and then touch ‘Google settings’ to reach inside and then scroll out for ‘security’ for it. One is ‘Android service manager’ and the other is ‘verify apps’.

Android device manager has two sub segment namely:

• Remotely locate this device
• Allow remote lock and erase

And verify apps has two sub-segment namely:

• Scan devices for security threats
• Improve harmful app detection

Verify apps is one of the most decisive and important add on security of android devices. It empowers Google to regularly check genuine android devices for detection of security threat and to prevent security attacks and warn users about potential harmful contents in real time as well as in on access scanning systems. Second most important security function is to send informations for unknown applications to Google so that it can be scanned in cloud for better detection. In a way the second function is in cloud based scanning and the first function works in on access live scanning to save yours devices from infecting as well as stop hackers to roam havoc into yours devices for better data protection.

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