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Goa is located on the west coast of . There is a vast sea arena in and around the state of Goa. There has been beautiful and enchanting presence of corals, colored and beautiful shells and different fishes inside the sea to discover the beauty of nature. For scuba diving Goa is the best place to attempt it. It is a perfect choice for beginners. Due to absence of riptide, which is particularly found near sea beaches, this place is super perfect for scuba diving. The current parameter nearer to water is weakest. That is why it is more that safe for scuba drivers to deep into the waters.

This makes scuba drivers feel safer due to calmness within the ambit of surface sea-water. It is the zeal and perfection to invent and find out underwater magics straight live into your eyes. It is one of pastime sports and meant for people who would like t have it to see the underwater beauties of seas. In this website, you would find plenty of conveniences if you are planning for scuba diving. Scuba diving is where you have the cylinder of oxygen and then move into underwater and then see and explore beauties of underwater in its perfect senses. Mojhi provides the list of diving companies and their offers on its website. One can book scuba diving trip online from this website.

It provides one of the safest ways to explore underwater ventures and apart from it does provide, perfect requisite trainings as well as arrangements of essential scuba gear and transport required for scuba diving. Greeshmanth Koganti is founder and CEO of the start up which aims to provide awesome management and advice to adventure loving people. He has vast experience in product management across many companies at different positions. He has huge experience in building and selling softwares and that provides huge help for him to build this ultimate start up. The digital marketing department is overseen by Viswanath who has huge experience in diverse internet companies in this field. All are batch mates of IIM Indore.

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Mojhi as the product technology is providing huge reliefs to adventure loving persons in and around the world. Mojhi allows you to discover, plan and book adventure. Mojhi is completely different from its competitors in internet marketing. It does provide a huge bit of the entire adventure packages and activities, and it helps people to plant the schedules where entire adventure movement surrounds within these possibilities of making the entire trip successful. For kids and starters scuba diving course is available. Underwater visibility of human eyesight ranges from 5-10 meters.

Scuba diving under Arbian sea waters is generally ranges from mid october to mid April. Due to lower water temperature within underwater which ranges from 27-30 degree celsius, drivers feel a whole lot of comfort while divining deeper into scuba diving in Goa. Due to remain at such temperature in and around under sea-water of Goa, scuba diving in these places remains very comfortable. Due advent of large number of silt, from two rivers known as Mandovi and Zuari which meets Arbian sea, the space for scuba diving remains three to thirty meters only.
Scuba drivers can experience marine lives on live such as moorsh idols, blennies, stone-fish, nudibranchs, mullets, jacks, banner fishes, reef sharks, collared butterfly fish, lobsters, crabs and many more.

Mojhi provides you option for booking in these websites as well as they provide solid related experiences and educations to travelers so as to provide a complete guide of security for them. Scuba diving is a completely new phenomenon for most of adventure loving new travellers. They have no such experience from word of mouth or other sources. It provides excellent education and significant value addition on their perspective traveling experiences. Mojhi provides awesome work experiences for most of these travellers as it provides wonderful visibilities as well as competing best deals so as to help customers to reach decision making.
In this way, entire spheres of prices, credentials of operators and ratings from user’s activities could provide huge help for decision making processes.

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Many a time, interested customers wish to know more about such adventurous sports but what they get from these operators are not in any substantial answers. For such start up ventures like Mojhi acquisition of customers is of prime importance. Niche marketing, like educating customers and moving into the stage, where customers gains immensely is the primary importance for such ventures. It has been realised that many tour operators do not have any real website to provide various informations about their tours and travel scheduling. Mojhi provides all solutions to these tour operators.

In the warm and exotic water settings inside of Arbian Sea, one can easily learn about different standards of it as well as real-life under water sea experience with guided teachers to experience life an world of undersea of shipwrecks, wonderful marine life and corals which should create more interest among new scuba drivers for garnering more and more interests among them. Mojhi trainers are wonderful and very experience and helpful and very attentive to clients. They let us to understand the valid safety standards with clear vision and understandings. What is surprising is that one should not be an expert in swimming or one can perform scuba diving without learning about scuba diving.

People of Mojhi are very friendly and caring. You will never ever feel about that you are novice in scuba diving as they are still learning and educate you for this without tiring at all. The instructors are expected to be very amiable and the beaches are pleasant and wonderful. You should find professional help from departure to landing and you will not find left out of these adventurous journey of scuba diving. Feeling of scuba diving with accessible water is ultimately the favorable experience that we should be finding about.


While breaking the barriers of deep water drive, removing all fears with able and friendly helping hands from Mojhi just makes the entire scuba diving schedule better and efficient. If you wish to make your adventure journey safely and have a nice and wonderful experience then just move to mojhi for the most memorable moments of your life.

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