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has been very much present in the day to day activities for a longer time. Slowly, these spaces are pre-occupied with different variants of devices such as smart phones and others. Still-to-date the vitality of computing devices are of immense importance. While preparing for longer research papers or writing up any such manuscript the process mechanisms involving computers have of immense importance. Such works cannot be performed within realms of android or mobile devices. It has to be performed on a large screen with a clear typing format. Since ages we have been listening to the presence of Windows , which has been serving many organisations and individual institutions continuously. From time to time Microsoft has released various versions of it in order to provide users with something better than that of previous versions of windows.

Time and again we have seen how Wndows evolved and constantly being influenced from different versions of windows and provide awesome ways for users to understand how to use this when such dynamic presentations of the computing environment at the wish of users. Still, there could have been many such amalgamations of instant use of different computing life hacks that could make running of Windows computer better and for this it is important to understand in detail about computer and how it is run and what are the basic necessary requirements of it so that ultimately you get the power to work it out. First and foremost it is important in order to create one standard account. One should not use a Windows computer in the form of an administrator account.

It can be done easily with ‘user accounts’ segment of computer and from there one can be easily created standard account so that plenty of restrictions can be implemented while using computer. From an administrative account from the local account or standard account can be created easily. With this you can restrict users from reaching to specific sites. Even you can block users from downloading to computers and that is the most effective way of protecting computers. All these stays with on line and as guardian you could reach out to on-line to know behaver of users especially behavior and can control the computer from the distance.

Inside ‘User account’ settings one could understand easily about how to restrict and remind users about the amount of time he has been using computer and thus it makes him understand that it is time to take some rest. Today, while waking up in the morning, for jogging, realises that there has been heavy rain outside and it is simply difficult to reach out as entire jogging space should have been wet, slippery. For some days there has been continuous torrential rain backed by depression on the nearby sea and for that matter it is raining heavily out there. I canceled my jogging practice and switched on the water motor for sometime so as to fill the water into overhead tanks and then I begin to think of writing articles.

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For sometimes there has been lesser attempt of writing of articles due to shortage of time but happily today I got enough time to write down and I began to write and this time I wrote so many articles and unable to know how much of time already passed by. I always use the standard account and suddenly I realise that it is asking me for an administrative account password as I have already used computer for over six hours. It reminds me and then I got two hours more to work together with it. One can easily restrict the amount of time to be used per session while using computer while staying with standard account and in this way get recommendation and remind that one should stop there or should work for some time so that tiredness occurring out of continuous computing presence should be completely done with.

In this, while working with many such hidden functions of Windows 10 computers one can exhibit more and more stipulated functional excellence while working with these simple life hacks. Another Windows life hacks could have been the use of wisely power options so as to present users with multiple level of power options in accordance with their preferences and the prevailing situations. Power plan for Windows computer is an interesting plan that combine hardware and software functions all in one go and it can control the display brightness, sleep timer and can restrict certain hardware to perform at their base levels so as to let them stay as it is so that lesser use of batteries could be implemented.

Most of Samsung computer do have its own ‘Samsung optimized’ power plan mode which makes one of optimised presentations of balancing performances with power consumptions on Samsung Computers. Windows has its own set up of power option in the form of ‘Balanced’ which is also recommended settings for power options for windows which automatically balances performances with energy consumption on capable hardware to present and show case power user with stipulated and wider bit of continuous computer users. With most Samsung computers there has been one other aspect of suitable power option that can be enabled from the ‘Settings’.

On Samsung computers, there are additional softwares which works along with ‘settings’ which has different forms of additional hardware settings such as network, display, sound alive and input and among all the battery settings. Its network settings have three different parameters such as Wi-Fi, wireless and wired and all these can be controlled from the single menu. Its battery functions allow you to set it to charge till 80 percentages so that the stage of the battery will remain healthier, and this is one of the most important functionalities, dealing with Samsung computer where one can set the battery settings to charge for 80 percentages.

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These little bit of hacks that we tend to use within perimeters of computer that mostly other users do not use it and provides one of most outstanding part of understanding that with little bit of computer tips and tricks one can find the most perfect stages of understanding how the computer runs. Next with every Windows laptop the presence of another keyboard is essential. It is wiser to go for blue tooth key board so that ultimately you go wireless and while typing with it slowly you get accustomed into and come into terms of easier typing instrument and even you can seat and relax on sofa and then type these out without hurting yours shoulder.

From time to time we should find informations about blue tooth keyboards which are cheaper in pricing or some offers are there within different commerce sites or off line shopping malls, then it is wiser to grab these offer and buy one such keyboard computers in order to connect wirelessly with Windows and use it as per yours conveniences.

Similarly, while connecting to internet one can use Wi-Fi hotspot at android mobile and then connect to it in order to have complete wireless connectivity of the Internet connection. Wi-Fi hotspot acts just like as if it is creating one of wireless networking with internet connectivity for stipulated security conditions. If you have the latest bit of blue tooth connectivity with both smart phone as well as to that of the Windows computer then wireless playing of songs from the smart phone to computers can be done easily with.

Slowly, you should be moving to the stage of complete wireless networking as well wireless functionalities of your computer and that could enable you to enjoy your computer in full capacity. Wireless networking and doing everything wireless does provide excellent opportunities for paperless works as well as does provide huge incentives to work out without any sort of external botherations.

It is as such experiences from day to day work out with a computer that one can learn different and newer tasks to it and continue to find more informations that can lead to brighter and superior forms of display. Laptops are coming with LCD display and it continues to provide awesome ways to management in the form of clear type display, gamma correction, video graphic display adjustments and so on. A cleaner desktop means a faster computer. When there are a lesser number of icons at the site of the desktop which resides inside of the system drive, then for sure your computer should run faster that earlier.

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Due course of time. Continues to provide a cleaner desktop environment so that ultimately fast is enough for you and it is the speed that matters the most. Most of times, we have seen the presence of laptop on and above computer table structure and work it for longer durations could lead to laptop heating and for this it is important to find out home made remedies such as keeping the egg case which is normally freely available inside of egg market or in shopping malls where one can find cheaply the plastic egg-case and put it under your laptop to provide free flowing of air as well as laptop kept with enough cooling effects.

Normally, there are some sticky part of papers aimed at taking notes and then paste at the white board of office cubicles so that whenever the need arises the remind of such could be attained and for this it is important to understand that keep those sticky parts and then apply to keyboard gaps so as to remove the strains that has normally been deposited at these spaces between keyboards so as to clean the entire spaces. Always use external keyboard preferably the wireless or blue tooth keyboard so as to provide one of easier access to computer and simultaneously yours laptop inbuilt keyboard system stays intact.

These are some of the mot widely accepted traits of life hacks related with computer and there are very possibilities of more to it, as all these superior experiences of finding out different forms of life hacks come out open with experiences.We know necessities are the mother of inventions and while using computers there comes different aspects of necessities to make your system absolutely wonderful and by following all these tips one can learn these and can invent more and more such inventions with due course of time.

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