Life hacks: Bicycling

When coming to terms with bicycling, we tend to go on past school days when we wish to have such little discovery where the balance is paramount which continues to provide awesome ways to move towards different directions with ease and mostly faster than that of walking. From the time the child learns about how to walk, well guided by parents and other close relatives, continue to move forward and walk ahead with it. Slowly, with due course of time child learns to walk and then while moving to school and continue to read for some years, there exists the essential need for a bicycle which others of class fellows might have been using it.

Prior to moving to school or play school the child after walking nicely for some months continue to have three legged bicycles which do not need any chance for balancing act. Due to presence of three, the child continues to move with speed. This goes on to show. The basic tendency of humans is to find out such and such mechanisms that could let them to move faster and this generous tendency begins straight from childhood nd that continues to exhibit throughout of life. It is the aim to go fast and move faster that make us compel to walk sicne child hood and then move swiftly and then wish for different other forms of mechanichal engineering excellences that coninues to echibit more and more intresting facets of engineering marvels in terms of devloping different aspects of discoveries related with kinetic energy.

During earlier and later stages of school life due to the attention of fellow students who continue to ride on bicycle and on many circumstances due to far side of distance of schools that matters the most and in order to reach to school one need to have such bicycles so that reaching school becomes extremely easier. So, in this way the demand and the necessity to use bicycle comes forward and it continues to be there and even after completing education and joining services we tend to find different aspects and ways to ride bicycles for fun even though we tend to have different forms of riding mechanisms in terms of four wheelers. While jogging in the morning, we tend to move with bicycle and reach to jogger’s park and there we tend to jog for a stipulated time and then return back with bicycle.

The use of a bicycle while you are doing exercise is an important fact and part of being healthier in life. In order to do bicycling one has to indulge in movement of every part and as we know the bicycle does not depend upon petrol or diesel. One has to manually. Cycle it by moving the pedal with two feet continuously in a circular motion and the attached chain continues to move forward the back side wheel and the front side wheel automatically move with it. On the front just upper side of the front wheel exists the handle and there are two breaks. In modern cycles, we have seen the emergence of many different types of breaks but with due course of time we have seen the most primitive forms of breaking such as circular break works nicely with bicycle.

On the left side of handle there exists the back break and on the right side of the angle of the front brake and normally the manual cycle-bell exists there. While bicycling on the road especially inside of busier streets one should always concern of impending traffic positions and continue to first apply the back break which should be on the left side of yours handle and after that, just press back break and then press the front break which should be on the right side of handle. Never ever first apply the front break as that should stop the front wheel instantly at the same time the back wheel which is powerful element in bicycle should be in motion due to process of ball bearing and other aspects of pedalling in motion and that should unstable the bicycle instantly. In an emergency situation while you are on the road and suddenly the need for sudden break necessiates due to the emergency of situation then you should apply both breaks instantly not the front wheel brake only.

It is wiser to have kept both the hands on both breaks while bicycling so that you should have the automatic habit of applying such breaks instantly without any difficulties. Try to ready your finger on the manual ball that has been attached to the right side of an angle so that when in need you should ring it and alert people. If you try to cross any bicycle then first ring and alert the bicycler so that he should be alerted and then move forward and while riding on bicycle always prefer to follow the traffic laws of land so that you should not be able to find in difficult situations while on road. More so you should have been aware of such strict traffic laws now, as with the advent of newer laws we have seen increase of more and more lines to traffic offenders and that should concern people who are most habitual traffic offenders.

Always stay with traffic and while on downside slow the bicycle tend to move in faster speed, then the second form of break is that of pedal just stay with it and do not move pedal while bicycling through downwards slow as due to normal tendency of gravitational force one could find that movement of bicycle should be easier and during these spaces always keep yours hands on both breaks and steadily keep the pedal and do not move it so that bicycle should stay n the state of constant and that should not move the bicycle more than that of anticipated and stipulated speed.

While cycling on the upside slope with bicycle this should pose you difficulties as you have to ride s against full gravitational motion and for this it is important to understand that one should always move the pedalling part of bicycle in circular motion similar to that of singing melodies. Move the pedal slowly and do not over stress the pedal during these processes and continue to move in the similar circular motion without stopping and you should find that movement of bicycle should be steady in riding and do not try to speed up bicycling at any point of time while you are riding on the upward slope and that should enable you to go for riding on the the top of reverse slopes. Remember while riding on bicycle inside that of upward slopes do not overstress the chains and at any point of time if you at all feel that chains are being pulled greater than its elasticity efficiencies then it is wiser to go down and drive manually the bicycle in order not to overstress chains.

Cycle chain is the process of moving both pedal in circular motion so as to present one of most easier riding experiences and these chains are connected with read wheels so as to move that wheel and most of spaces of rear wheel is the carrier of your own weight. As you should see that most of part of your weight are on the rear wheel and that is why it is important to understand the entire process of dynamism of the rear wheel. Most of bicyclers feel left out when they find that chains got out of its position and attaching chains to its positions makes life very difficult. It is important to fight the screw of chain from time to time from your favorite bicycle shop so as to make it tight and move in the right direction.

Apply some part of grease especially the black grease on these chains so as to present the rider one of something bicycle riding experiences. Always use half mod guard for chains as in case of emergency while riding on bicycle if chain of bicycle falls then you can rearrange with with the help of half mud guard of chain other wise most of time with full mud guard of chain is there you ave to open the full mud guard of chain and then repair it which should be difficult at times.

There as been various importance of using full mud guard with bicycles as it the dirtiest part of cycle chains touching the parts and making it black should not appear but with full ud guard there has been some problems which I described it earlier. Next part of life hacks dealing with the various aspects of bicycling is to have the buying of your own cycle pump so that in order to pump your bicycle you should not be reaching to various cycle stores early time and again.

Keeping one of cycle pump inside of yours home so that whenever you do feel that yours cycle is curiously shortages of pumps then you can do it manually without any difficulties and for this it is important that you should have also extra volt tubes with your kitty so that whenever the small pipes inside of tyres or deflected either due to strong pressure of cycles or de to presence of high amount of stress on bicycle then you can apply those volt tubes into it and you do not have to go to cycle store every time to repair it.

Volt tubes are small tubes that should be placed at the entrance of the tube and this has been there to reduce the pressure on tubes and make it completely comfortable and go for longer run without any difficulties. It is also wiser to ride a bicycle with boots so that the pedalling of the bicycle should be easier and the process of movement should be very much of comfortable. Most of the time while riding bicycle with the help of slippers tends to sleep from pedal and that makes entire movement of bicycle difficult.

Every vehicle that runs in a public road is important for riders to take some basic precautions so that ultimately when you ride on it you should always feel safe with it. There could be more and more such life hacks related to such phenomenon of life hacks dealing with bicycle. Ultimately, we do find plenty of such life hacks due to ours continuously endeavor to excel in life. Man is a rational animal and it continues to learn from life in various ways and the zeal to understand and know about the unknown continually prevails in him to provide one of outstanding but if understanding the way we moved into our life.

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