Independence Day 2016

To day is the independence day. The day we officially liberated ourselves from the clutches of foreign rule. Now, we are reaching to the age of 70 years of liberty and independence and we are still finding the smell of free air and ruled, of democracy. For the sake of independence we have read how independent fighters have streamed into different types of war against foreign rule. Some resolve to non-violence and some violence but all have one goal and aim to perform the independence. It has been wonderful to live in such a majestic environment whereas citizens we do have plenty of rights and duties and we can move amphitheater in India with our identification cards.

It feels tremendous, though we have not known how is the life that related when foreign rule is there. During my childhood, I had been talking with my grandparents and they describe the experience of such as and when I asked about it. They always say, that it is great to survive in a free nation unlike the time when it is ruled by Britishers. Most times, people are afraid to build strength and cement house at that time due to fear that Britishers might invade and take away their money. That is why most of the times during that period had the mud houses in the front and on the back side of the cement houses.

Such is the fear during British Raj where we could find this sort of stoppage of thinkings as there has been always the fear for everything. During that time, there are hardly the traces of electricity and in the streets we could find the presence of lights in terms of lanterns and that should be illuminated by a designated person. That is why the life during the times of night seems to stop almost except of course during the presence of emergency. There has been hardly any signs of motor vehicles and the speed of life appears to be there in terms of speed of bicycles and manual rickshaws.

There has been hardly any sort of entertainment in life as most of modern entertainment multimedia devices such as smart phones, televisions, cable televisions, computers are not there. Life was lesser critical then and people have a tendency to live with peace and absolute simplicity and the fear of British India rulers always has been there in their nervous systems. Now, all these fears are not there and with the advent of the present government we have seen the presence of direct conversations between Prime Minister. We have Prime Minister, who always respects people’s opinion and always wish to help them out.

The fear now went over. We know we can write to Prime Minister of India at any point in time due to the advent of the Internet. Now, with the advent of mobile telephony the speed of Internet in far and wide ranges of India has been in the stage of absolute presence. Now, more and more entertainment and this year having the most nice and good monsoon we expect a bumper crop to have with us so that ultimately the prices of foods should be decreasing to the comfort of ordinary citizens. With the advent of goods and services tax (GST) where the duplicity of tax systems soon go away and would come the lesser burden on taxes and that should make life easier for citizens as well as entrepreneurs.

For the first time, if I should recall correctly. Our current prime minister for the first time raised the atrocities committed by western neighbor on the people of Baluchistan and Pakistan occupied Kashmir. It is one of the most boldest and widely accepted all over India among supporters as well as detractors of Prime Minister of this strange policy. It has been seen in all quarters of the greatest master stroke from our current prime minister of India. It is one of the most outstanding helping hand to people of Baluchistan and Pakistan occupied Kashmir where there has been too much of atrocities from western neighbor. It goes on to show the class of maturity of India as a state and it should provide enough part of understandings to reach out to a wide array of foreign policy.

Slowly, the ranges of our powers in and around every aspect of the world community are on the rise and there has been encouraging signs of different financial rating agencies where we do find plenty of outstanding forms of encouraging financial future for our nation. It is evident that with the advent of goods and services tax regimes. Slow the availability of foods as well as cost of goods should go downward and making us find enough propositions for cheaper food prices all over our nations. We are living in the world where we are well aware that the single most precious proposition of ours is the presence of energies. With the advent of schemes like Ujala where the LED bulbs are being distributed with a lesser cost and people with valid identification cards can now have such bulbs and they can install these at home with ease to have less power use of all time.

In this way, power consumption comes at far lesser cost as well as the lesser use of electricity could lead to a far greater amount of optimized use of energy that leads to maximum energy savings potential. Prime Minister of India has quoted about this scheme which slowly moving to the stage of complete successes. With such highly adorable and successful ventures we can see these practical applicability could lead to absolute development as well as perfection of understanding of such great potentials in recent future. Slowly, we are getting to the stage of perfection where everything seems to be there and may be aspects of augmentations of our life styles continue to exist with its fullest potential for surpassing people’s satisfactions.

We are entering into the seventeenth age of independence. This is for sure entitlements of achievements of liberties where enough potentials to achieve the ultimatum comes forward with each passing days of certainties and that creates marvelous aspects of understanding the potential of how to becomes the strongest nation ever as well as surpass all aspects of limits to top to the number one positions in order to achieve every form of potential ever so that we continuously to build a stronger nation ever for future generations. India has been there for many years surpassing all difficulties and withstanding all forms of adversaries and would continue to do so in near future by reaching to the epitaph of successes.

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