How about brain finding no answer?

The brightest days should be followed by the darkest hours. Just imagine the quotes which should be good or bad but never ever think of it in some other ways to understand how the life as the material soul of understanding in its complete totality comes ahead and think about each and every bit of ideas and that are profoundly easier understand should hold the brightest form of anticipation of thinking some other ways than initially thought to be. All these forms and factors of perception makes the human due to stability of mind and for this even the presence of supernatural elements the animals perhaps as it is so far perceived might have been wrong to say in its first impression still continue to find more and more easier ways to move out of these different classified understandings.

Is it the change and variables related to perceptions or the presence of brain with humans that compel to think over everything and anything which should have been the bone of contentions on mysterious happenings as well as haunted existences? Where it has been always difficult for humans to digest which are not so understandable for us and our terms those are that of either in the category of mystery or in the category of haunted existences. So far, no one has ever been able to understand us the presence of ghosts or haunted experiences. We have very difficult times to let our brain understand about it and continue to find different questions about it and could not solve these mysteries at any point of time.

So far even after claiming and perceiving as the excellent and masterful understanding among all living beings inside of earth we still not able to solve the simple problems of how we get oxygen or how some one at some point of time continue to see and understand something strange which could not be understandable at any point of time. All these seems to be the strangest of strange points even some of the intelligent minds of the earth seem not to solve it at any point of time. It is really strange to perceive and understand why we could not solve such problems at its fullest possibilities. Just thinks of the situation where we are in. Suppose someone is moving with dog into some of the perceived haunted place and happens to reach towards the room or the closed wall structure where it is estimated that haunted place is there.

Still to date we have not been able to understand and analyse how such supernatural elements stay and reside and not being able to understand how comes if at all it is true some would see them and some others not and these are some of the most widely accepted strangest of strange happenings. In similar circumstances, if at all a dog is there then that would bark thoses haunted elements if at all these are true. Barking at these haunted elements means there is no fear inside that dog after seeing those haunted element where as most of times humans do feel surprised and tend to not to move and their super powerful brain comes to a sudden halt due to the fact that, it could not analyse anything and that is the main problem that exists as the result of this.

All these seems to provide some sort of difficult to analyse problems to understand and it has been always difficult to find the answer to this. Where as the it is supposed that brain of dog is far inferior than that of us and for this even the presence of some unknown in that haunted place should not deter the dog to think otherwise where human brain seems not to analyse the presence to the least. After seeing the perceived and supposedly haunted elements inside, the first impression of human to analyse the presence where as the first impression of dog is not to think in the matter of mind but to think in term of what is there and it seems some other elements then bark at it and all these seems to provide some of the fascination understanding of how life move on. We tend to move everything into our brain to what we see and what we perceive into and slowly move into the zones of complete uncertainty at some times there are some of the elements were brains do not have the answer.

When brain could not find the match into what we see and perceive then there is no answer to it and that is where whole lot of difficulties meets on and that creates the most difficult part of life where we do tend to move into the stage of panic as and when brain feels so when it does not get the requisite answer when it sees something strange which we have been discussing so far. This means all of our thought processes are moving in complete synchronisation with that of brain and that is where the whole lot of difficulties lies ahead. We tend to think of our own brain as the super power of everything which is not at all completely trust to its surest of senses. That is where all such of definite confusion begins where we could not find an answer to our imminent queries.

Where as the brain of dog in that situation and circumstance seems to work in the mold of some separate processes where we do find presence of some of the most outstanding work of excellences in this particular case study in the situation of perceived existence where we do find plenty of most outstanding presence of sort and ultimately the occurrences of thinking of dog not to be afraid of such circumstances but barking at the strangest object or element out there and continue to provide some of the most awesome ways to manage what is life all about. Life is all about management of ideas as well as finding enough evidences about that nothing to fear in life as with due course of time we could find the presence of not getting answers to everything and every other in our life.

When all of our understanding through the processes of the brain follows we tend to fall in line with the sense of one of the most powerful super computer ever that is stationed on our head. If that computer does not have the logic and power to understand what goes into the creation of something strange happenings all around ours brain then we do not have no answer to it and it continues to provide some of the worst form of reactions which we currently describe here in this article. It is the matter of great research how humans should think independently of brains so as not to see the over reaction in the case of sudden appearance of such and such situations when and where it just happens to happen and that is where we need to find the alternative form of thinking in every senses and every point of senses and advancements of all such elements that comes into mind all of a sudden.

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