Dragon tale

Oh what a great road. Beautiful trees all around and zooming areas in and around here have been fantastic. Such the presence of a wide number of trees and bushes in and around these areas that has been making entire areas one of the most beautiful to watch. Moving into these areas with sound speed the motor roads in and the sounds emanating as well as the beautiful weather making the entire movement one of the most memorable ones. There has been agricultural fields in and around in those vicinities and anywhere you look at should find enough evidences of farms and food trees and that makes the presence felt in the life and sustainability of its maximum potential. There has been no sounds from humans as well as no sounds from industries.

Entire area is filled with super efficient natural energies and the fresh air and the presence of nature adding it to its optimum potential where I do wish to live here forever. The road ahead is nice and straight and both sides of it there has been long tall trees which makes the driving even more efficient. In the mean time it seems there has been some occurrences of rains out there and that has been fantastic as the pace of rain is slow and the movement of trees as well as the sudden advent of black clouds hovering here and there making entire climate darker out there. It is like discovering of the newer world and coming into terms with it with its utmost priceless possession.

Suddenly, lights that has been spread everywhere goes into the state of complete extinction due to the advent of speeding up clouds all over out there and that makes the entire surroundings difficult to manage. In that road, I was almost alone due to the long distance travel and surprisingly no one has been there and that sometimes during the course of journeys seems to me a bit of surprise to say the least. Never worries about these stuffs. I slowly move ahead and switched to my favorite music so as not to feel alone out there and moving the motor with a comfortable speed to reach out there. What a sudden change of climate out here with the most nice climate slowly changes into the stage of extreme cool as well as sudden darkness but still I admire the climate of this place.

Before moving into this long distance national highway, at the entry point people have told me that for more than 300 kilometers you should not be finding any sort of instance of civilisation as most of these roads should be full of trees, and roads. That is extremely wonderful to have it here but sometimes the senses of aloneness during the entire course of journey making me feel somewhat left out due to the basic nature of humans are that of stating inside society. Thankfully, the speed of wind is not that of great otherwise how could I stay or park the motor as entire space and place are full of extreme natural surroundings in and out here. With soothing music, I could drive the vehicle effortlessly without any such disturbances of thinkings.

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From the driving seat, I could see the entire space of horizons as there has been no mountains, no trails and entire area is plain lands. Surprisingly, even this space seems to be one of the most productivity world but still not able to see the lives as well as humans out here. Even there are no signs of wild animals. It is interesting and the more I drive towards these unknown lands I could feel the signs of strangeness out here and all these has made me to realise that these sort of presence of life and how comes these sort of lands are still inhabited in this part of the world. We know human populations is on constant rise and they have been living in different parts of the world but how comes such a log distance is still not be occupied and that suprises me but my job is to cross over these 300 kilometers to reach to the next destination.

It seems the entire space is one sort of dragon tale where every point is still as it is since the creation of the evolution of earth. Perhaps the only point of dynamic presence is that of presence of roads which run as the heartland in these mysterious place out here. Immersion natural presence is making the entire atmosphere. Soothing as well as the sense of unknown residing everywhere. After driving for almost about an hour suddenly I could see the presence of one big bungalow in the nearer to the horizon from the glass shields of motor.This suprises me to my greatest thought processes, as how could someone choose to live in this space where there is only one bungalow which seems to be standing amidst in these greener environment. It seems the bungalow is still two kilometers away from where I was driving the motor, and slowly I moved to that place as from the distance. In these dark hours, I could sense the presence of lights out there.

This raises to me many questions about how could electricity there in these spaces as there is no presence of connection out here. In the mean time the speed of rain increases to its maximum efficiency and the sudden burst of winds justify that there has been a sudden increase of winds and the imminent occurrence of the cyclone should have been in the near future. It seems that I have to reach to that bungalow at the speed of wind is at such a huge speed that at any point of time there could be all of nearby trees and that could be the most difficult proposition. Though I do not wishes to reach to that bungalow but the circumstances compelled me to do so. Even crossing those two kilometers out from these cyclonic storm to reach to that bungalow at some point of time seems to me that I could not reach there but ultimately I could reach there and when I see the back side through the lenses of rear view mirror I could see falling of road side trees due to heavy winds.

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I reached into that bungalow, which is quitely well lighted out there and surprisingly no one there at the entrance. The first question is how come electricity comes into that space and that give me utter surprise but still I have to recourse into those thoughts and move into that house due to speedier wind formations as well as faster changing climate which is slowly becoming quite hostile. Entrance was quite exotic as there has been the roads amidst the boundaries and I drove upon the motor at the gate was ajar and no one was there. Inside it feels me more cold as there has been beautiful trees and mostly these are that of rare breeds of flowers hopefully, as still-to-date I have nothing short of ideas regarding these trees. It was almost some distance drive and then I stood the motor in front of the main entrance of built-in area of the bungalow. Still, there is no one out there but, there is lighting in every area and most of these areas seems to be as if I was in the dawn time out there.

I locked down the motor and then slowly moved into that house and then I knocked on the door and to my utter surprise the door opened effortlessly as it seems not locked. All these instances are making me deeply disturbed but still I do not have to go outside due to the strongest and wildest presence of a cyclone out there and that makes me feel more frightened that the current state of events here. I moved into that bungalow and the entrance has been tremendous and entire inside area has been properly illuminated and suddenly from no where some one appears and I feel sudden shock but still continues to stay there as I do tend to get the more courage as in this mean time the only recourse and stronger point should have been to accumulate the forms and factors of courage otherwise no way out from here.

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The stranger laughs and then smiles at me. All these seems to be extremely difficult to comprehend at one point of time I wish to run away from there but I thought it is already late out. Stranger said to me that it is my place and this place waits for you for many years and I am the owner of this place. All these seems to be strange words but this continues to provide some sort of differential illogical statements to me. I stood by there and thinking about moving out from that place and going towards my motor to drive out from this strange place. It is indeed one of the most misunderstood place. While speaking about this place slowly I could understand that the sense of affinity comes tripping towards me and slowly making me involved into this place but for no reason. That ultimately brings about the wide array of changes into the forms of thinking but why my entire thought processes are slowly changing into completely different altitudes is always been difficult to comprehend.

Strangers in smiles and he said it is your place master, for years we have been waiting for your arrival and you have reached here ultimately and you have solely driven here to reach this place master and welcome to this great place. I was little bit of surprised with the utterances of the tone of the stranger. Then the stranger perhaps understood my thinking processes and then said to be mastered just looked down and then you could recognise yourself and that should tell the entire story of yours. I was a little bit of surprised as well as the sense of astonishment comes tripping into my minds and all these have made and somewhat compelled to me to listen to the words of the stranger. I looked down from there and to my utter surprise and extreme disdain I could not find the below part as it I am flying and at the stage of flying into that room. How go this is happening? Is there no gravitational force within the perimeter of this room, just makes me surprising to my complete thought processes.

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