Can humans go into hibernation?

Life never gets shorts of thinking into complete absurdity. It is the way to understand and find out the new dimensions that have been untapped and provide more and more versatile ways to understand human civilization. Still there is no trace of how could one easily conquer the occurrences of the age barrier as the distant of the is in terms of light years and continue to provide difficulties to reach out and possess its versatility. It is now clear that it is almost impossible for one mortal to conquer this world. If one goes on with the shuttle to traverse around the universe then only minuscule path could be covered as most of times the distance of the universe are so deep and unthinkable that if goes with light years still reaching there is no easier than one think of it.

Then, it is for sure almost difficult to traverse and see the real truth inside of the universe. That is why so far all these informations are not traceable due to the amount of distance of the universe. There has been many theories related to stealth human so that for the most part of journey the astronaut should be in the state of hibernations and consumer health for the longer life. It is the form and factor of big sleep that matters the most and the secret behind all these informations and its analytical excellence should be clearly drawn in order to understand the passage of processes that involve into thinking in such way. It has some other dimensions as the prolonged sleep of humans could save their life saving injuries but the primary focus on it is that can it be possible.

Just think of one of severe accident victim who is continuously nursing the form of severe injuries and in the mean time the trick of big sleep or the form of hibernation is applied and then after it the treatment begins and that could provide the awesome ways to manage and find out how that patient could be saved. Now, doctors have many such time for treatment and continue to move in such way while the patient is in the state of hibernation. Surgeons continue to their workmen fixing all such damages into organs and in the mean time the concerned patient is in a state of hibernation and that removes every possibility of failure of treatment.

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If everything becomes fine when the patient comes back to normalcy. Similarly, inside of a space shuttle meant for space voyage and discoveries when the astronaut stays in the stage of absolute hibernation so as to preserve the age and continue to move light years of the distances so that the difficult possibilities of conquering age can easily be decapitated. It is the process of suspended animation of the human where the entire biological process statically for some duration and stays on hold so as to preserve the precious life and the age of humans. Process of hibernation or big sleep or suspended animation is the pigment of imagination of science fiction, but we should never ever forget that every science fiction comes back to the path of truth at some point of time or the other.

While moving into space the single most difficult problem faced by astronauts is the advent of dangerous cosmic rays that enters into their body could play havoc into their human biological systems as well as these could spread into the earth to have very unknown diseases into human civilization. While moving into stars than you could carry lesser foods. Lesser oxygen and lesser weight for these long drawn journey and save the time for astronauts to live into these times and win their race into space flight the more practical thinking ways. In this process of suspended animation, the astronauts could be saved for further journey towards missions to Mars and different other planets of our solar systems.

In the myths it is perceived that first the human to be frozen with ice and then slowly with hot tea spoon they could reverse back to their life but all these seems not to cross the barriers of practicality and stays at the time of where they are and still in order to perform the stage of suspended animations one need to find out better scientific and medical presence in order to present these theories in practical ways. It is the truth that by lowering of your body temperature to a certain level then the processes and the biological movements of your body slows down considerably.

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It is a theoretical practice but in reality removing back to normal entity should take some time and that is why it is important to move towards the phenomenon of scientifically thinking about it instead of just thinking about the past myths. While staying at the stage of hibernation, most of processes of yours body should not slows down but should pause as there is practically many differences between pausing of biological processes and stopping of such processes and for this completely differently ways to understand the process of movement of ours body need to be recognized. What is after hibernation when the entire process should start and does not start then it should be in the stage of complete catastrophe and for this we should always be alerted and learn about it to understand its basic pros and cons.

In the process of reverting back to normalcy, we should always think that while reaching to this stage the entire process of normal life could be in the stage of entire danger due to non revival of kidney or heart processes. It has been seen that human species unable to sustain large amount of cold and in the reverse it has been seen that there has been some species which can easily withstand the force of cold and there exists the ideas that we have to create such mechanisms that can easily drive out and remove all instances of not tolerances to cold and in this ways ultimately we could move towards the enigma of reaching far greater lengths of complete reality of this fiction.

By going through all such procedures for sure we are moving to the stage where we simply moving to the stage of complete negations from the utilitarian rule. Practical rules have certain aspects and from these points it has been difficult to move but when we try hard to move these then for sure need to understand while performing such practices we have to at each and every stage confronted with the specific denials from nature. That is why it is virtually impossible to cross that barriers but to say so nothing is impossible in this mortal world. In order to move the stage of complete hibernation one need to find out the exact point of concern where there is a complete opposite to the law of nature.

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In the end human hibernation is still a concept but it seems to be better suited for space voyages of astronauts in order to survive attacks from cosmic rays, preserve age and health and reduce the cost of space voyages by lowering the amount of oxygen, foods due to prolonged state of human hibernation. By far it seems the only way to go to as it seems obvious that the processes of age in comparison to light years has been innumerable and so far there is no other ways to understand life and move to the distance part of universe with such preservation of life. The single most important part of it is that can be impossible to? In the near distance it does not seems so but there has been people who are thinking such ways and no one knowns at any point of time may be after so many years this could be possible as there are most of fictions which seems to see the light of truthfulness at some point of time or the others.

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