Can Humans Hibernate?

Last updated on April 26th, 2019 at 08:57 am

Hibernation is a computation term which indicates to sleep computers faster so that when it is switched on again all the works which you left can start again. It is completely different from the turn off a computer where it is completely turned off from the works and each time you start again then it starts from all over again.

Hibernation is different from turning off computer. How about humans go into the state of hibernation. Which means sleeping in the state for longer time and then awake from that state and then works in completely another state but the same as that of the state where they start to work again.

It is a concept where we do see the presence such concept which might come into reality and we saw this in the movies of Passengers and other science moving where we see this can perform some excellence in the times to cross the barriers of time. When space shuttle moves deeper into space and goes for the journey beyond the time limits the first and the most prominent part of it is that how to overcome the barriers of time as humans does not liv that many years.

In the times to come we can send robots into space shuttle but still to date there are no robots as good as that of humans and mind and that provides the stronger case to move towards the state of absolute hibernation where we can live to see that through the long journey, and stay in the state of complete sleep where the life does not reduce and the long sleep and then waking again in order to move from the state of absolute hibernation. What it makes is that it helps humans to conquer over time and move towards reaching to the new destination as it is clear that, humans can research more efficiently than that of robots.

There are many side effects to the state of hibernation of human beings. First and the foremost is that the state of hibernation is an imaginary concept and the way one to be going to the state of hibernation, towards the state of hibernation and waking up and that can also be questioned but it is for to awake similar state as before the state when moving into the state. How come person automatically awake from the state of hibernation in the correct manner and what if they awake at the middle of the journey and what if they do not live still the journey ends.

The Passengers moving is absolutely state this and in a nice manner, In the movie Passengers three passengers woke up in the middle, and they could not complete the long space journey but the immense question, is that what idd some outrages happen and then the power outage and the hibernate persons inside space suits woke up and this would completely end up people or astronauts and this means the entire purpose of space journey will end up. Hibernation is a good concept and humans are not robots and this means the entire process of implementation of this is going to be difficult and for this one need to analyse the complete atoms of person and in what way this should stay in the state of complete hibernation from time to time.

This means that in this process of absolute time management and reduction of person to absolute state of hibernation but still mind will work and this means that the age of people will go on despite to the state absolute hibernation will move towards success or not as the heart will work and the brain and other organs perhaps will stop at the state of hibernation but how come this works to go into the state of complete hibernation.

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