A suitcase with a false bottom

It has been really the confusing to think of how some people tend to go towards the formations and ideas dealing with how to tell the falsehood to get away from everything and every other that come into their way. When we talk about telling the lies then the same question also arises, is there the contradiction that deals with the truth versus lies. What is being called as lies could have been the sense of truth for some but the majority opinions do impact and pose the forms and factors understanding it in its fullest form and capacity. When we see the forms and factors of understanding what lies with the thinking of everything then there comes about what is right and what is wrong and then comes the judgment of which is correct.

What is there lies everything to see and find is the judgmental propositions of thinking about how such and such enormous understandings of ethics could provide the most vibrant and positive aspect of thinking about how moves on and how the perspective to understand could better move in the direction that could have more and more attached thought processes with it.

In short these are not to see the confusion between what is right and what is wrong but the way to see what is happening everywhere and how comes such strength of understanding different prospect of life could be easily detected and comes about to reach towards real confusions. What lies ahead into the thinking processes could not be categorised into a deeper sense of possessive elements where everything and every other possession could be easily finding out with due course of time. What concretes to the fact that with the form and factor attached with the conceptualization of truth we could find more and more decisive stagnation within the purview of what we called the entire processes dealing with the very possibility of reaching out to the point of truth.

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Where from the first sense and take of false we do find plenty of differential attachments that could be entangled within the sense of negativism where every possibilities reach us towards extreme negativity. How could such pre-conceived notion on everything we could find more and more information about everything and every aspect of living the life in its fullest capacity. With due course of time every forms and attachment towards telling the false hood reach towards extreme possibilities of every other forms and attachments where every actions does indicate the sense of lightness in the talk and form where every act does indicate plenty of attached thought processes where the series of lies does indicate and move towards unending path of reaching towards epitaph of failures.

When the person tells the lies then the series of attached false hood comes along with it and move towards the most deeper point of processing ideas where the senses move towards the most dynamic and attached thought processes in creating one of outstanding manners of tint of false hood that could ever be achieved in the perception. False always thinks that it is difficult to caught hold this and that is where there has been the through entry gate of such thinking processes where we do find plenty of ideas and plenty of most difficult part to understand what is life could have been and how to find these life in its most efficient and productive ways so that every aspect of understanding move into the direction of what is perceived and what comes about in its frontal presentations of ideas.

Truth has always been difficult to digest as it comes about straight forward and move into the simple direction of thought processes without any slightest point of moving into the path of alternative directions as it sees the route in straight forward manner and move into that route without anyone hurdles. It has simple point of raising the same in the manner of similar aspects and could not move towards other directions where every point of actions and mode of movements does provide enough indicative of movement forward towards complete amalgamation of thought processes thinking an tinkering with the similar perspectives. Every aspect of understanding of truth always comes forward with vivid ideas where every other generation of the movement of thought comes about with a strong proposition and move towards extreme possibilities of ideas that provide enough indicative approach towards understanding of life in its fullest and possibly widest phenomena.

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When there is stronger and wider confrontation between truth and false hood it has been seen and felt that at the first round or even in the second round the winner is falsehood but still there has been many miles to cross and what makes the most interesting part of thinking that every possible alternative to life comes forward with every aspect of understanding that at the some point of time truth comes ahead with complete form of winning and that stays always. Then, simple questions arises is that why do people from all around the world tend to speak the lie at some point of time through the forms and factors of habitual liars from these equations. Why people resorted to telling lie which could not be understood as there is always been difficulties in understanding the functions and performances of brains in its fullest capacity and the functions of brain at some point of time turns into the form and factors of falsehood for no such reasons at all.

The strength of every thought processes as usual always comes with some of the most vital aspect of understanding how life moves on and how could such dynamic presentations of life move towards every other aspects of understanding that makes every statement of life thinking in the functional efficacies and efficiencies that makes every thought and attached understanding some thing to remember. Truth has always been there and continues to provide the broader aspects of understanding and the ethical perspectives with which entire forms and factors of life clearly move on where as the other factors that embedded with life comes about and showcase that at each point of action and movement the progressive and the entire inclination towards reaching the epitaph of successes comes about and march forward with the complete advancement of findings that makes entire thinkings a ways forward to achieve everything and every other parts that comes forward with the differentiated meaning just fades away from the horizon without further semblance of notices.
Progressive ideas always come back with the senses of attached truths whereas the functional efficiencies and movement of ideas comes forward with the ideas of attached senses dealing with truth, which comes forward with nostalgic scenes of ideas where life is truth and truth is life. It has always been difficult to summarize and understand all these processes, but ultimately this creates positive aspect of living life always. It is for every individuals to think and analyses what is best and what are the worse possibilities and that is why the movement and ideas comes forward in the fastest thought processes to understand the entire movement of ideas of truth where there could be no barrings and no double speak on this and every forms of ideas comes forward with wildest and amicable ideas to generate more and more functional efficacies of life that continues to provide awesome ways to manage every possibilities be it in the zone of comfort or in the ones of distresses.

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