Monthly Archives: August 2016

Foreign funding options for corporates

After the first economic liberalization policies during beginning of 1990s, we have witnessed large number business increase in every field. This incorporates and demands probable augmentation of framework related to domestic and external markets who wish to begin their business here. It slowly shows that there is the complete advancement of funding from the global Continue Reading »

Bridging digital divide through information highway

When we talk about relevance pertaining to technology resources we do find a lot of similarities and perception about existential fences that continue to provide and break the development of technology to its fullest potential. When we talk about the term technology, there is no such stagnant point attached to it. With due course of Continue Reading »

Factors affecting customers’ buying decisions of mobile phone

Customer buying decisions on mobile phones are becoming difficult due to the advent of many choices and single impact choices in several categories. Due to advent of large number of categories in terms of technical specifications sudden rise of demand of such phones as nice and vibrant central processing units, additional RAM, advent of camera Continue Reading »

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