What life would be like today without your smartphone

Few days back during my graduate days, I read one article which is related to it. During that time, I completely depended upon the use of a windows computer and slowly the importance of internet increases in many folds due to the advent of Google as search giants. It indexes everything and provides users with valuable search results. It show case most important search results and that is why slowly internet becomes one of important mediums for accumulations of searches and getting the most of the informations generally for research purposes. Now, I do not have to remember the names of domains but straight drive into Google search provides interesting informations and that creates more and more zeal to understand and learn the internet in its fullest capacity.

Slowly, many works are slowly entering into domains of online and that creates the more and more prone to work towards complete online but the problem with laptop or desktop is that one need to seat one place to connect to internet and the realm of importance attached with complete and continuos internet for users are still not been completely fulfilled. In these times Microsoft has tried to develop more and easier ways to connect to internet with its easier modem configurations but still one need to stay indoor or sit at an office desk at a cubicle or inside car in order to understand better about internet.

During these process market leader of mobile during that time was Nokia which begins their operation for development of fully fledged mobile operating system for smarter mobile environment for users. Nokia provides symbian mobile operating system completely optimised for non-touch mobile devices. It works flawlessly and it connects to internet and it does have its own mobile store for applications and started to build most of popular mobile applications that have been there are now. It becomes widespread as during that time the emergence of EDGE mobile internet and that has reasoning speed as against the dial-up internet users.

Symbian mobile operating system able to provide awesome ways of pushing notifications for emails, sharing on basic face book the much below standard version than that of what face book lite of android app provides. During those time internet speed is so so and that provides speed of loading of such basic applications but while using such sites with Windows computer then provides more features and complete viewing experience and that does not deter the unpopularity of Windows computer during the era of symbian computers. During that time, there is no danger to a Windows computer as most of symbian powered devices provide just form of internet experiences.

Then comes Gmail and its other internet services such as Google Drive which provides many such internet extra services which slowly moves to the era of synchronisation and always on line syndrome and that moves us to the era of cloud computing at its initial stage. It provides essential importance for developing of always on internet connectivity in any devices such as mobile and smart phone devices. During the era of essential cloud computing era of symbian phones seems inadequate. For small periods of time Blackberry mobile devices have become the darling of executives and entrepreneurs who travelled all over the world and receiving the email had become essential for the sake of exchange of information.

With the advent of easier form of email in the form of Gmail slowly, able to reinvent the ways to completely free share of information faster than speed post used to be and that reinvents ours lives completely and the industry world has rediscovered this in order to implement the form and factor of just in time and complete fascinating use of time in its fullest capacity. Then, comes Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, Drop box which provides reasonable form of free storages online in the form of cloud computing to showcase and define, This makes some of interesting aspect of moving us towards complete stage of infinite use of online computing.

Whenever we move towards the stage of online computing we slowly move towards Windows computing at Microsoft. Windows are favorably the computers to work together with stable conditions such as at home, office cubicle or inside of car. On the other hand, most mobiles during those times are inadequate towards complete establishment of, online computing on the go. Most of handset original equipment manufacturers could not be able to create such form of mobile operating system that should replace desktop computing on the go. Google comes into this field. Google knows to create everything free of cost as well as it wishes all users to be always online, so that they continue to use Google related services.

When users use Google related services, it slowly gets more and more advertisement revenues from it and that is why it wishes people to stay always online irrespective of place and device they use. This is a wonderful marketing patterns that Google has been employing and continues to provide more and more definitive marketing improvements. Google then enters into the world of mobile operating system by creating android and providing the original equipment manufacturers in the form of open source operating system and that enable them to modify such operating system as per their wishes. Original equipment manufacturers continue to develop android as well as modify according to their own conveniences.

For the first time, sites such as face book converted in the form of android apps and then turns the entire face book site more and more convenient than its desktop versions and that the distance between Windows and smart phone devices wider. With the advent of Windows 8, Microsoft has tried hard to recreate the the versions of smart phone computing in the form of Windows computing in the term of charms menu and its Windows store but there are many lacunas attached with it that compels users not to adopt it in the form of mobile and smart phone devices. From such influences one part of understanding of such computing standards comes to the forefront in the anticipation of continuous existence,

In these development arenas, what Microsoft should have been doing is the creation of such an easier Windows computing so that, it should have been much easier for users. With the advent of Windows 8 we have seen the emergence of providing the more powers to original equipment manufacturers just like that of android from Google and that enables entire propagation of such define and refinement of development which we have seen the work partnerships with Samsung and other and it shows that, how such partnerships have shown complete improvement in the form of development of security as well as comprehensive powers to regenerate what the perfection of computing could have been and that is why the development of ideas and regenerations of processes are important.

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