Web master’s note: Technical difficulties

It has been the most difficult times when your goes down for sometimes. Normally, in the last week of the month, server cleanup process goes on and that is the time when should be down for ten or some more minutes. At some point of time when ‘Site Lock’ add on was installed on server, and for its activations editing of cname should be done from cPanel side and that is the whole crux of problem rises. Some web servers could not configure this in the right spirit and that makes the entire running of difficult to manage.

Mere editing in themes and from front end of and if something goes wrong especially while editing of themes in terms of editing of php files of functions and if something goes wrong then at that point website goes down.

Then you have to reach to back end server to activate but what is difficult now is that if you have site lock installation than entire files of website rerouted through site lock server and normally it does not open all the time.

It is for reasons that it does not allow to open and at times you have to wait for more that two to three days in order to open your website and that is the most difficult times as the web master as you have to wait for so long hours and during that times yours website goes down.

Server side firewall like site lock and others is good for your website as they continue to provide awesome ways to manage your website and continuous security comes about to your site and that should make your website all the time accessible. Ultimately, you want your website to be live all the time irrespective of what add-on any security you have installed within your website.

No doubt with the initiations of these add on you should find that bots and other artificial attacks on yours website reduced drastically but most of good host does have their own form of content management system such as enterprise content management system that enable in every form of shared host and continues to provide awesome ways to manage your web presence.

The most difficult part of being webmaster is that we should have complete access to cPanel hosting but if some other server level firewall are entertained within yours site than at wish moving on to these back end server does not come with your own wishes. That is why sometimes I feel not to install site lock as the theme of my website is custom made from the free theme and from time I used to edit it and customise it so as to make everything runs from the server so as to suit the need of visibility part.

Sometimes, the coding part of my website goes wrong and that makes website not reachable and during these times the need of the hour is to access the file explorer from the back end of the server and then edit it to run the website again. If any sort of server firewall is installed the editing part should come from the WordPress administration which is not advisable as with mere some fault at some place could down your website considerably.

With server firewall installed you could not access the back end server at your own wish and that should increase your tension of not making website runs and live on the internet domain. If you have not editing website and always stay with the same theme then you should not be worried too much about installing third party enterprise level website firewalls service as I do hope that most web servers are better prepared for this and they do provide awesome ways to manage such website and their own cache management and cloud server does provide huge help for web masters in great detail.

Security of wordpress is taken very seriously and it is apparent from the continuos of WordPress software by its developer, but nothing is full proof one needs to remember. That is why one need to be always alerted as well as do not allow any such third party links which could pose a security risk and could possibly provide the much anticipated gateways for hackers to enter your site. If you have not always scanning your website then it is always better to go for such enterprise level security such as site lock, norton or scuri which provides server level firewall with the introduction of reverse proxies.

There has always been two sides of the coin and if you are customizing yours theme and always look to add everything through in the forms of php programming then you should better look for always access to cPanel hosting so that you should always find the running of websites in good spirit and accessing file explorer whenever you wished to be. It is you as webmaster should decide upon this and for this it is important to understand that you should hire a good host so that many such characteristics should already be imbibed into web server system and you should not be worried about such additional form of security at any point of time.

Codeguard is the back up solutions for your website. It has nicer pricing front and it does server level automatic back ups so that whenever any chances of website are down then it recovers from its best possible backup locations. It is a life saver and it needs some server configurations initially to run. After configurations of website and its it automatically backs up website and is continued without user intervention. If you have installed any such third party server level firewall such as site lock, scurry and others when they run in the principle of using reverse proxies.

If word press is using reverse proxies then configuration of codeguard back up system does not work and even if it works in the case of back up installation process does not work automatically and that makes entire running of backing up solution to complete vague, null and void. That is why if you have been editing the php part of file explorer as well as installed some of the most outstanding back up solutions for yours website such as code guard, then it is important that you should not use any third party server side reverse firewall proxies and also you should enable server side content management system such cloud flare, Gzip and other c Panel cache management services.

As a web master you are the master of your website. It is your responsibility to provide a faster and secure website for visitors. For this yours computer needs to be cleaner and must be up-to-date to latest hardware and software updates and you should choose a secure web host that should provide nice and additional help to you when ever you need it and should provide awesome ways to manage yours website with the addition of time to time secure hosting parameters.

It is you to decide what security parameters and which security management you should employed and for this it is important to see both sides of security and then move ahead with so that ultimately website is for live all the time otherwise the sole purpose of creating it does not reach to yours own ideas of sharing informations to the world.

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