Secret of lost world and death planet

Why humans should not learn the good things from such creatures and should we not be inspired by the sheer presence of nature and the calmness of trees that has been around all over us and tend to provide the single most messages of peace all over in those arenas without any slightest bit of hesitation and should we not be inspired from it so that we should be stronger and mightiest than the standing trees so as to see the most form of difficulties passing from these routes without any form of difficulties. That is the life which every creature of earth should long for and all these animals are thinking about it and continue to respect nature except the humans, time to think of it and use ours brains for betterment of this earth in stead of becoming mad and letting ours mind to be used by other worse minds, do not be stay at the post of worst as it is the undeniably the most difficult and the most unwanted positions to have it in. 

World is a place where we do find plenty of amenities of life and strongest presence of life everywhere but with due course of advent of development we do find the strongest fillers of adventures where there has always been the mightiest presence of cement structures where we do find the lost world of lives, and it continues to be the fillers of the presentations of advent of o called dead structures and just imagine such presence of so called structures if everywhere has been all around and it continues to present one of most outstanding part of life then suddenly the smiling part of everything seems to suggest that are we living inside earth or any other dead planets just think serious about it as we do known that what is earth is famous for and then we do find that if we continue to make this earth as the same that of Mars or other planets all around here then slowly we do move forward to the similar concepts of dead planets. 

Just think seriously about this phenomenon where in every spheres of life if slowly be replaced by the presence of such dead structures then slowly everything should be replaced and existences of lives could not find its spheres and then slowly we do find everything should seem to be at the dead end of structures and then how come we do live in such state of situations are all these are not the signs of food of thoughts for all of us and should we think not about all these in complete detail so that everything we do find should provide awesome ways to manage and find more and more information from it in fullest length of it. Think about it though humans are increasing their strengths but slowly they also continue to destroy one another in the name of religion and that creates that even humans are slowly disappearing from this world. 

It is the sources of war that brings about the most recognizable aspects of peace formulas but still we do find that more and more people are dead due to the continue war in terms of terrorism which is the most fatal form now. In this world of continuous news where we do have source feeds of every news channels of the world at outs doorstep but still we do find that most of these days such acts of terrorism is shaking the world and that continues to provide the single most dangerous aspect that should we as humans will end ours species by killing all ourselves then who would worships religions then as we do know religion is for humans not for other animal or birds species and if such act of terrorisms and killings of human beings continues unabated then one days we do find that only the cement structures are standing here and there and there are no occupants inside of it as there could be the chances of extinguishing of human populations all over the world if this war of this sort of nature continue for another year. 

I do not know such continuance of mass killings going to justify this and there is no consideration of people?s involvement with it as if it continues to provide more and more diversify ways to manage and justify this which can ultimately spell the doom?s day for human civilisations which can see the similar fate of that of what the dinosaurs have one day far behind and that is the most difficult phases of life which we should think about it as we cannot destroy human civilisation blindly as it is one of most precious species in the history of earth and we should continue to build this race and its strongest possible mentalities in order to find more and more recourse and more and more strongest possible ways to manage the life what it ought to have been. Where is the love between humans as we still not able to find the complete and perfect answer about and continue to feel the form and factors of dissertations all over into it. Why is such hatred and that too been seen in the faces of educated persons as we know more we educate ourselves the more we became soft and more we love the earth but it slowly becoming and moving into another way which is not so desirable in this sort of world scenarios and that is why we should move forward and find the most desirable form of respecting this world and its living creatures. 

Why we are becoming so negatively in our attitudes and why we do listen to other?s interpretations while something very important? Why we should not listen to our heart instead why we listen to what other; s interpretation it should we not consider everything in terms of our most passive and most prudent ways to manage these forms of understandings? We are educated but still not being understanding what these meant for as we should look forward and understand everything about life as it can bring forward the single most forward prudent for need and remove the poverty instead of killing masses? All these seems to be the most philosophical thoughts but in realities all these do present and represent the lives which earth is famous for. So far, till the date we do not find any source of additional planets nearer or far away where we do find the simple presence of lives. Initial form of lives is not there anywhere so far not been discovered. Human is the living animal with very complicated structures and the most difficult part of human is that of its brain and  its structure which is completely unpredictable in nature and no one can predict how it is going to behave and how such state of continuous thinking within part of some humans tend to think of destroying this world which should be and must be the work of most mad people. 

While watching one of advertisement for Gadget Guru show on NDTV, I watched one anchor wishes to mute another anchor of course jokingly by developing such state of dashboard so that minds of such people can be controlled remotely if this is possible then it could have been the single most possible ways to recognise that we do find more and more possible ways to making humans as have machines. Is it desirable to think so or is it the world we do find to live inside about? Should we not be about seriously thinking about not to create such nanobots so that ultimately the single most possessive passages of life is all about seeing the lives in every form and spheres as if we continue to see this world as it is then it is the form and face of life that makes the entire living and entire atmosphere of understanding to make it the single most understanding ways to see the lives. 

We see lizards in home in most of rooms as it is due to presence of humans lizards tend to live there and if at any home there is no people then for sure there should not be presence of any such lizards anywhere in any part of room as this is not the most surprising part of understanding as when we continue to see such form and factors of life we tend to find that such presence does provide huge presence of live all over and everywhere which we continue to find in clearest form of letter and spirit. As we love animals so as we do find presence of similar love from animals to humans as they wish humans should live and should live happily and friendly without any form of objectionable identification of any sort of disturbances of life that we tend to find in most of forms the single most aspect which we do find that we do search for and should we look for presence of such state of peacefulness in every spheres and every arenas of life that continues to exists most of times. 

Have you watched the presence of squirrels and its mindsets while it moves from arenas to areas inside any sort of cluster of bushes? If you have not already done so then you should see it from the distance as if you go closer than it can be frightened and the behavioral aspects of it should be completely ignored in the first place. Life is about it as we do find most of creatures which are living beside us tend to fond of ours presence and as humans we should look at sort of behaviors to understand the importance of humans and importance of such presence in this vital world should be seen in complete detail in order to find more and more positive and finding the most anticipated form of loving human civilizations. Squirrel has a tendency to look at you by seeing from the behind and then move to its own places. This goes on to signify the measure of love of these animals towards humans civilization as we tend to move forward and find the most anticipated form of understanding the world in terms of many forms we do find that in every hints of nature we do tend to understand that there are more to follow for us that we single handedly anticipated to have it in the wildest form of imaginations. 

It is the life that continuously teaches us about many forms and it also lets us understand the path of life where with due course of time with the advent of many forms of life we do find every forms of happenings and that makes entire movements of life the single most learning grounds for all of us and that makes learning of life entirely beautiful. It is all about learning from nature not learning from any one, it is about learning from trees, animals, species and other and that makes the beauty of life the single most passionate ways for complete and comprehensive ways to understand what the life could possibly have it. How other living creature all around we tend to learn from us. There is one park nearer to sea beach where in the morning as well as in the evening times people tend to flock over there for jogging, walking and other forms of exercising components so as to be fit as well as take strongest possible presence of clean air all around in those locations so that it tend to make them healthier and find the most anticipated ways to live the lives so that ultimately find the presence of life in its most strongest possible forms. The watchman has two dogs and they tend to roam around here and there and most of time they tend to run inside those tracks like the humans as this goes on to show that most of these animals all around us tend to look us and observe in clear cut term and understand what the life could have been and how live the lives that has been there for many of us to think in clear cut and most visible ways. 

Moments of truth has never ever been engaged into the most comprehensive ponderable of thoughts which have never ever been suggested into and it slowly and profoundly turning into the single source of momentary truths where in every possible ways it provides awesome ways to manage life that has never been so called in its strongest possible attendances reminds every now and then the presence of idea of life. That is the worst possible ways to understand where there is the strongest possible materialistic presence of thinking into the world as it is so and it thus continues to provide one of most awe some ways to change and thinking of life that could have changed the strongest possible ways to understand how such standards of life could possibly ever hard find the most unsatisfiable ways to understand in the most widely accepted and strong suggested ways.

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