Secrecy in God-Devotee relationship

Every relationships has the efficacies for strongest desire for privacy and intimacy that enables every other persons to move towards the state of ultimate perfection which tend to move towards complete and marvelous revelation of stupendous adventurous intimacies that enables the secrecy elements that might not be open to the outer world. Among all such relationships in the principal amount of relationship are the relationships between God and devotees. It is usually kept in complete secrecy and should be related to God and devotee and no one else should be attached with it. Great Odia poet Mayadhar Mansingh in his famous sonnet namely ‘Three Sonnets’ where he wants and wish that his intimacy between God and himself should be a state of complete secret, and should not be known to outer world, as he thinks if the revelations between he and God becomes open to outer world then it might prove to be dangerous.

He was right while describing such intimacies of relationships where every such state of relationships should be secret and should not be considered as others. It is the enormous form of secrecy that empowers this relationship, and it is in such state of beauty which comes from the power of secrecy. If anyone inadvertently comes forward and understand yours relationships with Lord, and make it open then ultimately it could have been doom’s day for devotee and for this it is important for devotees to keep all these in the form of extreme secrecy in order not to allow interference from so called trespassers. One need not allow such the state of indiscreet action which could inadvertently stop the flow of devotees towards the stage of complete flow of devotions towards Lord and it is important in order to keep this in complete secrecy. One need to understand that the relationships between God and devotee are extraordinary and cannot be measured and cannot be restricted with the so called disturbances from outsiders.

One need to always devote completely to God and should not ever think about revelations of these relationships as all these should be on the God. In terms of benefits from time to time one can find the presence of such benefits and such benefits prove to be the state of revelations of such relationships and in this way other people comes to know about such divine form of relationships between God and devotee. I n brief such state of relationships has never ever been secret, but God reveals it in terms of periodical benefits occurs to devotee from God from time to time. The form of such relationship is such a state of utmost possibility that ultimately such state of devotion and define relationships comes forward and provide strongest form of bonds which is clandestine in nature and it is the ultimate form of sacrosanct affair which no body ever able to understand except of the devotee concerned. It is one of most wonderful relationship which can ever be explained as in reality this never ever been in the state of clandestine as from time to time with the grace of God, we do find the form and factors of enormous supplicant which from time to time shows the factor of ultimate attention and in this way the entire society comes to know about it completely.

There are many snapshots of relationships between God and devotee and these are in the form of numerous factors such as, prayers, reaching to temples, concentrations, fasting, complete surrender and complete devotions. These cannot be explained within simple words as it changes from devotee and continue to provide more and more secret towards complete form of engagement where we do find complete state of expression and complete surrender to the devotion of God at every instance. This relationship should be perceived as the term of complete darkness to others but to the devotee it should be the brighter than even the noon time of summer. One of the brightest example of God-devotee relationships could be seen in the form of Sudama who happens to be the child hood friend of Lord Krishna but he was so poor but still God does not see him in term of this but observe his complete devotion towards Him and as his deed continues to provide the cleanest form of devotion which could be entangled and continues to comes out in terms of various forms of devotions towards God.

They continue to Love the presence of Lord and continues to pray for him day in and night and when the time of distress comes God helps them out from these situations and then the people know that it is the presence of God that makes all the difference and that is beauty of this God-devotee relationships but still it is difficult to find out. Another such instance of God-devotee relationships comes in the form of Bhima Bhoi who happens to be blind and devotee of Lord Jagannath. His life completely devoted to Lord and his entire life always dedicated to God. Bhima Bhoi once falls into a pit, and rescued by God. God is mentioned in the form of personal and rescued him. One wonders why such state of relationships could not be maintained in complete secrecy. This is the most difficult part of life to understand, for the life long devotee continues to keep the secrecy of such the state of divine relationships but it comes out into the open with the presence of various supplicants given to devotees from time to time and ultimately this stays forever and continues to move towards the state of complete sacrosanct affair.

God never ever let his devotee to be lost in the state of complete loss or obloquy. It is always revealed and continues to stay in the minds of people of generations. This means God never ever forgets his devotees even after his death. The ever expanding questions that continue to pose so many different questions that why such state of relationships could not ever be stays in secret and why such state of perfection relationships always stays open? Some say that these forms of relationships are in the state of an oxymoron for the state of an open secret. Every secret ultimately comes out in the open as every secret tends to move forward and comes into open one day and this means that nothing can be kept in the form of secret. The relationships between God and devotee are an open secret and one days it comes out in the open. It goes on to show that God might create so many instances where such state of relationships could come into complete openness for others to feel and find and that is the most beautiful aspect of understanding the form and factors of God which continues to find their presence everywhere.

The answer to this question is impossible as the more we enter into the state of understanding the answer to this question we have a tendency to find more and more unanswered questions henceforward. It seems that such the state of understanding of the aspect of existence of such relationships within realms of God-devotee relationships is beyond our state of understandings and beyond our knowledge base and that require us to understand that the entire processes are beyond our understanding levels.

The decoding and revolutionary aspects of understanding such state of relationships has always been difficult to decipher and the more we tend to think of it we tend to enter into the phases of complete anonymity where we slowly moves into ours own phases of such complete relationships, where we tend to build upon ours own God-devotee relationships and continues to keep it in complete secrecy.

Sheer majesty of presence of God within realms of devotee makes him confounded within the realistic state of boundaries where every reasoning parameters moves out from this and slowly move towards complete process of salvation where with due course of time we do find the presence of God in the realm of every entry and exist points of ours thought processes. In realty, the interactions have never ever appeared to be in the state of the secret. It might be the wish of God to reveal it in the appropriate time and it continues to provide awesome ways to understand the different aspect of God-devotee relationships.

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