Revelation of Lord Jagannatha

In the eyes of devotees, the presence of the Lord in conscience has more significant values additions than seeing in the present. Lord stays always with him irrespective of each and every portions of thought processes as well as assimilated amalgamation of attached thoughts that continues to provide awesome and well managed ways to understand what consists of life and what is the importance of divine presence with it. Lord Jagannatha in the eyes of the common man does not move yet. He is there everywhere. He is omnipresent and resides everywhere and whichever stage we are we could find him. He does not move yet everywhere the presence of this noble Lord can be seen and perceived with.

Whatever ingredients of the earth we are seeing and experiencing we tend to find him everywhere. It is true that in the holy car festival servitors perform the holy ritual ‘pahandi’ which is the compounded and assimilated form of unitedly move Lords from sanctum sanctorium towards the three chariots standing in the front of grand road the Lion’s gate, and it is the assimilated efforts of all these servitors who try hard to take the Lord for journeyy. Still, it is not so, even if we perceive that Lords cannot move but still we could find that in this year we find Lord Ballabhadra could not move, despite every effort being carried out by servitors but all efforts gone in complete vain out there.

So, the notion that the Lords cannot move is completely negated with this incident where despite every effort being done by servitors Lord Ballabhadra stays there for a longer time. This goes on to prove that whenever Lord wishes than the performance of ‘Pahandi’ comes from other that where we have found so many instances where the power, proud and boastfulness of humans simply goes into complete vain and turns into the shreds of ashes. That is why in every sphere of life when we think if any such important assignments, come forward and move towards important considerations we could find that presence of Lord and various important symbolic presence we could find in many spheres of life.

One such incident I personally find worth mentioning as that incident is very significant considering the subject of the article we here talking about. Time and again I reached to Nrusinghanath Temple nearby, and I used to reach there and then stays during morning ‘Alati’ which is the showing of lights to Lord and there I stood, praying Lord, or my wishes. Then. In the night I saw one dream, where advice from Lord is that not to ask for wishes as he knows everything.

This means Lord is there everywhere even nearer to devotees, and he understand the brain of devotee in complete detail and that is why, he hopes devotee to come to his place and see the powers and receive the powers from eyes of Lord and all these are so much of prudent and importances attached with form and performances of life that during every field of understanding Lord is there.

Lord is limitless, he has not derivations and he is there everywhere nd we just have to find his presence and follow him. He is far away from us yet. He is nearer to us. Famous Odia poet Gopabandhu wrote that in order to find the presence of Lord we should not move to distant directions in order to feel and see Lord but in stead we should see ours inner vision and presence of inner presence within realms of ours to find the presence of Lord.

Some other poets also provides importance of being nearer to Lord, which is that one should not find hopelessness while nearer to Lord, it might have been late for fulfilment of yours hopes and aspirations but still there have been many such ways and findings where one could move forward and find the presence of Lord and showering of blessings that should provide enough increase of thought processes and performances of achievements where one should not often be carried out from such the state of complete salvation.

Lord has been close to those people, who always focuses with him and Lord always stays with him and always finds him always and that makes entire part of thinking processes comes about and finds the most desirable aspect of livings. Lord Jagannatha is master of universe and supreme of cosmos and finds many aspects of understandings, and his worship is present from the time of immemorials and devotees feel the presence of Lord everywhere.

Many researchers believe that the worshipping of Lord Jagannatha comes about before Vedic Period. Vedic Period is from 1500-1200BC. Vedas are rich is religious scriptures which are written in Sanskrit and being passed to generations from generations through memory. Presence of worshipping of Lord Jagannath goes beyond the ages of Vedic ages. It is the source and presentations of power of Lord that makes entire differences of thoughts and it being carried out from generations to generations of devotees and is continued.

Tree worships has been prevalent much before advent of multiplicity of Gods. Incidentally, construction of Lord Jagannatha from time to time, during the advent of periodically nabakallebar the construction of Lord which comes from sandal trees, and that incidentally provides the key formations and notion that the cult of Lord Jagannatha, should be there much before Vedic Ages.

Though all these are meant for more research and should be an interesting form of assessment considering the amount of collaborative evidences that comes out from all these understandings provides ample opportunities to convey the importance of presence of Lord Jagannatha and could possibly the oldest worshipping idols but all these are subjects for researchers to find these informations out.

Lord Jagannath is constructed upon holy wood and that signifies the importance attached with the ancientness of worshipping of Lord and that makes and justifies the immense importance attached with it. Devotees feel that presence of Lord there even before time, space and energy existed. In the form of science Lord existed much before Bing Bang theory where it is estimated that cosmos is created. God will also serve as there at the end of universe. In the science term God will be there even after big crunch.

Lord Jagannath is single entity and the world is made from him and he distributes energies and slowly he also ends the world and the world assimilated with him at last. Lord moves in one of mysterious routes which does not depend upon air, light and even during the times of big crunch he continues to move normally as he has created the world and if requires he would destroy the world to make it another new world for all of people. He is omnipresent and one should not worry about finding Lord as he is there for every people who believes in him and continues to monitor him.

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