Rath Yatra 2016

One could find that at some point of places during these festive occasions some people are giving free water pouches to people and distributing them and people tend to take these due to advent of strongest and mightiest form of humidity during these occasions but still one need to remember that during all these years one can find the more and more positive aspect of finding that it has been seen that these water pouches does have contaminated waters and mostly these are ordinary waters packaged in the form of mean water. Like these people should take all such immediate and essential precautions so as to enable people to understand the sense of complete health. Health is precious and it is the most prominent part of living standard and it is priceless and most proficient form of understanding how such trends of health can move and enable you to augment the extreme form factors that can have the most determined aspect of living standards.

There has been many security implementations in and around Puri town having many streets are closed and some are opened for two wheelers as well as four wheelers and many battalions of security forces are out there in streets guarding people and watching out for any miscreants so as to present the form of one of most securest form of environment out there. Entire spaces of the grand road of Puri from where the three holy cars of Lords to be moved by millions of devotees are completely wi-fi zones. It not only provides free Internet services but also it does provide one of the better ways to keep the close eye on people and that makes secure the most vital point of focus. There has been many instances of free food for people and most of these free foods are from independent organisations and the continue to provide such foods to devotees without demanding any money from them.

Car Festival in Puri:

This is a nice gesture though there has been some other organisations which are alleged to provide free foods but what the money they receive from central organisations is of higher amount but they provide cheaper foods so there are some of the other forms of permutations and calculations which we all have to take serious note of but there are sufficient forms and factors of people who are distributing such foods free of cost to each and every people out there. There has been many shops which they have been reaching from far and wide corner of Odisha and some of them from India. They offer local products but with higher costs and that worries the buyers out there. Most of these products rates higher than normal cost and most of experienced buyers thought very much interested in shopping there but still not interested in buying due to the advent of the cost factor.

In this era of cut throat competition in the segment of consumer market and efficient product pricing we do find that such shops which appear due to promotions of government as most of these shops are sponsored from government and their travel costs and other expenditures has been taken over by the states but still when one buyer asked why you have priced so high for this product they say that government does not provide money for food and for this they charge more to buyers which is a completely vague argument and government and administrations should always take the note of it and there should be a regular price standardisations so as to preserve the right of consumers in correct and implementing senses to point out the most positive and vital aspect of understanding how the performance and system of understanding such processes runs smoothly without any slightest form of hesitations.

From the next year government should keep a close eye on the pricing front so as to present some equity and good pricing from such local vendors. There has been some foods which are on sale during these festivals which are mostly renowned for its ready to eat foods but these are mostly polluted with bad waters and most of times flies and other insects reach to it and for this it is important not to eat such foods during these times. It is important to take foods from some good and clean hotels which are there on the sides of roads and mostly are permanent hotels and from this it is important to note that, during such festive occasions one need to be extremely cautious of such health hazards and should always opt for good foods and should opt for such street foods at all at any point of instances. There might have been chance of stomach related diseases as the result of this and for this it is always important to go for cleaner foods.

For the last ten days I was completely off line from writing articles for this blog. I was completely busy with some other works and now am comparatively free from that work and back to my writing job which is one of the greatest passion which I always prefer to be in and continues to provide some of the most awesome ways to manage my intrinsic artistic findings for the betterment of expressions of thinkings and most of time the performance related with logical enhancements does make it one of the most widely anticipated platforms to write something special within these specifications. It was festival time in and around Puri of Odisha which is renowned world wide for car festival and many people expected to flock into here to see how the Lords come to outside to show His presence and shower his blessings to people all over.

There has been many lost and find center during this festive occasions and if any relatives of yours is lost then both lost and the relatives should reach to these specific informations centers so that these informations centers should correlated and coordinate with each other and then yours lost persons could be contacted immediately without any need for yours search functions. All these informations should be conveyed to yours family and each member of family who are attending car festival so that if that happens they can immediately reach to lost and find centers and that can enable them to reach out to them and instead of searching for yours lost ones you should reach to such centers and they coordinate with each and every nodal centers so that you should not have any difficulties in reaching out to each zones. They even announce names and details in sharp sounds and that should make you understand and reach out to such people without any such difficulties.

During such festive occasions, you could find many such rare toys and some rare shoppings which normally does not appear in the streets on the rest of years. Such is the Mathura cake which name does not indicate so but still it does provide one of most awesome ways to understand that such is the trends of marketing of such that even people who know that consuming such foods does deteriorate health and could possibly provide strongest health hazards but still they could not suppress their wish for eating out such foods which is one of most vital aspect of human psychology. There has been instances of such experienced and well educated persons could not suppress their intimations towards eating such foods and that is the most complex part of the human brain which till to date no body able to understand in complete detail. In this era of extreme media suaveness we have seen every smallest part of instances snow balling into large instances without to attract premierships but still there needs to be instances of exercising cautions in these circumstances so as to provide one of awesome ways to manage and formulate the most stipulated forms of understanding of what the right and what the wrong should have been.

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