Is there a life after death?

Is there a life after death? Does the death is the gateway to another life. Why does one could not remember the process of death? These are few of mysteries which till to date are so very difficult to solve. Humans tend to observe and work hard to solve the mysteries of life. This has been because of the tendency of humanity to learn that they are rational species. They have a tendency to search for rationality in every sphere. Death is the truth of life. It is the biggest and possibly the most mysterious among all mysteries that has been existed in the realms of the world.

People fear for death. Much has so many death phobia and continues to find this awkward and difficult to believe. There has been many questions and many apprehensions among different spheres of humans as they work hard to find out what constitutes death and what else life after death. It is true to say that so far not a single person who has seen the life after death goes on to show case and prove the rationality behind this.

Death is the truth of life and it is real and time and again it shows its existences. Should death brings about the end of life or is there a life after death as all these been are tremendous and most important aspect of understanding and it goes on to show that these forms of actions and its related repercussions should enable us to understand how the life and its end of it could possibly bring about the most anticipated changes.

It is difficult to decipher as there is no single person inside of the earth should provide the clear cut answer to the life after death. Human being is the rational animal and tend to see every form of existence in term of rational angle and so far there is no single thought that can prove that a person comes back after death and could possibly provide the answer about what is the life after death. Where humans tend to move after death and what is meant by the process of death. Is there in the end of everything after death?

There are just so many vital questions arises and it continues to puzzle humans in their wildest form of imaginations. In terms of thinking religiously one could find that humans take rebirths and it continues in different forms and species in accordance with their thoughts, actions, knowledges and it determines what persons should get the birth of humans or of some other species. It is interesting and considering to birth again in the form of humans. Persons tend to simplify and corroborate their life with good jobs and it does provide a huge form of amplifications of satisfactions so that in the next birth they should be human again.

Some say there is no other place than earth and no one goes to anywhere and comes from anywhere where we do find some of the most realistic and materialistic thoughts of life and this continues to provide the most awesome ways to manage the basic ideas of living the life. Some find the birth and death are part and parcel of life and most of these go on in the form of cyclic formations and movement of such ideas goes on in the cyclic form. If that so then why so many people are hearing about deaths and why there are apprehensions and fear of what comes after death. Then comes the story of soul which never dies.

Soul never dies. This is the perceptions from religion. It is the soul which is important as it stays within the realms of the material body and that is why the entire body moves and stays with it still the soul remains with the body. After death should go out from the body and moves out of it and search for it in some other body and that is where different speculations about it come about. That is why the work is God and humans tend to live with it and continue to provide some good deed so that the soul while reaching out to the next body should be more that satisfied with the newest form of livings.

It is the work and good deed that makes human remember for ages. Till to date, we are remembering great humans who have performed exceedingly well during their lifetime. Good deed never ever goes on to waste even after the death of that person as it continues to provide most awesome ways to manage life and also people got inspired from it and does provide huge amplification of life in return and people continue to remember such people for ages. It is believed if you have performed exceedingly well in one life then it’s good and better effects come upon the next life where your soul finds. That is the reason why one should always think good and do good in order to have the greatest form of lifestyles.

In great epic Mahabharata. Bhisma has to stay with the arrow bed during the entire war as this is because of one of his bad deed in his previous life. In him before life he unintentionally insert one sharp needle inside the body of a small fly and in this life he has to sleep over a narrow bed for so many days. That is why most of these incidents tend to create one of better environment to create one of most outstanding form of environment where one tend to concern about existences of such outstanding work so that people should remember even he is not there as well as in the next life the person should have a better form of living styles that could make the process of his continuous life better.

Knowledge is the most precious part of life. There is no other wealth compared to have such standard of the greatest form of knowledge accumulations. When we share knowledge with others, it continues to grow. While sharing of knowledge it has multiplicity characters. No thief can steal knowledge. It is precious and it controls the mind and it deletes all such existences of any such bad ideas. It improves thought processes considerably and it makes a better human. There is no comparison between wealth and knowledge. We leave all such wealths after leaving this world. After death, we could not enjoy wealths.

Where as knowledge continues to stay even after the deaths. People continue to learn from it and understand it and also could take inspirations from it as the process of knowledge continues to flow. These knowledges transformation from one life to the other. When we think of multiple lives and when we tend to see the form and factor of life even after death of the person and with the new lease of life or rebirth when we tend to find that these entire processes of learning transfers into ours next birth and that is why the knowledgeable persons tend to take the life easily if there is the believe of next birth.

When a knowledgeable person tends to learn the older learning after a lot of years they find that it is easier to learn that the person who has not learn anything and tries to learn how the same subject. This is the significance of life which we should learn from it and that is why the importance of knowledge determines how the life moves on. It is the form of the environment that matters the most where we tend to find the revelations and importance of transformations of knowledge in this life with adequate environment at their disposal. Still to date we do not have any such idea about what is the life after death and what it is there after death but the process of fear should enable and compel us to understand that the process of these births and rebirths should make us understand the importance of life there on. India is assured not over confidence and complacent.

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