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In this era of multinational ventures where coordination between different branches of enterprises all across the globe has becomes the norm and for this perfection of networking as well as centralised concept of central database systems which should empower every elements of organisations to move towards perfections of excellence. It is the norma and should be the practice to implement core networking solutions all across branches of entire enterprises, where perfection networking among different layers of organisation staying at different geo-locations should not be performing any sort of difficulties all across entire phases of organisations. By integrating diverse branches into single core systems the normal functions of organisations should not be any difficulties to perform. Inter office reconciliations, book keeping and other general functions automatically updated all across entire branches of enterprise and thus it provides more and more ways for people of organisations to deal with themselves with other functions and this enable more and more productivity and work related functionalism to perform in excellence.

Most of these enterprises should have been resorted to the state of this core efficiency of functionalism and should have been implemented similar or more versatile software and server systems for their organisation but what differentiates them from all of these is the importance giving towards meeting of work efficiency as we know what ever the systems are implemented the final word is to arrive towards excellent functionalities that is related with working of office staffs and executives who should be dealing directly with these functions. It is efficiencies and standards of work outputs of internal staffs that should determine perfection of excellency of organisation and if this goes on in right manner then the march towards perfection of growth mechanism should not be deterred by any sort of advent of extreme competitions among immediate niche marketing functionalisms.

Inadequacy of communication mediums between customers and organsiation is the prime source of disatisfaction and it is the customer care that assocites every bit of decision making of organisations that should go a long way in determining how such an organsiation functions and how such state of organisation is going to perform excellence and in which way these untapped possiblities should be tapped and bring forward towards common excellence parameters that should make every form of decision making going towards absolute perfection. Even in a sub standard enterprise with excellent customer service just creates perfection of parlance between organisation as well as different attainment of organisations to perform and excel in every field. This means every organisation needs a perfection of excellent communicator which is not so an easier task.

Networking of branches and implementation of central data base Systems:

It is the most difficult task to communicate with each other and convey in a clear cut manner to the clients and listening to what their privileges should have been. One need to be a good listener and should have patience to listen what the clients should have been talking up as well as what the clients aimed to wish to have information as all these informations need to be taken into deepest form of communication and understand what are their specific parlance view should have been. To have a successful career in these enterprises as one should have been an excellent communicator as well as should have provided the single most parlance of reaching towards perfection of achieving these results in clear cut and wonderful manners. For most part we just forget to understand that the communication is a mental process, most of times communicators seems to forget that these are the processes which deals with talking front to front but in reality it is the most generated processes where one convey the process of information from one entity to the other.

First the communicator creates one image of what he intended to convey and then that image moves through the environment mediums and environmental mediums and then slowly moves to the receiver and it is important for received the same image that communicator creates should stay in the similar manner without any such of variety of processes. Then, that process of images needs to be completely checked into so as to find the exact process of thought processes with the conveyed wish to convey into. The most powerful difficulties of unravelling the process of communication is to find out what the related psychological parlances as well as process of defining entitlement to move towards the perfection of attendances of understandings the series of processes which enable the entire and clear cut mannerisms of what are the conveyances of understandings that should make entire processes completely visible to understand.

Transactions stimulus:

In every part of differentiation, there has been always the psychological part which deals with the science of transactional analysis to understand and create perfection and sense of understandings to move towards excellent communication mediums to move towards no ambiguity of substances involved. Transaction analysis clearly deals with movement of perfection of interactions between two people who aim to provide the perfection of communication between each other without the slightest form of hindrances from any such external environmental variables. It has been seen and perceive when one or more people stand together then sooner or later they should talk to each other on varieties of subjects and one should be initiator as well as the other should be receiver and then vice versa and entire process of communications begins and ends with it. These processes are called transactions stimulus which enables one person to talk with the other in the present and these are psychological parlances which every normal human beings tend not to ignore the wildest possible imaginations.

When one person speaks of through the process of transaction stimulus that enables the other person to speak it out and then the entire process of communications begins. There are some transactions which are brief and most of these are completely affected by environmental presence and that makes thorough process of communication makes it the most wildly accepted communication mediums. In the office, communicative situations when such transactions between office staffs and clients are seen then it is the communications between two virtually strangers. What is difficult to understand here is that man has multiple nature and there are many humans are inhibited into it and most of times, one cannot know which form of humans are interacting with it and that is most difficult part but through actual process of conveyance of transactions analysis one could reach towards absolute perfection of understanding of what the frontal person is speaking to or wish to convey into so as to make the perfection of transaction analysis through excellent bit of understandings.

Transaction analysis is the perfection of psycho-analysis which deals with ways of communication between humans while talking with each other. It has been seen that transaction analysis between the same species of animals has been excellent and they could communicate with each other without any slightest forms of difficulties. When you talk with a person and looking straight into his or her eyes and facial changes and ways of manners and etiquette before him you could find the element changes that has been occurring in his face and sometimes you could find another person or some other person that is talking with you and that should surprise you even if you know that person in reality terms. That is the entire process of transactions analysis which we are talking about, even if you know the person in clear cut manner but you never know while talking on specific subject which part of facial expression coupled with his movement of eyes could coney you what sort of persons you are talking about, and that is what makes entire psycho-analyses of persons is very difficult to understand.

All these processes of informations move through the series of events which entangled into internal as well as external influences which makes entire process of brain power as well as functioning to move through different bit of movements in which entire movement of understanding to go through clear cut and excellent manners. The first five years of a child are single most important events for complete development of childs. The internal influences deals with interactions as well fellings of child as well as dealing with external events such as behaviour of parents as well as their understandings has far and wide connotations on behaviour of child to determine the understandings as well as perfection of behaviour makes it excellent and perfection of understandings what the feelings and standards of behaviour and development of personalities within perispheres of individuals convey at its best. Ours brains work in complete coherent and complete performance was and it shows us how to understand the flow of informations as well as the process of understanding the process better. It stamps every events not only in its image forms but also in its psychological perspective and when all these processes of inadequate psychological parameters does not make the perfect headway of events ultimately it amounts to transcations analysis to perform and specify the work standards of its accumulation of understandings the process of informations better with differential standards of informations.

Three ego states of humans:

Brain records every events in the same sort of categories and tries to record every events in the same set up informations which not only makes it more understandable but also make entire process of complete information towards understanding it better in many ways as it slowly it comprehends and understand entire process in its way of feeling it the same ways as it should have been as every events just been printed and males it entirely understandable in its complete and coherent manner. With every human there exist three states of egos, parents, child and adult. Ego processes are forms and factors of realties which humans associated after they born into this world. Still to date, the child is inside mother?s womb there is no chances of existences of ego states but slowly after reaching to this world the child faces different path of ego states and it categorised into three states and the brain of child categories these in accordance with its conveniences.

First ego state of child:

So, long as the baby is inside mother?s womb there is no signs of presence of any such ego states so far as of now, as entire environment is of dark, calm environment which does not affect heavily to child as he or she remains in the state of constant environmental variables. Birth is definitely the most difficult phase for child. For the first time the baby feels the presence of outside weather as well as outside environment and it does make it feel not so comfortable out. Slowly. The presence of such state of unpleasant environment does make baby crying out louder and expresses its unpleasantness by crying and this becomes the first ego state.

In the initial years the child could not express itself and during these formative years the child continue to see the feelings as the forms and factors of feelings does not come upon and it continue to provide the child more and more ways to understand the specific setup processes where the manner and the intension of the child is to find out different emotional state and slowly built its formative ego states. During these formative years, the child witnesses the prolonged temptation towards different emotional states such as fear, joy, happinesses and anger. He showed all these with its formative and continuance part through the expression of jump, laughing and crying when it necessary and all these forms important part of development of differential ego states that empowers the child to look into deeper into the forms and factors of understanding all these empowering actions that makes entire understanding the life and signs of understanding the development process of child.

Differential emotional cognitive content:

That same child with you always stays with you, even if you have grown up and from time to time the state of child always comes with you with differential expressive emotional cognitive content which can be viewed from time to time with the proper explanation of transaction analgesics. If such state of extreme favor which is co compounded with the further additions of state of attentiveness within brain child framework of an adult can be called as the state of the adaptive child in the Child ego state. If you child is natural in its presentations towards environment as well as goes on carefree does create the sense of natural child who act on behalf of presence environment as and when the situation demands so as well as does indicate the presence of nicer and wider anticipated environment to make it more and more wonderful to begin with.

It is evident that the prosperity of child ego state does comes upon towards the most possible of past recorded data which continues to stay within the framework of child and continue to present more and more definitive forms of understanding the entire process of making the life more and more clearer in terms of clarity if understandings and reasoning. It is evident and conformed that without physical parents or guardians it is almost impossible of the child to survive and continue his life. So. It is evident that it is the necessity of the child to observe and move along the way of physical parents to survive and learn their actions in accordance with the present circumstances so as to understand life better. The performance related to the development of ego states within mental reasoning facilities of child does create huge potential for further development of different stages of the child ego state. These stages of development of the child stage continue to stay with him even the child has grown up and continues to react with different facial appearance so long as it continues to present its different calculated presence out there.

Then in due course of time of development of the child comes upon different stages where it comes to confrontation with different calculated criticisms as well as a sense of guilt.All of these comes upon from different rules and regulations that has been comes to his or her mind while listening to parents as well as other guardians and it continues to provide more and more formative and cognitive ways to manage the life of individuals in terms of adult egos. In the child state everything is in the state of feelings and being felt to understand where in the case of adult egos the child thinks what ever his or her parents does is absolutely correct and nothing wrong with it and this does indicate more and more pronounced and dynamic forms of understanding life with them. It is the process of teaching which is closely associated with the phenomena of being stay at the stage of the adult ego state. Nurturing foundations which embedded within the state of the child from the teachings of parents do create the most beautiful and ambitious forms of understanding what life is and how could someone reach the stage of perfection in it.

Many of these teachings do come in the form of various verbal and non verbal communication. Take an example, if the child is just been walking and moving into different spaces of home and tries to bring out and drop objects than you can two ways stop the child from doing this. The first and the better one is that just close the shutter of the cupboard so that child could not put his hands into it and drops the object from there. It is the from the sense of being felt or the feelings that comes forwards that parents does not want him to do that but this is the form of non verbal communication and it does comes in the forms of child ego state as he feels and utilizes his mind to do this. On the contrary many parents go fo the another ways to tell the child not to do this like, shouting slightly louder as well as providing more and more shouts to make him understand and this has the forms of teaching as the child tend to understand in the form of adult ego state, though the understanding the child in the form of parent ego state is better than make him understand in the form of adult ego state. In the later stage it is like brute force attacks to childs mental aptitude where as in the first case it is like making the child to understand what the parents are exactly wanting him to convey without telling him anything and it does create more and more passive and positive attitudinal presence with the forms and factors of child hoods.

Similarly, with the advent of age ten months or more the child slowly tries to rationalise the informations between what is correct in the state of child egos and what is correct in the state of adult egos and slowly puts the rationale bars into it by converting all these recorded informations to understand it properly. Similarly, by understanding all these children egos the child slowly moves to the arena where it slowly uses while delivering the silent forms of conversations with their parents. Suppose the parent is sitting on the chair and then typing on a computer on the subject. The one year child comes ahead, and then wants to be with you on the chair and wants to type, and for this you are not making him or her to do it happen then suddenly while holding one hand on the arm of chair he raise on leg to the top of arm of chair and in fear you hold the child and then take to you lap. This is the conversion of adult ego from the accumulated child ego of parents. Similarly, entire process of communications within peripheries of organisations does comes forward and managers to the tunes of better and wider aspect of understanding it through differential calculative measurements that has been integrated with absolute tendencies to understand it and the process of development of such ego states does provide so much wider anticipated forms to make it more prone to differential absolute coherence to act in so much of sophistications.

Inadequate communication is at the root of unsatisfactory customer service.

In order to understand better one need to confront and manage the differential aspect of better management in order to find out the integral psychological stage of understanding what constitutes the best for organisations. Slowly, entire forms and factors of generations of ideas does make to understand what is the best for organisations and what should be exactly done to understand what is sense of ego state of the prospective customer and by knowing its state one can easily understand how such differential management of organisations could be exactly dealt with nicer and congenial environmental facets. It is important to understand what constitutes the best for communications and it is of utmost important to make it move towards the better and most vibrant forms of making understanding one of most visited forms of communications mediums so as to make the entire human resource management better with times.

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