How To Speed Up Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

Samsung has its range of smart phone while consisting of different operating systems. In last few years, its brand of Galaxy consisting of android smart phones with its customized operating system has gained immense popularities among different genres of people all over the world. It has challenged the legacies of Apple phones, with its optimum presence and almost similar functionalities that the Apple phone operates. Of late it has been seen in consisting use of galaxy devices it slowly becomes buggy and its performance degrades with time. It is not right, as we dwell into settings of galaxy devices from Samsung we could find the presence of more and more different genres of ultimate presence of large number of tweaks which has been there and it needs to be utilized with due course of time in order to bring forwards best from these devices.

If you have older galaxy devices probably of android 4 and up to android jelly bean then you should download CM security lite which is very light on system resources and do provide awesome ways to manage your device and protect it from hackers. It has been seen that with due course of time Google has significantly increased the proportion of security through its cloud services and it has been said that if one install applications from Google Play Store then it is not necessary to install any third party security applications but still it is important to install on older devices so that it should find out three to four holes that yours mobile operating system has been contemplating with.


The principal problem dealing with running of aneroid devices as its consent, deals with third party original equipment manufacturers who used to update operating system once or twice and then forget it altogether and for this it is now to install CM security lite or any other lite antiviruses from Google Play Store and then find out the holes of security which has not been patched by Samsung while dealing with Galaxy devices and then you could find out more sophisticated ways to understand that as I find out in an experiment with older Samsun Galaxy Grand duos which has android jelly bean and not been updated by its parent company for over one and half year and it is also expected that it would never be update again but still thee are three or four holes into this operating system which needs to patched and it is being patched by CM security lite or any other antiviruses from Google Play Store, and then, scan it out and it should show you presence of three to four security holes and then patch it with it and it should be patched as long as that activities should be staying inside mobile operating system for comprehensive security presence.

Blocking mode:

In the setting mode of Samsung where one can find more and more customizations in order to present with more and more secure ways to speed up android smart phones which can work even faster and smarter with some real adjustments. This article is intended to provide so and so information in this so as to present user with some awesome ways to manage galaxy devices powered by android. Go to SETTINGS>> MY DEVICE>>BLOCKING MODE and tap to enable this mode. Most of Samsung Galaxy devices does present with numerous forms of presentations of such customizations and its multiple presence of such customizations is known as modes and blocking mode can turn off notifications for selected features. One has to remember that when blocking mode is turned on the notifications for selected features is to be turned off. One feature of blocking mode is about turn of incoming calls and when it is turned on inside blocking mode it then requires you two sub features of blocking mode to be enabled such as setting up time of blocking mode and allowed contracts when blocking mode turned on. If you set time of blocking mode always the it should work all the time and then in allowed contracts, you have three functionalities such as none, all contracts, favorites and custom. None is to block all contracts and custom is for users to customize it but in the case of all contracts the contracts to be received from what phone book of android galaxy has the numbers are and in the case of favorites the contracts to be allowed are that of the number of contracts which are in the mode of favorites.


In the blocking mode there are three other settings, and apart from turning off incoming calls, the next one is that of the turn of notifications and the third one is that of turning off alarm and timers. We have seen when the notifications factors is switched on the notifications from Facebook, Gmail and all the other applications remains stopped and it has two ways to gain for your battery life of phone such as one is that with automated notifications management the amount of battery consume is on higher side and also it wake up phone time and again and that can be disturbing and battery consuming and several of processes are working simultaneously in the form of processes and now with blocking mode on these processes stopped and this make phone faster and dealing with phone becomes awesome faster. It goes on show that while using the phone in the form of blocking mode switched on one can find more and more dynamic ways to make phone faster and battery life longer.

Use CDMA, 3G or 4G connections on demand:

India is progressing day by day and with the able leadership with progressive mentality we have seen faster progress and greater movement towards complete technology driven society where we do find plenty of information all at home without any such of difficulties. Now, everywhere we do find more and speedier connectivity’s where it is being seen everywhere that forms and factors of such attractive presence have been the order of the day. Now, with the advent of such path breaking technological enhancements we do find, more and more, use of the third generation of the internet and more and more speed. With these speed all the time within periphery of phones one can see vast draining of battery due to constant searching of 3G and more speed by modem and that automated processes taken huge chunk of battery life and that can drain battery of mobile devices on faster rates.


It is a wise idea to disable 3G most times and enable it on demand so as to use it when it requires the most. Go to SETTINGS>>MORE NETWORKS>>MOBILE NETWORKS>>NETWORK MODE then choose GSM only and when ever you wish to enable, 3G or 4G networks then choose WCDMA only. By choosing GSM only network mode, your phone most times stays with 2G network connectivity and whenever you wish to connect to high speed internet by choosing network mode of WCDMA only in order to enable it and make the internet connectivity faster. In this way, your phone always stays with 2G connectivity and whenever you wish to stays with 3G or 4G connectivity then choose it so as to save the battery and run galaxy devices for longer durations.

Enable Driving mode:

One more additional way to speed up Samsung Galaxy device is to enable the driving mode from its settings in order to speed up the Galaxy device further to enhance its stability parameters as well as performance orientations. Go to SETTINGS>>MY DEVICE>>DRIVING MODE. In this mode the incoming calls and the new notifications will be read automatically and this does provide some additional ways to understand who is calling you. In addition to ring up phone it does add up further information such as who is calling if that number is inside of your phone book of android galaxy set up. This makes you understand who is calling and makes you easier to receive the phone call. This also helps you additional parameters of understanding, while driving to listen into who is calling and if the number is known one then you can pause driving and receive the call in between or if not then you can just skip it and similar is for messaging, alarm and scheduling of phone.


In the incoming call segment, it automatically read out caller?s information subject to be that number is inside of the phone book when receiving the call. In message of driving mode, it read out sender?s information when a new message arrives. In the alarm segment it reads out alarm information when alarms sound, and in the schedule information it reads out scheduled alarm information when alarms creates sound and in this ways it automatically performs all tasks and from the experience of using these modes inside galaxy devices it speeds up system and make system less buggy as well as it is very light on system resources. It has been seen that when both driving and blocking modes are enabled, it works in complementary manners so as to present the user?s the most proficient mobile operating system environment to work out in easier and wiser ways and it speeds up entire system set up as well as it is good for batteries so as not to consumer high powered battery outputs.

Power saving mode:

Power saving mode is there in most phones and most of the original equipment manufacturer have been installing such power saving mode and as per experience power saving mode by Lenovo is one of the best. There has been tremendous improvements in this front by Samsung Galaxy devices as we have seen constant improvement in this front and with the advent of the newest galaxy devices there has been innumerable attempts to make it even better. Go to SETTINGS>>MY DEVICES>>POWER SAVING MODE. Mostly, this mode consists of two or more segments and in this segment we should be considering about two segment which is CPU power saving and screen power saving mode. The CPU power saving mode it limits the maximum performance of the CPU and in the second mode which is called as screen power saving mode it uses the low power level for screening.

To save the battery power, it is wiser to set the screen for time duration within shorter interval, or when you are not using the phone turn the screen off when you are not using the phone to save it from utilising more power. Reducing the screen time, can sufficiently reduce the use of battery power so as to provide more time for you to understand the way the battery runs. If you are turning on the smart stay then it is wiser to set the time interval for phone to reach to sleep, to more that one minute so that both these settings should not interfere with one another so as to produce more battery power for emergency timings. Smart stay or smart screen utilizes intelligence face detections features, as the screen stays on top and on as long as you are looking at it and this functions is special within galaxy devices which utilises the front end camera so as to present the user non stop utilizations of camera devices so as to perform and provide awesome ways to manage Samsung Galaxy devices.

Power saving mode screen shot

It is a wise idea to reduce the screen brightness to an eye tolerance level so as to present user with much needed performance output to provide awesome ways to manage computing system. That is why turning on automatic brightness, ca reduce and gave power to a greater extent. All the other settings and information management can considerably save battery power so as to provide the user with dynamic bit of battery usages so as to provide more and more awesome ways to manage mobile devices. Disable auto synchronization, GPS, live wallpapers, Wi Fi so as to augment battery powers and running battery for more times.

Developer options:

Android has some hidden features which are known as the developer option inside the settings menu. These developer options vary from the devices to the device and it is in accordance with the presence of hardware and software available options of android devices. In the first segment you should not be finding this option but you can by following these processes. Go to SETTINGS>>MORE>>ABOUT DEVICE and then open it and move to BUILD NUMBER and slowly tip it on for eight times and then a developer option should now be opened. Now, open developer option by going through SETTINGS>>MORE>>DEVELOPER OPTION and then enter into its settings to know more about. Most of these galaxy devices do have huge number of provisions for more and more settings related to it so utilize it for your benefit and speed up your galaxy phone to a considerable extent.


From developer option enables force GPU rendering which encompasses your smart phone to use two dimensional experiences for hardware acceleration while running and starting up applications. Then enable turn off hardware overlays which enable always to use GPU for screen composing and it does affect performances of screen orientations after some time and with due course of time the screen presentations and inner backlight becomes nicer and provides awesome ways to manage and utilize yours phone. Then turn off 4x MSAA as it enables OpenGl ES 2.0 within a hemisphere of applications. This setting especially affects gaming performances of applications and most of games slowly present one of most vital presentation of high definition gaming as well as it does help users with utmost presentations of complete control especially those of high speed running games as well as all of performance out put games to provide awesome ways to manage gaming applications as well as little battery use so as to provide one of most manageable ways to find the most vital part of applications management as well as speed booster within smart phone arenas. Last not the least part of enable of settings within developer option is about do not keep activities which clear every activities as soon as the use leaves it so as to present the use with some swash buckling speed and removing all traces of running applications that are not currently in use. So, android has everything and you should not download any other third party applications to speed up galaxy devices as most of these settings such as clearing applications while they are not in use just provides one of most awesome ways to manage, running applications and stops applications while they are not in use and these provides wonderful ways to manage yours phones as it automatically clears about all past applications and services and does provide one of most outstanding ways to manage such applications so as to present the users the most speedier galaxy phone for their ultimate comfort.


There are some other interesting settings that you can find inside developer option and you can experiment all these settings but before doing it do remember that these are on the beta stage and might at some time it can make yours phone uncomfortable and if you find such presence then you should disable developer option so as to revert to the stable version of it automatically. In this article I have tried hard to present the users with some very common yet not so widely written concepts and which are mostly available within premises of android ecosystem and if you continue to do it then am sure you should not be installing any other third party android booster applications from Google Play store. If you carefully look at these third party android booster you should be understanding that, most of these android boosters just enable these functions and why not you all by yourself do these without installing such applications as most of these applications does install some services and accessories and that take more and more CPU usages as well as more and more RAM presence. Just think about it and use yours phone with caution so as to present user with utmost conveniences that should not hamper performance of your phone and on the other hand should augment it in multiple times to present with you a smarter and faster phone just like the day you have purchased it for the first time.

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