Why stress sucks more than the new star

If we go through the contents of newspapers today, most of these are preoccupied with a large number of news that are related with stress informations. This means to say that with the advent of modernity and modern lifestyles we have seen emergence of large sources of demands which ultimately reach to the stage of non compliance of attending such whims and wishes and which ultimately makes inroads into large amplitude of complex life styles. This amounts to increasing of expectations and that can have so many adverse impacts of the way we treat our life as and in comparison with others. So far we have not measured what outs life could have been and slowly the amount of life that has been attached with trends of understanding the simplicity is slowly moving from thinking parameters and that ultimately makes inroads into different standards of livings.

We have been reading newspapers about different standards of reading such as due to failures in high school student commits suicide. Owing to bad behaviour of seniors the junior police killed his seniors. These are sort of trends in news which we have been reading in newspapers. Here this shows how people of this society are slowly moving into the stage of complete abnormality and could understand what are these easy way of understanding life means of. We have been hearing about, killing of someone due to rash driving and over taking. Killing of somebody due to small and petty arguments.

If we see and perceive all sorts of informations in the right spirit than we could see and estimate that all these are signs of society moving into the stage of complete abnormality as we slowly moving into the stage of complete unrest. Why our minds are slowly turning into the stage of completely null and why such stage of rash thinking and the complete stage of furious where we have seen the presence of such difficult phases. Now we have been hearing from more and more heart diseases of people in their twenties and thirties. For every such accidents and informations the primary motive behind this is the presence of stress and competitions. Owing to the presence of cut throat competitive environment we have seen the rise of stresses and this creates absolute possibilities of large number of stress related cases all over.

Due to rise of tension that leads to extreme stress which show case the higher amount of absenteeism in work related places and that reduces productivity of organisation as slowly more and more workplaces, the security of work is not there. Slowly, even in government areas the work related pressures are on the higher side. There is a renowned saying s are that health is wealth. So far due to extreme work pressure and advent of competitions among each other we have seen the emergence of large number of work related pressure where we have seen drop of work standards. Due to a chain connection all over in its entirety phases of organizations we have seen the emergence of large number of stress related cases all over.

In this manner, we slowly enter into a hospital where there is the cost of treatment is on the higher side and that makes the entire spending infrastructure of organisation to move into the stage of complete domination of stresses. We should have been discovered some times in the day to perform the process of exercise for at least 30 minutes and above so as to provide wide ranges of advantages for our body. Awaited to exercise two types of calories, are released. One is active calorie and the other is passive or inactive calories. The forms and factors of active calories are related with reduction of fats and the forms and factors of passive calories are related to reduction of abstract substances from our body.


Why stress sucks more than the new star

Now-a-days we have seen with the emergence of android and other renowned mobile operating system, more and more applications specifically that can be used for detecting and helping you like the gadgets of life so as to enable you to work out faster with due course of time. My favorite fitness application is ?Google Fit?. It is from Google and it entangled into android nicely. It requires to have your Gmail and then it asks you about your height and weight. It can automatically work while the phone is in your pocket. In the process it calculates the entire distance covered as well as calories are burned. Informations regarding calories are given in the form of active and inactive calories, and then it calculates the distance covered as well as footsteps covered.

Google Fit makes you, feel comfortable, while exercising and it continue to provide you with plenty of informations so as to encourage you to know about how much distance covered and how much time you have taken and what is yours speed of running and so on. It provides you with extreme informations and provides you with clear cut route destinations so as all these are showed in terms of route directions in mapping structures. It provides you with extreme pleasure of running and doing jogging, and thus informs you about near truth informations to you and that can make you feel energetic and empathetic while performing the exercise.

A limited amount of stress is welcome but it is not widely accepted to have the more stressful life where the amount of stress should not be increased to beyond certain points. Exercise should be expressive in removing stress to quite a larger extent. Human mind needs stress but it should be inside of its own restrictions and should not cross to the limit of absolute point. Similarly, listening to songs can also provide huge compliance of reduction of stresses and this can ultimately lead to the path of absolute cooling effects on minds and which can lead to some of most strategic points where we do find excellent amalgamations of strategic information management where reduction of stresses can also lead to perfect thinking parameters where every possible understanding of stress related actions can lead to complete thinking of reasoning abilities.

We should also consider augmenting the factors of stress to the level of correct stages where we should be able to think about all these matters of personal experience to absolute certainties. Beyond that point thinking parameters should not exceed as with due course of time we have seen the presence of large amount of stress can lead to the stage of point blank and can ultimately leads to imperfection of thinking which can lead to complete zeroing of ideas and with due course of time we have seen such degradation of thought processes. Whenever we think about stresses the two most probable factors of this could have been from the point of external sources or from the point of internal sources. We have to think and identify such point of actions where such emergence of stresses should not be reaching to the stage of complete outbound proportions where we should not be indulged with what should also lead to complete decadence of ideas which could lead to some of most unproductive and impractical ways of thinkings.

There are many external factors that can attack extreme state of minds in completely entirely ways where there is complete stoppages of thinking of human reasoning which is completely overpowered by the state of absolute presence of external influence materials such as environmental pollutions due to wind, sound pollutions. Bad work environment and bad boss which always behind at you and bad colleagues who are not so supportive to you at any point of time and that can lead to completely rise of stress for you which ultimately can lead to you absolute and complete disbandment of work processes.

Another external factor that is related with stress is that of stresses arising out of, family disputes. Most of times it has been the most preoccupied stress which we do find mostly, and with due course of time we have seen such presence of stress related experiences do create the utmost disgrace presentations of mostly the single most probabilities of existence of all such stress related activities which ultimately moves towards the stage of complete abundance of thinking and reasoning. Another external influence factor that can affect to increase of stress could have been to the point of staying to the parlance of prestiges attached with societies and the way to interact with it and find out more and more prestigious parameters that can affect performance improvements of life out of it.

While keeping in parlance with societies we have seen the complete presence of stresses where in order to compete with society we have seen the emergence of large amount of informations which ultimately provides more and more ways to parlance and finding more and more decisive informations about to reach ultimate proportions. These are some of most of external factors which amount to a large number of stress related senses and ideas which ultimately do provide wide thinking parlances which ultimately creates the perfection of mixture of thinking processes.

Most of times we have been greatly influenced through all these external factors and avoiding such external factors do not seem to be a stage of complete dominance for all of us. That is why for every all of us we should be thinking about us only and should think what we should be doing about ourselves and that should be the greatest help to all of us. We should also able to recognise our own self of limited proportions and that makes us to understand the way we think of life as well as the proportions of established anticipations of staying to the musings of what we should be thinking about all of us. By seeing and understanding our boundaries and limits, we should be able to recognise and detect what are these temptations and limitations are all about and should be able to understand the way we treat our life in these processes.

How to reduce stress:

First what is stressed. It should consist of three parts. People also say that modern human beings are like that of living inside of a pressure cooker. Where, living inside of it always provides the amount of the strongest point of stresses but still most of these parameters as well as the tendencies to understand and underestimate every bit of exercising of it just makes the ways to provisions of safety valve attached with it. We tend to think that for ours for every situation there is always been the presence of a safety valve to keep us free from all sorts of stress related encounters. This is not so in every situation. There are some of the instances where we have seen the pressure cooker tends to burst upon over powering and that makes the processes of managing stresses to an utter disdain levels. That is why instead of living and depending highly upon the state of living inside of stress we should always been keeping in close contact with living with the state of complete certain so that the level of stress and such continuance presence of such pressure cooker situations should not always be there at all.

It is also true that many humans tend to take stress without any textbook signs of reasoning. That is only what matters the most. It is most important to understand such trends of reasoning parameters where we should find the most dilute form of thinking of dropping such reasonable thinking from ours thought processes and should be moving towards the perfection of adapting to the matters that mostly forms the most anticipated form of understand the way life continues to be out there. Many a time, many small to trivial matters tend to over come overtly into the minds and that preoccupied with it and that continues to stay within limits of minds and that can make the presentations of minds moving into the stage of complete difficulties. That is why it was wiser to recognise such trails of matters and it is important to remove such matters from the state of mind capacities.

Most of these incidents does happen within perimeters of life at the percentages of 90 percentages and continues to provide more and more dynamic ways to understand what the life is all about and it is important to recognise such trends of life in clear cut manner and continue to provide more and more awesome ways to manage and understand what the life is all about and thus in this manner division of stress can be done easily with. Life is not too about adding and managing money all the time. It is about managing your thoughts and recognise what your thoughts and what are specific perimeters of ideas that you have to deal with and how to deal with. What you should always recognise with is that most of time when you think of life then think of its boundaries of thoughts processes and remove unnecessary thoughts attached with it and slowly you should be moving towards the perfections of ideas that can have more and more built in relationships with healthy and perfections of lifestyles which you should be dealing with most of times. What exercise does with that it provides us with awesome ways to manage with ours own self and it continues to let us know about different ideas and most of times the most complicated processes of thoughts just makes the complete headways where we do find most of synergetic ideas that can lead us towards complete successes.

From the religions Vedic scripts we could find most of thought ideas which can only related to us only and slowly moves towards the most possible and most advantageous positions where we could find that everywhere ours own self has always been there and most of times the most spontaneous process of understanding comes from time to time where we do find, face the examination of testing of stresses where we tend to find more and more making us understand how life should work in these circumstances and where most of these spontaneous thoughtful processes just makes us to believe that where we stand right now and reject the ten percentages stress factors from ours lives and ultimately the process of thoughtful parameters just get oversized and just deactivated with due course of time after thoughtful rejections from ours sides.

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