Ways to Customize and Personalize your WordPress Blog

Having a blog is proud moment for web masters as it showcase the talent to edit and manage theme, secure database, speeding up website loading times as well as different green hat search engine optimisation methods to increase the visibility appearances of blog in different platforms. It estimates that the number of bots are now more than the actual visitors. bots are good but too much of something is not good. It is wiser to stop these bots from attending your website as it automatically eats out major chunks of website hosting patterns and ultimately it should not be doing any sort prime importance and good for your website.

If internet automated bots are going to eat out major chunk of hosting presence then slowly while actual visitors while visiting your site should not find yours site is online and that can be major worst issues for you as webmaster you wish to be yours site to be always present and always on so that whenever some one visits yours site it should be there online always for you. Now, after buying a domain and then hosting for WordPress which should be Linux hosting and slowly you are moving into the arena of hosting yours website with Cpanel and accessing administration patterns through WordPress dashboard so everything should be clear for you before attending to create such site.

By creating a website. Slowly you are making your stance clear within the framework of blogsphere so much so that slowly people able to know your presence and importance of blogging out here. This means with good reputations on hand you could now spread the reputations far and wide with good amount of content inside of your blog slowly you should find more and more people reaching at you. The front page presentation is important which should be first impression of your blog should provide and that is why it is utmost important to find out the real pattern of website building and most important aspect of a good website is its frontal appearance.


Appearance of blog is single most important factor to attract people reaching out to yours blog and that is why it is important to have a good theme for yours blog and it is wiser to go for a simple theme from WordPress builders such as ?? which is simple presentations of how a skull could have been and slowly you can add more and more customisation into it to make it more valuable for visitors reaching out to yours site. It is important that the theme you choose must have provided many such customisation options so that ultimately it should provide more fascinated ways to add plenty of informations to you at your own disposal.

If you buy a good WordPress theme, then it should have everything automatically added to it but on the other hand it should not provide you with the unique presence of yours blog and that is why it is important to build you theme from the scratch and the above mentioned theme which I have said about should provide you enough resources to create such nice canonisation option and it is important to create the child theme and add custom-made to it so that with every update such customisation stays with yours site. If you do not have sufficient PHP and knowledge still then you can do it as with Google search you can find plenty of resources at yours den and then read it and utilise those updates so as to make yours site unique with all the very important updates as well as all sorts of presentable information at yours disposal to make it yours the best looking blogs within plenty of crowded blogs all over.

The way you themed your blog that should provide enough hint to visitors about yours presence of ideas as well as the presentations of yours ideas that are injected into it and that could attract people to reach at yours blog time and again to have a perfection of blog presence so that yours personality should be enoughly visible at you all the time. Customising the premium theme is a good option but still plenty of third party links should have been there and it is important to use a simple theme for customisation to add more and more yours ideas and editing in development patterns so that everytime you reach at yours website it should present you with perfection of functional excellence out there.

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With your customised feel of website visitors should feel the patterns of impersonal as they should not have been such editing standards anywhere and that should be the best for your website. Slowly, you should start making your identity so as to find more and more able to perfect the way you think and find such information at.


WordPress always presents to your author profile the default mystery man and it is visible if you do not have your own gravatar set up. WordPress mixes well with it and if you have opened an account with gravatar then the icon which you have uploaded there should be visible and it is important to update one of yours nicely looking side face image to it so that whenever you put the author?s reply to any one then that should be visible by the space of author or post author. If you have tweaked the index.php files then you should have found that the author?s box should now be visible just below at the end of post content.

For all this a little tweaking such as putting author?s informations within WordPress dashboard and then adding some codes to index.php to show author?s information in individual post at all below content and then make it show that this blog is of ours entirely yours and this goes on to create yours brand of awarenesses and in this way with the increase of reputations yours blog?s reputations should also increase simultaneouslyy. It is important to change the default gravatar of your blog immediately and remove the plain gravatar so as to present visitors the signs of administrative presence all over in its entirety places. That is why default and customised gravatar is the need of times.

By doing this you can simply stylised yours comment segment of administrators so as to present one of most vital aspect of understanding that for every reply of visitors administrator is giving prime importance to it and that should present one of most vital aspect of understanding that visitors should feel that for every actions administrator is giving prime importance to it. It is also well advised to change the default mystery man avatar of guest commentators should also be changed so as to present one of most vital aspect of understanding that even the importance of guest commenting seems to be important for you and this should also convey to the guest while they find some nice strange icon in their own commented segment instead of strange mystery man proposed by WordPress by default.

What it is meant that by simply changing of these default presence of such avatars we could move forwards towards making this blog more efficient and understanding more towards personal presentation. With nice add on of images as well as other facets of perfection of building of customisation option we could move towards the stage of perfection of presentation of blogging and this should be done by administrators to have a perfection in presenting the entire set up of blogs to visitors. There are a number of plugins that can highlight author?s comment. You can do it right away with installing of some plugins which should only need for you to install the smaller part of the script into css files to make it happen.

There are some other ways, by editing theme files from file explorer of Cpanel hosting where you can edit these files automatically so that no plugins should be needed for it and if this is possible for you then you can do it so that it should not make yours website heavier with many plugins. When there are many comments on blog then you should find that while replying to some of these comments yours comments should be highlighted and if all these are read by visitors then they should know that administrator is always at their disposal in replying to their comments and this makes the most important aspect of understanding that, the way yours comments are highlighted this should provide a proper and vital understanding that yours blog looks nice and feel to visitors.

About Page:

When someone visits to your blog the first and foremost part of this visit is to find out informations about the owner of this blog and who is and what are the qualification of this person and what are his qualifications are. Give a proper thinking about it as well as write what should be the aim and objective of the blog you are writing it about and in the future what are the subjects you should be writing about so much so that in the future there should be noting sort of disappearance of understanding of it so that it should be clearer to visitors about it and when they reach here they should understand and know the basis facts about yours blog as well as about you.

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Most of reader tend to understand about the personalisation aspect of yours blog and for this they tend to connect with you to understand about you so that, ultimately they should understand about you and let them know what are yours likings, educational qualifications and social presence so that ultimately they should know about you and connect with you and interact with you all the time. About page should be in detail and should provide clear cut and awesome information so that visitors should find everything about you ultimately in exhaustive detail. When, readers know about your blog and automatically they should understand about it and slowly find it more and more information about it and that should pay off ultimately that in the long run they stay connected with you always.

Use yours Footer space effectively:

Twenty twelve themes which I have been using also provide nicer ways of customization of the footer area. Still, to date I have not done this but sooner I should be doing this with due course of time, I have found a good footer information has always been great as I have found the information regarding contacting, connecting directly, providing resumes, as well contact form information materials to have the greater degree of customization information should always be handy for visitors to find out plenty more important information at their perusal. You can highlight popular posts from yorus , or highlighting some important facts or providing some very useful information, which should be important in order to visitors should ultimately draw the most powerful presence of yours personalization aspects of yours blog. Footer designs normally have thee segmented o two segmented structure. It is wiser to have these segmented structure so as to provide informations about yours to read so that visitors find the deeper vision in reading your blog for their perfection of understanding.

Social media incorporation:

As webmaster, it must have been or should have been that you must have been popular social media accounts and their pages so as to present users with the most visible ideas to connect with you. Social media such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram does provide some of the very awesome ways to the life chain of events of youth through its timeline. Visitors can connect with you deeply and could find these information in real terms so as to find more information about your personality and various aspects to connect with you so that it should remind always about the presence of your blog.

With constant libertarians of events you could find more and more information and send more information about various updates relating to your blog. All these does provide vital aspect of understanding and adding some more inputs to visitors about the real presence of your blog could provide. Slowly, visitors should find more and more information about personalisation aspect of your site and should access it more so as to present yourself more and more personal presence with it. All these create the most vital bond among themselves so as to present users the most anticipated part of understanding of what the blog is all about and how all these informations management does could provide ultimate addons to it.

What is does mean to users is that you are open with them and not hiding with them anything and always try to reach you through various online mediums and that means that you are always open to different ideas and suggestions for generating from them. It does impact on their mindset and with it they also access your site with an open mind and brilliant thinkings and try hard to be with you all the time and that means you are always with them with an open mind and open heart. The proportion of arrangement with readers is now with more engagement action oriented which means that in the long run in making your site more personalised should always be with you for further enhancement of more proprietary part of your blog.

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Multi author mode:

WordPress does provide various ways to showcase multi-authors who are contributing from time to time and if yours blog does have great formats of multi author mode then it is high time to highlight their contributions as well as does provide them added formats to let visitors to understand, that you are welcome to the concept of guest author mode and it does provide added advantages for you as it can move towards greater degree of people and that can recreate more and more interesting aspect of understanding of what life is all about. It can make yours blog more popular as most of other fellow bloggers does well wish to have their blog linked with yours blog as well as they should wish to write some nice tips and tricks on the concentrated subject of yours and this could make yours understanding of yours running of yours blog more popular and reaching to more and more people with ease.

This is nice way to enable the authors to write the contents of your site as well as let them honor in it so as to find the better way to integrate with your blog functioning. There are many such plugins which can show multi-authors mode and show their names in the side bar with link attached with it as well as it can also provide more and more informations about, it and there are various ways edit the php files and to show it and if you are efficient it with these then you could try for it other wise if they have gravatar profile then these should be shown automatically at the end of article otherwise there are various ways to display author pictures even if you do not have gravatar profiles so go for it and understand how to do it and then implement it with yours blog.

What such author presentations doe provide a snippet of informations as well as link to their website as well as other social media connectivity attached with it. In this way, this should present visitors that yours website has now more reach and more and more people continue to write good contents into it show case the brilliant aspect of understanding the way website runs as well as provides excellent ways to reach to people easier and in betterly managed way.


In the end I should suggest web administrators to make yours webpage more personalised so that when ever some reached at it as guest or visitor should have print on their mind set about it so that ultimately they should recognise you as per the picturisation that implants on yours mindset. There is a bit of confusion on my site of adding of social bookmarking tools on website. It can be done with various available plugins as well as can be done through some of more add one of coding into it but still one need to find that more and more personalised information management can be done and if it fits to information to yours website in greater detail then you can add it on yours own way as it can be said you can either manually share such links or share such links to yours website or pages so that followers can see it happen. Share to Twitter, Facebook fan page is a must as it can multiple ways make the sharing happen and it should also be yours decision to implement and ultimately it is yours site to make it lighter so that ultimately all these must provide excellent ways to understand configuration of yours site better. One aspect of web present should you always prevail upon that at no point of time the readers should feel that they are left out of the scheme of things and that should be enough for you to make you to understand the aspect of understanding yours website in a better managed way.

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