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Education is the single most important priority not only to enable more and more ethics and culture to life but also do provide and manage right way of reasoning which always was moving into deeper trends of ultimate reach. Since, the time immemorial more and more facilities related to education has been there and it continues to provide an awesome bit of sense of knowledge for users in the longer run. In order to garner knowledge we have been reading many books, on varieties of matters such as religion, politics, economics, philosophy, history, mathematics and so on. There has been many sub branches of these and slowly these branches have becomes prominence and we do find plenty of specialisation in these branches in order to find out more and more definitive set up ideas where we do find interesting and path breaking solutions or references to every kind.

We do read countless books and slowly ours reading parameters got entangled with bookish knowledges when we do not compare such state of readings with practical applicabilities. All these does provide immense potential to reach upto mass excellences where many such possibilities of attending such inhibitions towards reaching for do create some of more brilliant analogies of our time. When some entangled themselves within the peripheries of books and only find the solutions into it then it cannot be said of practical use of such knowledges. In these circumstances, we do find plenty of nice examples. One such example is here where outside knowledge and practical does create one of excellent potential that matters the most.

Cuttack is the oldest city of of . is the eastern-central state of . Cuttack is surrounded by the biggest river of Odisha which is known as the Mahanadi River. Name of Mahanadi River means the greatest river. It has one side Mahanadi River and the other side are Kathajodi River. Kathjodi River is a sub river of Mahanadi. Cuttack was the ancient capital of Odisha. During that time, due to heavier rains. Both these rivers create floods in this city and that makes life difficult for people residing there. Most of these people who are residing in and around these river beds have to face the brunt of the worst kind of floods every time and this makes the life difficult for these people out there.

The king of Cuttack tries hard during that times to create the boundaries but sadly not able to do it and for this many construction engineers of those times have been called but they are unable to stop these flow of floods and this became huge concern for king as day by day and year by year it continue to provide difficulties for them and it continues to make their life difficult. On these banks one person who was residing there and he had been witnessing such furies of floods continuously out there. One day during the times of summer season he began to built the boundaries on his own and continue still the advent of rain season and that boundaries have been done with such the state of locational advantages that this time the flow of extra waters from rivers unable to cross it and the people of that city remain safe.

His name is Baimundi and he is a local person who always watches the flow of rivers while they are in floods and built one such boundary from his experience of watching the trends of river out there. Then, this informations was shared to the king and he rushed to the spot to watch this tremendous work done by Baimundi out there. He was illiterate person without any knowledge of engineering skills but he watched the trends of flow of rivers out there for years together and from these perspective he reads the flow of rivers day by day for years together and continue to provide awesome experience on it and these can be considered as the way of reading books like reading from the natural experience and all these does provide huge sum of experience for the users to know exact details of understanding of how to block the flow of rivers.

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For years, together, the king of Cuttack has been indulging in inviting many engineers all over the place to see and watch what could be done with the creation of boundaries within the perimeters of Cuttack. Sadly, their minds are filled with only bookish educational entities which ultimately do not guarantee and satisfy them with the probable solution for them to build impenetrable boundaries in and around Cuttack. It goes on to show the clear cut differentiation between theoretical and practical application of education and in the long way to define how such state of affairs of understanding the way educational matters undergoes and moves towards extreme absoluteness.

When we read books we tend to understand it through discussion but many a times we do not have practical understanding on this subject which goes on to show case how such state of impractical way of learning slowly makes the understanding of educational standards to complete stand still. We many a time do not look interested in understanding the practical aspect of such subject which many a times puts extremely difficult in applying such knowledge in real times. While reciting all these bookish knowledges students do tend to be highly successful in their educational careers but still they fall back immensely when these knowledge are required to be applied to practical way of learnings.


Practical application of education:


This is where the greatest differentiation between practical and applied science is clearly being discussed it. In a way, all these readings and educational guides which we have been collecting from time to time through the form of recitation and other forms of reading becomes completely value less and does not have any such iota of importance to our practical application of learning. In a way such students have become a complete liability while staying at decision making processes. Here is some other such example in this subject.

There was a boarding school in vedic times which is situated inside of the . There has been various students who stay there in order to garner knowledge. It is the rules for these students to wake up before dawn and finish their essential activities before sun rise. After this students tend to unite in the school, and the teacher teaches them yoga, education and vedic teachings. All the students except one are concentrating what the teacher teaches while one student used to road around the in and around the field of school. He was some times at the garden or sometimes at the kitchen of school but it is a rarity to stay for him while teaching process on.

At some other times, he was with cattles. But listening to what the teacher is teaching at its very rarity for him. Other fellow students while seeing him think that he was a stupid and tend to move away from him as they think he is the worst student of their class. Other students think always that their future is guaranteed but in the case of these students they think that his future is slowly deeming into darknesses. Some students do feel tense for him but ultimately many such students tend to think for some time and then move away to do their own work of learning what teachers have told to them and continue to apply it in their works.

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One day, of teacher got worse. He is still more and more difficulties and pain and could not rise from the bed. Most of these students revert to books and try to figure out the solutions so that students could find it and make their teacher healing of pain. For this every student except that students continue to search for a solution from the books. Most of their efforts go in vain and they could not find the proper solution to what they are looking for and most of them feel disappointed with themselves of not finding the real solutions to it. On the other hand, the teacher continues to shout in agony and deep pain. In the mean time, the student who used to be thought as the donkey of class reach near to the teacher and continues to provide service and treatment to him.

He continues his treatment for the teacher and also continues to work inside garden and his daily activities. Other students continue to search for treatments inside books and not finding enough solutions to it. The student told to all that in the first day of class the teacher told us that what he teaches us so far if at least one point of his advice is put into practical application of work then it should be considered as the best practical implementation of his advice. He told us that service to mankind is the greatest work and the greatest wealth. I am currently implementing that advice to cure teacher. Now, I am using it in a practical application of advice from the teacher.

Teacher told us that even if we could put one advice of him in practical observation of life than our life should be settled and we could move towards extreme possible success of our lives. Service to mankind is the best for humans and with it humans can learn everything and every possible dynamics. With the help and services humans can learn everything. One can achieve everything with it and can find everything from it. Since that day, he is not going to the class and continues to find various ways to provide services such as inside kitchen, gardening, cattle shed and now servicing the teacher to get well soon.

He told all that I have not gone deep into literature of all kinds but continue to provide services to teachers. He is told that he continues to find enough satisfaction and joy while engaging himself with the teachings. He told all the other students that they have not achieved this and cannot just do this as service to humans is spontaneous and while reading books one cannot achieve this always. While speaking all these to his fellow students, the teacher was awake and his eyes were moist while listening to the words of this study. He was thinking at that time that for the whole year he has been teaching all these students about vedic literatures but still to date they have not been able to become a man as they are slowly becoming book worms.

Most of these students slowly getting better with knowing of formal rules from book learning and they can provide nicer and wider extempore on any such subject but still unable to find the real solutions to every problem which is sad and also the teacher now thinks about the one students who always tries hard to engage himself with practical application of what the teacher taught about. Life is not entirely about reading books. The experiences which one garners by moving into different aspects of life is still making headway and movement towards achieving it more and more difficult as most times collecting those information and placing those informations inside books have been the most tedious work to perform.

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Similarly, we cannot retrieve exact informations which we seek it in while reading of books. We tend to get a larger bit of information from books and continue to find it more and more informations but still, we cannot find the exact details of it at which informations should be applied or which information should be ignored at any point of time. It is also difficult to see which portion of informations should have every form of practical applicabilities than the other. Books are not minds. Ours minds are used to store huge set up of informations. Within membranes of minds we tend to find more and more storage informations as well as if any certain informations are not needed then it is slowly discarded at times.

While attracting many knowledges from books we tend to ignore which part to be received and which part to be discarded and with due course of time we tend to find more and more abnormalities in taking decisions on wide range matters. This has been due to the presence of large number of theoretical informations which slowly overpowers the possessions of applied informations and creates confusion as you have acquired plenty of it but sadly not able to detect all the possible practical informations variables. While taking decisions we tend not to find about, which informations and knowledges are going to help immensely in terms of prudential practical applicability of knowledge and this creates confusion within theological mindset of humans.

That is why for every information acquired and received one should equally stay close to know about veracity of such informations as well as put these informations into practical use so as to find more and more proficient and more and more intelligent use of informations so that whenever these informations need for them should always be available at their doorstep of thinkings. One should always compare each and every informations with that of what they receive from any source with its practical applicability parameters so as to learn the way these informations provide some awesome ways to manage and remembering such informations overlong.

Human is a rational animal. He sees everything in complete rationality. With due process of time, we could find that every information which is received with due process by humans should be seen in the context of rationality as well as should go into it with proper reasoning processes. That is the proper process to understand and grasp knowledge and with it comes the most satisfying aspect of understanding the way knowledge functions and manage with. Even in collecting informations from books one could use it in practical senses so as to retrieve most of these informations and provide awesome and manageable ways to understand what aspects of intelligence could provide more and more provisional prudential and practical reasoning attached to it.

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