Team building

Suddenly, pin drop silence everywhere. Few moments back it was almost like that of a fish market and now it turns into a completely peaceful environment. This is the respect to the class teacher from all of us. This is not due to presence of fear but due to respect and the love ours class teacher showers to all of us and that creates one of monumental presentation of situations where everyone including both of us stays silent and waiting to listen what she would be saying to all of us. We all knew that for the first time entire class has been shifted here and that itself does provide one of most important and hard eating thoughtfulness where we do all feel there could have been some of most important announcement is in waiting and we all eagerly felt for it and wait for this and this could also provide more thoughtful and most widely anticipated discussion ever which could make us feel the most vibrant and most thoughtful talk from ours beloved class teacher.

She smiles as always as this means it is in appreciation of we became silent and then she clapped for ours effort and she then take the roll call and in between roll call she paused for some moments and then said that, now you all enters into class of eighth standard and it is the stepping stone in building of career. This standard should enable and create more and more stronger and mightier strength in your reasoning capabilities to enable you to understand the future course standards.

Now, from there on you all should be reading in terms of group standards and for this it is important to understand the concept of group study where for the first time you and yours group partner should be reading at the same time, making projects and both of you should be awarding with the same marks, so in order to increase marking you should be involve with creating one of better work standards so that ultimately it should help you to augment and enhance power of group marking so that ultimately you should be reaching towards ultimate goal of perfection.

Now, here is another mention. Today, I am proudly announcing the welcome of new student Eli, from the northern side of the state. She was earlier read two years in this school before. Now she returned back to this school again. She is an excellent student and a topper in this school and should continue to challenge excellent students. As I think almost all the students are excellent here and should continue to feel about it, and find out the most revered and anticipated form of competitive enrichment all within students and that too forming the creation of groups that should make entire reading standards excellent and wonderful.

It was one of most anticipated moments when the teacher told us to form the groups and she also mentioned some criterion for forming such groups as proximity to one’s home, standards of students should also be almost same, so that both students should involve with a stronger commitment as well as stronger zeal to augment and increase the exquisite participation with one another so as to form a stronger bond of team building which should help them in future times so as to provide one of most anticipated and strongly build partnerships to make the most out of it and create one of most important facets of understanding of life so that every possible advent of life should make it the most of it.

She said that if anyone has the problem should ask about it and make it clear so that the process of team building should start immediately. Everyone agrees to it and then team building starts and all the first preferences given to fairer sex as always and then the term of Elie comes about and class teacher smiles at her and asks her who should be yours team partner so that ultimately you should not be feeling let off from it.

She without taking any part of seconds she said my name and that too again my nick name. Most of students including the class teacher do not know my nickname as they were surprised at it and then she pointed the finger at me and said that she wishes to be partnering with me for educational excellence. Class teacher again looked at me and asked me for permission and then she asked me do you know her, I nodded and then she forms the group and, she said we should be seating in the two-seater bench arrangements, in the classroom.

From there on for every group separate study materials on projects to be awarded as well as with due course of time for every groups separate subject preparations as well as in house and well outward project consideration to be done and for this both the students of all such groups need to be stay together and discuss in great detail so as to provide the more vibrant and more positive outlook of equal partnerships that should be creating one of most viable and understanding environment so as to augment the power of partnerships reading among both of students.

Teacher then calls it the day for the class and said that from the Monday onwards, after leave of this weekend we should be carefully reading about, distribution of educational materials and award of all such responsibilities, and that too with possible time frame completion and that should make entire positive, and vibrant mode of understanding the aspect of life where the problem and conveniences of understanding what makes life as well as working as a team makes the most confounded and anticipated understanding of what a life could possibly make us to believe that even gravest of grave situations we should be making the most our of creating the team so as to find the extreme and able support from all such team members so as to possibly makes the entire life and its related understandings fit for all such extreme possibilities.

The primary concept of team building makes entire process and progress to compete and reach towards most of anticipated understanding of life to make it the most vibrant way to understand and find the wholesome approach to estimate what the life could possibly have been. In the meantime, the teacher said that badges for teams should be ready within seven to eight days and then after that all the team members should wear such badges before reaching to their classes so as to understand and recognise the presence of these team members so as to make them most vibrant and understanding ways to initiate the most anticipated part of creating and making the most wonderful team building concept that should be initiated straight from the heart and deep within the thinking from the very basic state of understanding.

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