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That was one of the most interesting parts of our lives to see such the state of new interesting discovery to see that the presence of a nice cave out there. We both at the same time utterly shouted the word wow and continuously thinking about how this sort of natural presence is there. We have a tendency to find more and more such newer attractions while doing school projects. That is why practical education is best so that we can learn about such hugely uplifted forms of presence of such nicer natural environments which ultimately can make us feel powerful as well as with due course of time can relieve us to do some better jobs so as to find more related informations on the go.

After returning back the first and foremost jobs for us to find out and download all such images as well as notes to be write down so that all these informations can be accumulated on a single desk and then we both decided to write down informations separately so as to find out more and more vivid and descriptive informations so as to find out more and more informations so as to make the entire project well defined and well managed informations managements so as to create entire detailed project in most sumptuous way so as to find the most viable and understanding element to highlight and provide the most descriptive part of creating projects.

We decided to have this get together in creating the initials of the project jungle safari beginning this weekend. We have 15 days of time and we are pretty sure that we should be able to do this in perfect way and we are pretty much sure about it and we are very much sure about it, and we are pretty confident of this, in creating a better project this time. Today, is the school time and in this winter, it is already six am and have to reach to school on time as always never ever wish to be late during prayer time and wish to stand at the last row, so I used to run for this, and the entire road is of slope one and it is towards upward slope, and with the moving clouds hovering here and there the roads are becoming slippery.

Walking on the footpath is bit of difficult due to presence of unmanned manhole and that could be dangerous for me and for this have to move swiftly inside the roads, though the most favorable part of journey is that during running or slowly running there have not been any such vehicle in these roads and for this the movement is unrestricted and slowly, I reached to school. Now, in this year my school completed 50 years, its golden jubilee year, when I think about this incident twenty years back just remembers me the time line of events. Though after twenty years there has been invitations to me to reach the golden jubilee but due to my official commitments never ever able to reach there.

It is a nicer place and summer is never ever there and entire climate is full of many richness and energy of coolness that makes me joyful as well as when currently am posted in a place where there is enough summer and most of times, it is unbearable still am thinking about it and that place how nicer and cooler events there and I am hopeful some of my friends should read about it and most of them are now with my face book accounts and most of them are in complete and continuous contact with me and while reading some of my school incidents which I continue to write it on, and should be reading about it and must reach here to make comment about it from time to time so as to present myself with plenty of facts as well as more and more interesting informations that should be staying with internet forever in order to make it more vivid as well as interesting.

All such informations can be read at the point of view of reading of stories so as to present readers some of most joyous elements of reading with happinesses and even twenty years back ours school has always been and continues to be to the state of modern educational system where we tend to find more and more interesting elements of understanding the facts of educational system in total modernity which many modern schools as well as modern management institutions tend to believe it and move towards the path of same educational standards as before.

fudowakira0 / Pixabay

That is the most fascinating parts of writing about school life of past which continues to provide some awesome ways to understand what constitutes life is all about and how life goes in the past can be remembered with due course of time with complete newness and completely strange incidents of understandings what makes the life most vivid and enjoyable. In the meantime, while thinking about this during that time, the prayer class just ended. Slowly, we move towards class and reach to our respective seats arrangements. In the meantime, Elie smiles back as always and asked about when we should be beginning our project, then we decided that we should be starting this weekend.

First we should upload all these images and the notes on a jungle safari to the cloud of android so as to prevent accidental loss of it due to deletion. I said I have just uploaded it and most of it Google drive and Samsung account. She already synchronisation enabled on her mobile so all these pictures taken are automatically uploaded to Google drives and Google photos and the next part is to write a detailed informative writings. Elie said that my handwriting is not good though am not agreeable with it but stays silent and she said at first we should write it on pen and paper, and then finally writing should be the computer.

This seems to suggest that these decisions are some of most traditional but I think she must be thinking something about it as she continues to provide some of the most gigantic and innovative decision making processes within realm of ours group so I think we should be doing same as that and she said that I should be dictating and she in the middle should be adding if any relevant points are missed while dictation and in the meantime entire class becomes silent as this is evident that project teacher must be on her way out. We stopped discussing and waiting for the entry of the project teacher.

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