Opera’s native ad blocking feature now available for android and desktop

Opera web browsers have been phenomenal in continuously providing us with newer and faster web experiences coupled with wonderful native and innovative technologies which make web browsing faster time. With due course of time, it has moved to chromium based code to provide awesome platform improvement. Now, opera for mobile and desktop is providing native ad-blocking feature. There have been many websites which are bloated with large number of advertisements. If there were no advertisements, then such websites would load up 90 percentages faster than normal speed. Opera introduces native ad blocking technology. It is distinct from using plugins. As native ad blocking happens at the web engine level. On the other hand with third party plugins these ad blocking happens later on at most times such website loads on and then with redirection such website come clean up without advertisements.

Opera works with hardware enabled machines as well as its native ad blocking feature makes it faster and rendering of website without advertisements comes from web engine level. Of late Apple is also allowing such native ad blocking feature provides users with seamless and faster Internet viewing. Apple in its latest mobile operating system is allowing ad blockers to stop the ads. This new approach of the apple does not relate with use of application such as Facebook or other games applications. It provides a smoother and faster way to stop such advertisements.

What opera does in not new but with a web browser and that too with built-in ad-blocker this goes on to show the tremendous advancements of opera in initiating some new and innovative computing. As far as the statistics related to downloading of ad blockers by consumers is concerned that goes on to show that most of these downloads are in huge numbers and people wish to have seamless and advertisement free Internet and web surfing. Opera is the first major web browser to introduce such feature and it truly and amazingly reduces. The page loading time and the speed of Internet increases by 80 percentages.

Ad blocking with Opera Mini on android

According to PageFair ad blocking report, of 2015, there are about 198 million active ad blocker users all over the world. In the last one year, use of ad blocking feature increased by 41%. This goes on to show that more and more people do not wish for any advertisements and for this they have been using this. It is true that advertisements have been a major creator of millions and billions dollar industries inside Internet world. Advertisements appear as early as 1994 and it helped web to augment as well as many electronic commerce venture has been instrumental in developing it as the most preferred and most desirable industries and for this Internet world has been growing with many folds.

There are no roses all the way. At times, we have seen the presence of bloated advertisements as well as wasting of data usages of people that make the experience to buy Internet costly. People do not want to waste their Internet and also during these time we have seen people have lesser amount of time and they wish to have search for Internet quickly and for this they continue to provide more and more valuable ways to find what are the informations they are searching for. Now, it is time for advertisements to move to the stage where they should broadcast more and more user friendly and lighter advertisements which should be less intrusive and these advertisements should also educate people and the masses about the advent of more and more distribution of informations so as to present them with higher degree of understanding and gathering of informations which they have been searching for.

Ad blocking with Opera for desktop

Ad blocking with Opera for desktop

Opera in uniting the native ad blocking feature which let advertisers to understand the importance of lightweight ads so that with due course of time they continue to understand what people are thinking about such ads and how such ads need to be replaced with so that it can provide them with plenty more options to continue to move towards making the website lighter that ever before. This should be the lesson for them to understand how the lightest forms of ads can have deeper and wider acceptance levels that the heavier and intrusive advertisements. By default, the native ad blocking feature of Opera on the desktop as well as with the android is not being enabled, so while browsing website it should suggest you about enabling you about a smarter approach to ad-blocking.

Simply, click on the shied icon and then there would be questions you should encounter with such as would you like to block ads and surf the web faster and click on block ads to stop advertisements from appearing. If you disable ad-blocking feature while browsing certain website, then it would automatically add that site to an exceptional list and if want to remove that website from the exception list then, removes it. From these settings, you can find informations about how such website loads faster with opera and this, can be done with opera ad blocker enabled. Google, yet to respond to this about how Apple continues to provide ad blocking features inside its mobile operating system, and Google’s android is still not decided about it.

Currently, Opera uses block lists from ‘Easy List’, which is the biggest and most dedicated communities to stop various advertisements. We have been favorable with ‘Easy List’ tracking protection of Internet Explorer, and opera uses such list in its native ad-blocking-feature. Opera uses block lists from easiest to stop advertising and easy private lists to stop trackers so as to speed up website loading times. We have seen the presence of such ad blockers used by various web browsers by people now with the presence of native ad blockers of Opera web browsing speed of different websites becomes faster. This goes on to show that how the importance of native ad blockers is essential considering the speed of the web browser and the faster loading times.

Opera for desktop

Similarly, opera mini web browser does have its native ad blocker. It is now integrated with data savings options. By default, the extreme mode of data savings, which make faster website loading times, which maximise speed and data savings and faster website loading times in slow connections as well as faster connections. Some times some pages of website do not load fast and in a correct manner but still page loading times, increase dramatically. It has extreme data savings options with higher image quality that makes entire virtual private network in the rendering of web pages nicer and faster. Within these settings, there is the option to block ads and tick on the square box to enable it so as to block ads and then website loading times become faster.

Opera ad block for desktop

In the beta version of Opera, it has announced that integrations of free virtual private network so as to preserve much desired privacy of individuals in keeping the privacy of people intact and in good conditions. Though, integration of virtual private network with android and other mobile web browsers does seem to work in different manner as we have seen that, for the use within mobiles, concept of virtual private network, works in integrated manner, and works for all applications. Opera is the major web browser to integrate native ad blocker but prior to that we have seen that Samsung integrate ad blocking technology in its preloaded web browser inside of android. From its operating system of Android lollipop and higher, Samsung added support for ad-blocking plugins for its own web browser and it comes pre-installed on the handset.

Adlock Fast is the plugin from Samsung which can use to stop the ads. It is now by default installed within Samsung’s Interent Web browser. It is also available for desktop versions of iOS, Opera and Chrome. This plugin has users of more that two lakhs and its Samsung support, more and more people are downloading this and enjoying the faster and fewer ads and that not only stops advertisers from appearing as well as saves plenty of internet resources. This has been owing to plenty of immoral activities from various advertising companies who indulge in continuances of heavier and intrusive advertisements units that not only blocks display of these advertisements but also keep incurring huge data losses for users. Google’s chrome for web does support, blocking of advertisements through and on but its iOS and android version still does not and all these developments Google is tight lipped about it.

The latest version of the Apple operating system does support add on that stops advertisements and internet annoyances to appear. Now, third party ad blocking softwares should appear on Apple Store and people can download from there, and add it on safari or other web browsers so as to provide people with seamless and ad blocking internet rendering facilities. It goes on to show, that slowly these bigger enterprises such as Apple or Google should move towards the stage of shared revenues where they should allow some applications to permit such apps that can show users advertisements, but mostly, we have seen that by installing ad blocking options on web browsers, most of such internet annoyances should be removed completely.

In the future, Google should also think about it seriously as with due course of time. These enterprises should continue to think of newer business models without obstructing user experiences. Before Samsung decided to allow ad blocking option in its default browser from Android lollipop or later, it has been seen that prior to it we have seen Asus the Taiwanese company installed Adblock Plus web browser by default while shipping phone. It became the default web browser of Asus phone which block rendering of advertisements and loads website within a few seconds. Adblock plus partners with Asus to allow users to browse website without advertisements.

People hate advertisements. They do not want to see such the presence of such but most of web masters and enterprises earn money through the placements of advertisements. That is why people use a large number of ad blocking and on to stop these advertisements from appearing. Now, both opera mini and opera for computers have built-in ad blockers and that enables users to use it and enjoy the web rendering engine powered ad blocking powered web browsing. According to android community the speed of page loading times increases by 89 percentages as the result of uniting native ad blocker of Opera on the desktop. If some one use third party ad blocker then the speed of page loading times increases by 45 percentages and this goes on to show the importance of native ad blockers and why major web browsers should install and attach such ad blocking technologies so that speed and reliability of web browsers always stays ahead of time. In the case with Opera Mini, you need to click on ‘O’ menu of it and then, select block ads from data savings and then you can browse website with faster loading times and optimum speed.

According to PRNewswire, the speed of Opera Mini is now 60 percentages faster that what it was used to be with utmost data savings. Now with a simple update, advertising options are updated easily and there is no need to add a third party adds on to stop intrusive and interstitial advertisements. For cost consciousness users in terms of data usages, we have mostly seen that with its extreme data savings options, Opera Mini can save almost 40 percentages of data and now with addition of native ad blocking options it can now save 14 percentages of more data and it goes on to show that more than 50 percentages of Internet data use can be saved with Opera mini while browsing Internet on iOS or with android.

Flat there has been growing importance on mobile ad blocking technology. In the past, we have discussed with wider details a lot about desktop ad blocking technology. Now, it is the thing of the past and every web browser now supports blocking of advertisements and for this it is essential to understand that the process and progress of mobile ad blocking technology should have prominent place on the minds of readers as well as to the minds of such bigger enterprises to understand that such presence of technology should be imminent and should be there in order to provide users with awesome unrestricted mobile use. This is a surprise move, as Opera owns big advertisement agency and sooner, it should acquire some of the major Chineese firms but according to Opera this move is for the people and for the people who wish to have a cleaner and without ad experience.

Apple allows on its store various third party ad blocking options which should be a master stroke and poses challenges to Google to do it the same. Being a closed source operating system Apple does have a huge chunk of increase of revenue than Google does. Android being open sources the amount of revenue per unit should be lesser and the more revenue from advertisements should make it more viable and well equipped with android price mechanisms. It should be a master stroke from Apple but am sure Google should come in near future newer mechanisms as well as understandings to reconstruct its revenue stream. As for Opera which thinks that advertising slows down loading of web pages and that is why it wants to make the Internet world a good place for users and that is why native ads are placed inside Opera Mini and Opera desktop.

Opera also let users to compare the advertisements loading times when ad blocker is on and the advertisements loading times when it is off to let users understand the amount of time as well as data are saved due to stop in such ads. Similarly like all ad blockers it also shows the amount of advertisements are blocked everyday and it does provide tons of informations for satisfactions of users and slowly is shows that opera has been the major innovator in web browsing segment and continue to provide awesome Internet experiences to users.

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