In the midst of advent of winter where the entire environment seems to be getting into deep sense of moist but still there is no chance of winter rain but the class continue to be there as we have to reach out to school every morning with strangulated cold in the offering from the atmosphere. Here, at tensa, the clouds seems to be hovering around here and there and the amount of movements of clouds just below the eye level seems to suggest how much of cold movement in these entire environment could possibly have been and what an excellent climate it has been and it continues to be with awesome cooling effect all around everywhere. The roads are of high quality metals and that too are full of moisture due to presence of large number of hovering clouds all over in those places.

The gloomy climate seems to suggests to stay indoors but due to classes as well as presence of weekly test all over these time I have to move to school on time as with new regulations the markings of these weekly tests should have deeper impacts on final examinations. In the mean time, I was about to run almost as it is nearer to prayer time and it is already nearer to seven in the morning. It is not easy as the main school building is way back as the bigger ground that should be starting and crossing the entire ground does take huge amount of time and for this one need to constantly move as due to wet conditions running in these strong metallic roads is extremely difficult as there are chances that one might not able to control the run.

One of my favorite sports is to that of soccer. Due to heavy ground environment we tend to play soccer but due to large and slippery conditions I tend to sleep and that make my clothes dirtier and for this I left playing soccer. In the mean time, I reached at the main entrance gate and slowly moved towards the vast and grand field in the front of office of our school and I have seen that vast number of students have been standing in rows in accordance with their classes. I stood in my standard eight section A row and stood silently in the last. In the mean time, mathematics mistress was standing there, she with her bespectacled look gaze at me and I was scared that she might be angry at my late coming but she did not say anything that such to me and I was more that happier with it now.

In the upfront two girls were standing as they sing the prayers nicely with very sweet sounds and we tend to recite those utterable words they have singing and this is daily progress and we have to utter these words as nearby ours teachers were standing and they should be watching ours activities closely from there. It is one of extremely interesting phenomena where I have seen that with due course of time the songs are automatically remembered by all of us. It is one of better get together where I do find plenty of unity among all sections and classmates and that makes entire environments of classes wonderful and nicer. This processes goes on for more than 145 minutes and then some senior guys could reach out to the front of the prayer arena and begin reading some of important news of that time.

In reality I just want to enter into class room to begin my classes but what it does happen to find out is that we have to stand out there for more than 20 minutes for these conglomeration which should be ending with some nice quotes from head master of ours school. In reality, I always wait patiently for headmasters to hear as he continues to provide awesome advices daily to us and that are the most valuable and significant advices which we tend to receive from him from time to time. In the mean time prayer continues and I was standing at the last of our section row. Suddenly, I felt one tip touching at the back og shoulder. I glanced back to see a new girl standing in our class row. She asked me to stand in a straight row as I was standing at the more right side of our row. I was looking at the row and able to understand that I was standing at some outer row. I was amused, but I corrected myself. For the first time I saw the girl as presumed that she was standing in our section now that means that she belongs to our class.

Never know this, but it could be such that she should be late to attend the prayer and in awe of the class teacher who used to stand in these end of row to watch who is reaching to the class and the prayer on time or not and in order to avoid embarrassment on her class she might have stood in ours sections row. During prayer all these surprising thoughts comes into our mind time and again and that make the entire thinking process some awkward state of attending thoughts. In the mean time she continues to tap from my shoulder and that means she wants to ask me something. I said yes and told her not to talk during this prayer gathering and I urged her to remain silent and looked at the front otherwise we both could be punished in the form of kneeling down in front of everyone for ten minutes.

In this cooler winter, and that too kneeling down in the front of every one of the school should have been embarrassing and I continue to think about it and urged her to stay silent during these times. Even after requesting her to keep silent and listen to prayer, she continues to talk with me as if we have known to each other for a longer time. She asked me are you from this section or from some other section and you supposedly late to reach for the class and that is why you could be standing deliberately on the other section line in order to stay away from class teacher’s observation. I said now am on the correct time to reach here and am from this section. She smiled back said that she is also from the similar section and surprisingly she continues to talk to me and called me by my name.

How she could know my name, as she is the newbie to the class and I have never ever met her as far as the widest possible imagination of mine runs. That continues to keep within of my mindset and runs within it.

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